The Demon Game

Chapter 1 A New Town

Disclaimer I do not own Supernatural all characters belong to CW.

The idea if the living game comes from jumanji but that is where the similarities end. I will never own any of these.

This is my first story and I have no Bata so all mistakes are my own.

I made up the town for this story

This is takes place when Sam and Dean were kids both will be O.O.C.

Sam is 9

Dean 13

Blake (an O.C. girl) appears to be 9 (I will explain later)

Summary: John drops his sons off in Sumpa, Iowa so he can head off to hunt a few towns over while he is away Sam faces an evil he never imagined in the town and is unable to ask Dean for help. (Sorry I am not good at summaries)

A black impala drove into the small town of Sumpa, Iowa. It pulled up to a small house and two boys and a man stepped out. After they got into the house and set up all the necessary protection the driver of the man climbed back into the impala and drove out of the town not knowing the danger he left his sons in.

A young girl with long black hair and dark eyes walked into the small town of Sumpa Iowa. All she had with her was a backpack that had an old game it. "This town won't know what hit it and no one can stop the coming events." Blake said to herself, then there was a gust of wind and she disappeared.

END of chapter 1

So what do you think?

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Remember this is my first story so if you don't like something please tell me what or why so I can improve it.

Other chapters will be longer this was just an introduction.