I know you all were all excited about the band getting them back together but I just couldn't think of a way for them to do so, I am really sorry please forgive me =( but on the up side…well in some people's opinion of a upside….you all got to see an emotional side of Stella we don't get to see often,
and to those of you who didn't get it, what was going on is Stella has been having Patty constantly come up to her ever since her and ray went public and put her down, Stella usually has good come backs but on the inside everything Patty has been saying has been hurting Stella but since she is little miss hard core don't need anybody to help me I am made of steel Yamada she didn't say anything to anybody about what was going on and that last blow Patty took just pushed stell over the edge again…but all is fine now so yeah Rayella is back together so ….yah YAY!