It Was Written

On this scorching San Antonio summer day there were more things heating up this Texas-based city than just the snoozing-faced sun that hung over its citizens. Unbeknownst to anyone who wasn't involved with the politics in the southern states' underworld, an all-out war was on the verge of breaking out.

In the world of organized crime, there's very little room for any competition; and even if there was room, no one ever knew how to share. For the Shibusen family, it went from there being practically no competitors one year and then, out of the blue, three rival families suddenly gained enough power and resources to challenge the present state of affairs. Though no one, neither mafiosos, politicians, nor civilians at the time could have anticipated that the bloodshed would have been on a scale never before seen in the history of the Cosa Nostra.

The story we're all about to experience is one that will follow the tale of four crime syndicates as they each desperately try to tip the balance of power in their favor. In the underworld there is no true honor or glory to be gained;there is no knight in shining armor who came to vanquished all of the mob families, then rode off into the sunset, and everyone in San Antonio lived happily ever after. Neither shall we see protagonists that readers might label as "the misunderstood revolutionary" or "the flawed hero."

Everyone here is in the mafia; the characters portrayed are liars, connivers, thieves, con artists, murders, alcoholics, fiends/junkies, rapists, blackmailers, crooks, conspirators, traitors, fugitives, extortionists, dealers and traffickers. Although that's not to say that they don't have their redeeming qualities; just because they're mobsters doesn't mean they're monsters. There is no such thing as a person who's truely wicked in the same way a person can't be exclusively virtuous. There are no evil people, there are only evil actions.

So without further ado, let's meet the four families that the story centers around:


Shibusen is currently the most successful criminal organization in San Antonio, and being that they're the oldest family they have strength in numbers. The current Godfather is Shinigami a.k.a. "Lord Death;" a name he earned himself during his younger, more violent, years when he was constantly at war. Which is a contrast to today where he's doing his "buisness" in a calmer, more peaceful, manner.

Recently Shinigami has been nervous about the status quo of his empire because recently one of the Shibusen's oldest enemies have begun stirring, Arachnophobia. The skull-masked Don thought they were all but completely wiped-out, then a couple of years ago they abruptly just started becoming more organized and were a lot more active than they have ever been. At least since Arachne, their leader at the time, was killed thirty-five years ago during their ongoing wars at the time.

Also, there was that situation last year when the balance of power was challenged by a new crime syndicate who formed right under his nose; from the information Shinigami's most trusted soldiers have gathered, this new family seemed to be calling themselves Old World Disorder. While the old don was concerned by the fact that despite this organization's growing influence, no one seemed to know who their Godfather was. Although what truly bothered Shinigami was that somehow their don managed to convince two of Shibusen's higher ranking officers, Sid and Naigus, to become turncoats in favor of them.

More recently, one of their most secure safe houses was successfully infiltrated by a surprise attacked by ANOTHER family that rose to power out of the blue called, Black Magic.


If anything, they are the family that waits. After suffering their humiliating defeat at the hands of the Shibusen Family, almost everyone had given up this family for dead. Especially after the "death" of Arachne; through nothing short of a miracle the Queenpin survived. Arachne used this time to fake her death by completly secluding herself for the last thirty-three years and to plot her revenge.

The underlying reason for why the war happened in the first place was because one of Don Shinigami's most trusted officers, Eibon, was working with Arachne under the table and told her about his new experiment that became known as, Brew. It was an experimental method of obtaining any and every piece of information with the click of a mouse, let it be from civialians, other families, or even the government, but Don Shinigami soon caught wind of Eibon's betrayal and sent Shibusen soldiers to intervene. They killed Eibon and (so they think) Arachne before he could tell anyone how it was done; since an enemy might be able to figure out how to use Brew, they completely destroyed it and burned anything that related to it.

Now Arachne decided to break her silence and appeared before all of her loyal follows to show that their don was still alive and kicking, though Shibusen doesn't know this yet. But she had "other" enemies to deal with as well. Like her snake of a sister, Medusa, who sold her out to Don Shinigami in the first place, so she could further whatever alterior motives she was planning. As she began catching up on her sister, Arachne learned that Medusa had a given birth to a son, named Chrona, who was roughly seventeen years old. Finding it amusing to think that she was an aunt now,but flinched a bit after learning of the child abuse he still has to endure at the hands of her sister. Then shrugged it off and continued reading all of the information that was gathered for her by Arachnophobia.

Black Magic:

They're a family that relies almost entirely on tactical planning and perfect execution, as opposed to depending on strength and numbers. Black Magic has actually been around for the last nine years (despite popular belief), though they only just decided that it was time to make their presence known throughout San Antonio.

The head of this crime family is none other than Medusa, the younger sister of Arachne. Medusa had played a key part in the initial downfall of Arachnophobia as well as in Arachne's "death." Black Magic's current successor is Medusa's only son, Chrona.

Old World Disorder:

This is a mysterious new family that quickly rose to power two years ago in an unfathomable way that left an unnerving first-impression on anyone and everyone involved in Texas' underworld. Because of their exclusive membership no one, outside of Old World Disorder's high ranking officers, knows who their don is or what they look like. Even by the standards of the world of Mafiosos, Old World Disorder is very secretive and disingenuous; this crime syndicate operates like a shadow in the darkness.

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