I love my life! I'll never trade it for anything in the world, cased closed. [no pun intended] Today I am getting married to my long-time boyfriend, the hot and sexy Duncan Johnson. Getting engaged 5 years ago, I've waited for so long to be Mrs. Johnson, and soon enough in a couple hours, he'll be legally all mine!

Duncan's now a tattoo artist, he has his own tattoo/piercing shop, and it's really popular. The twins are 8. Catrina and Craig are both in gifted 2nd grade classes, and they get along together amazingly. They've been in the same class together since Day Care. They have Duncan's attitude when they are mad, and my perfect GPA. Though I'm not really sure if you get a GPA in 2nd grade... Catrina is my flower girl, Craig is the ring bearer, Geoff is the Best Man and Bridgette and Gwen are my bridesmaids of honor. Gwen is pregnant with a baby girl, she's a month in. And me? I'm a lawyer, and I'm 3 months in with our 3rd baby, and we're naming her Ariana. Duncan and I weren't able to be in Total Drama Action, but we were both on Total Drama World Tour, where he cheated on me, beat Heather and after many days of pleading, I took him back when Gwen dumped him for Trent. Definition of perfect: My life.

"Courtney, let's go!" my mother called. "We gotta get a move on!" I ran over to behind Gwen and Bridgette, just in time.


Wow. Courtney looks amazing in her wedding gown. I'm so lucky to have her, and I'm so fortunate I've found her. She's like a drop of sunshine that's came from the heavens just for me. My miracle. She finally walked up to me.. I grabbed her hands in mine, and I knew it was time. It's been a rough 5 years waiting to marry her, but it's now here with open arms; The happiest day of my life starts now.

"Please, sit down." Everyone sat down. I could see my mother crying, and Courtney's as well.

"Do you, Darrel Duncan Johnson, take-" he was interuppted by wild hoots of laughter. Even the priest was laughing.

"That's your real name?" Gwen screamed out.

"Sounds like a strawberry." Courtney cried out.

"Can we just get on with the wedding?" The laughing died down after a couple seconds and the priest cleared his throat and got down to business.

"Would you, Darrel Duncan Johnson take Courtney Marie Fanda to be your lawfully wedded wife?" Craig came up with the rings, and she put my ring on me, entrusting that we'll be together for eternity.

I stared at her beautiful brown eyes. God, I love her so much I'm getting teary-eyed. "I do."

"And would you, Courtney Marie Fanda, take Darrel Duncan Johnson to be your lawfully wedded husband?" I slid the ring onto her finger.

Soon enough, she was getting tears in her eyes, too, and smiled at me. God I love that smile. "I do."

"By the power vested in god, I pronounce you two husband, and wife." We smiled at each other, and I suddenly swooped down and gave her a huge kiss. She screamed, but I didn't care. I swooped her into my arms, again not caring about how much Courtney weighs right now, and carried her into the limo & home.

-no one's pov-

Duncan and Courtney were in the bathroom, where Courtney had her head sunken into the toilet, puking, and Duncan was pulling her brown lucious hair back.

"I hate this." Duncan kneeled to her and put an arm around her.

"I don't remember it being this short, though."

"Well, it's usually shorter during the 2nd trimester."

"Yeah. I'm feeling a bit better now, wanna go back to-" Courtney felt a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. She knew very well what this feeling was, and froze mid-air.

"Courtney?" Her facial expression looked awry, and she started groaning in pain and holding her stomach.

"What's wrong?" She grabbed his shirt and put his face in hers.

"The baby is coming."

CLIFFIEEEE! Haha I'm back! (: Hope you all enjoyed that.. I said I would post this right after I posted My Surprise but I wanted to do some editing to it first since I haven't touched it in a year. Wow! This is probably the best opening I've done. :] Comment & tell me what you think. Don't be offended if your name is actually Darrel. I love the name, and I said it was like a strawberry cuz there's a singer named Darrel Strawberry xP He came to my school when I was little, it was cool :) Review and I hope you love it as much as I do! ;)