Ariana came up to her cousin, Anabel, in the playground and gave her a big hug. She was sad that she didn't get to be in a class with her, she hasn't gotten to see her since lunch! But regardless, Ariana loved her cousin. Anabel had a perfect, cute little outfit on for the first day of school. She wore a dress with pink polka dots, and her blonde hair was in the two perfect braids that her mother did for her every day. Ariana had her signature ribbon tied into a bow, and her brunette hair she inherited from her mother suspended into a ponytail with a blue and white dress.

Suddenly, a large fifth grader the girls had never seen or heard of came up to the two kindergartners, and looked straight at Ariana. Ariana gulped.

"Come back with ribbons in your hair tomorrow and you will regret it! Ribbon irritate me!" She exclaimed.

The large fifth grader yanked poor, innocent little girl's ribbons out of her hair, and threw it in the garbage can of the playground as she walked away laughing, and Ariana crying next to her cousin.

*Flashback Over*

Today was Ariana's first day of Kindergarden, and she was very excited. She would see her cousin, who was also her best friend, every day at lunch and recess, and she would get an amazing, kind, and beautiful teacher. Everything was perfect until a mean fifth grader came to her at recess, and pulled out her ribbons. To Ariana, ribbons were a precious artifact of the Earth, and for somebody to say that they hate ribbons and shouldn't wear them was an insult to her, and hurt her feelings. The young girl pulled up to her father's car and pulled a happy smile; She was glad to see her daddy.

"Hi, Ari." He said as he started driving the car home. Duncan looked into the mirror of the car, and noticed Ariana's ribbons were gone. Something was up.

"Where's your ribbons?" Ariana's face scrunched up, and she started to cry.

"What's wrong?" He said with a worried look on his face.

"A mean girl yanked them out of my hair and she said that if I wear ribbons tomorrow I'll regret it." She buried her face in her hands with great sorrow, and Duncan took a U-Turn, which made them shift.

"Daddy, why aren't we going home?" Ariana asked, sniffling.

"We're gonna go somewhere fun." Duncan said. "We're going to the mall."

Cat and Craig got off from their bus stop, and started walking home together.

"I can't believe it! Maria!" Cat said with joy, but then stopped when she remembered her brother got understudy.

"But, you know, understudy of Tony is good too, I guess." Craig faked a smile in front of her.

"Yeah, it's just as good as ensemble. The only show I'll probably ever do is the understudy show 'cause Mark is dedicated as hell. And, your understudy is Kelly! I mean, out of all people why does it have to be Kelly?" Craig groaned as Cat put a hand on his shoulder.

"Cheer up, Craig. It's better than nothing."

"Oh, that makes me feel better. Thanks, Cat." Craig said sarcastically as he opened the door to their house. When they came in, their mother was in the kitchen, making dinner.

"Congratulations, you guys!" Courtney said to them as they walked in. Craig just awkwardly stared at the girls, and stormed off to his room.

"What's that all about?" Courtney asked Cat.

"He's just mad he got understudy. But you know who did get Tony? This boy Mark! He's new, and super cute!" Cat raved to her mother.

"Oh, honey, that's great. But remember, only your character can lose virginity!"

"Mom! I'm not going to lose my virginity to Mark, that's gross! And besides, I just met him today!"

"Well, that's what I thought about myself and your father, but then nine months later I gave birth to you and your brother. I'm just saying."

Cat started laughing as she watched Courtney make dinner, and talked more about the cast, including Kelly's behavior at the callbacks.

Duncan smiled as he watched his little girl in the mall on the electric train, and ringing the bell happily. To make her feel better, Duncan got her new ribbons and also a new dress, just because he loved to spoil his youngest daughter.

"Hi, daddy!" She smiled and waved to him as the train rode around to his side of where he was.

"Hi, Ari!" He said back, waving to her. After a couple more rounds of that, everyone was let out of the train and Ariana came rushing to him, and he grabbed her hand and headed to the food court.

"Are you feeling better?" He asked Ariana.

"I am, Daddy! Thank you!" Duncan picked her up as he ordered them food from her favorite fast food place, Burger King, and smiled as the cashier gave her a crown.

"I want one for my daddy, too!" The cheery little girl said to the cashier. She smiled as she put one on her head, and as much as he wanted to take off the crown, he decided against it because Ariana would get upset, and he didn't like seeing his children upset.

As he payed the cashier, and picked up their food and sat down at a table, Duncan couldn't help but think about how his children are growing up; Cat and Craig are 14 and in the ninth grade, and Ariana was 5 and in Kindergarten already. It seemed like only yesterday that he held little Cat and Craig while the couple was still at the tender age of sixteen, and when Courtney was rushed to the hospital while going into labor with Ariana while she was only three months pregnant. If it wasn't for Swedish doctors and their uterus simulation, Ariana wouldn't be alive today, and if it wasn't for Total Drama, Courtney and Duncan would have never met and Courtney would have never had Craig and Cat. Their kids were their miracle. Duncan noticed his phone going off, and he answered it; it was Courtney.


"Hey, where are you?" She questioned on the other line.

"I'm with Ariana at the mall, she had a rough day at school. I'll explain later." He told her.

"Oh, please do. Is she OK now?"

"Yes," Duncan assured her. "She's fine."

"I'm glad. Well, I have dinner cooking so come home soon. Love you."

"Love you." Duncan hung up the phone, and put it in his pocket as he turned to Ariana, who was happily eating her chicken and playing with her toy.

"Daddy, will you always love me?" She asked sweetly.

"Of course, Princess."

Ariana giggled. "Am I always going to be your princess?"


"I will always love you, daddy!" Duncan smiled, and kissed the top of her small head.

"I love you too, Ari."

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