Malice in Wonderland

After Soul pushed old man Mosquito out of his way, he tackled the front door open, dashed to the second floor towards his room, and once there Soul span around slamming the door shut and locked it.

As his shark-like teeth began jittering, the Albino-Mafioso franticly reached for the candle-holster that hung the left side of his bed, and after pulling the candle wax out it revealed a syringe in a well-hidden compartment. At the chance of anything being discovered, Soul kept all of his tools in various hiding places in the house; he kept many syringes and spoons but they were easy and cheap to come by, what Soul really had to hide was his Heroin which he kept in little bottles scattered everywhere. Knowing all of his stashing areas by heart, the young mobster ran towards the doorknob to his closet and unscrewed handle to retrieve his fix.

While Soul walked towards his personalized work desk, he was getting the injection ready. He had to look for a good vein before actually pumping it, because it was much like the gangsters' other love, music. Whenever the needle hits the rough patch on the record and the note sounds just perfect, it's almost calming to the point of euphoria for him; the same analogy can be applied to what he felt when he was on these drugs.

It had been half an hour since the gray-haired young adult pumped the heroin into a good vein he found somewhere on his shoulder, Soul began to wonder if he got shafted by his connect. That was, until, he felt the room begin to spin in a downward spiral and watched as tan pinstriped wall turn pitch black with a black and crimson-red checkerboard patterned floor. As everything began either melting or shifting before his eyes, his black/yellow jacket turned into a black pinstriped suit with a blood-red dress shirt to match what the room had become.

After everything finally stopped moving the twenty year-old adjusted his eyes and realized that he was now in an empty room with only a piano in the center of it. As Soul gazed hungrily upon his instrument, memories began resurfacing centered around him and his beloved piano.

From Mosquito criticizing, `hmm it seems you CAN do things in a way that's not half-assed.'

Mother Arachne praising him after playing for her, `I'm glad that you found something that you love to do. I hope you never stop playing.'

Kilik running up and challenging him, `Hey, I bet you thirty bucks you can't play the song from Harry Potter!'

To Giriko bitching, `Tch, the piano? How the fuck are you gonna make money playin with the piano!'

As all these memories flooded Soul, a small door that he didn't notice opened. From it the albino saw a small devil come out dancing with its hips shaking and fingers snapping.

Agitated at its presence Soul snapped, "And who the hell are you supposed to be?"

"Oh come on Soul," the demon chuckled, "this is starting to become distasteful. Would you stop pretending to not know who I am? I'm getting tired of having to explain it to you every time we meet."

As he raised a brow the mobster questioned, "We've meet?"

Like the flip of a coin the little devils' sing-songy voice turned demonic as he spat, "what did I just say Soul? Why must you deny me!"

Startled by its' change in tone and what it just said, Soul was only able to stare at it wide-eyed for the moment.

The little demon then began to shove Soul out the door where he came through while shouting, "Though I may have this appearance, you're the real monster between the two of us Soul! Since you're still too much of a weakling to accept me, you have to go."

Soul didn't want to leave yet, the room had made him feel safe but before he was able to protest the little demon had already shut the door. Right as he heard the door click behind him, Soul heard a door open in front of him hoping that it was the room from before. It wasn't though because instead of a calming darkness that blanketed him from before, there was a blinding light that hurt the young Mafioso to his core. As he adjusted to the change he saw a figure before him, this time instead of the little devil it was Noah's protégé, Gopher.

Apparently Noah had sent Gopher to retrieve Soul for the ceremony, and he was in his closet now… Though Gopher never personally dealt with Mr. Eater, he heard the rumors and saw the guys' erratic behaviors before. Soul's drug problem is easily the family's worst kept secret.

The Arachnophobia Dining Pavilion

Today was a special treat for the higher ups in Arachnophobia; their leader was going to make an appearance. The announcement was made by the two most trusted and senior members of the family, Mosquito and Giriko to the soldiers and associates of Arachnophobia; the enormous crowd was almost like being at a parade, which was surprising considering how it was common belief that they were finished.

Mosquito was a short, older man and while it was evident that he was valued more for his intellectual contributions than his fighting skills; anyone with common sense could still tell, by this aura he gave off, that he was still not a man that you would want to go up against. Noah was tall, shaggy-haired, and dark man who was prone to violent mood swings; what his skills are exactly or how anyone was able work with him was anybody's guess.

Arachne finally stepped forward and hushed her two right-hand men before they could begin arguing.

She stated, "Today's a day for us to celebrate a momentous achievement, not to engage in petty squabbles…"

"I-I'm sorry my lady," Mosquito apologized while Giriko continued to glare daggers at everyone in the room.

As if nothing happened Arachne continued, "Today I am proud to finally award the title of Underboss to someone who has proven time and time again that they're willing to go extraordinary lengths for the family."

At this point every officer at the meeting grew dead silent, anxiously waiting to see who it could have been to earn this elusive title. Though one Capo didn't bother to sit up from his chair, because he knew in his heart who it would be. Kilik couldn't help but grin at the thought.

It was then Soul came from behind the curtain wearing the darkest and worst kept suit any of them had ever seen at one of these. The white-haired boy had then accepted the title and thanked everyone, while clearly trying not to slur his speech or make any odd arm movements, and exited as quickly as he came.

It was official… Soul was now Arachnophobia's Underboss…

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