"What do you mean the baby is coming? It's way too early! Is this one of your drills?" Courtney screamed from the agonizing pain, almost waking up the twins, and Duncan knew this wasn't a joke.

"Okay, okay, just keep calm. Do those breathing exercises I taught you. I'll call an ambulance, you call your mom and someone to take the twins to the hospital." Duncan grabbed his phone, dialed 911 and Courtney quickly dialed her mother. With anger, her mother answered with, "What?"

"Mom, it's time, the baby's coming"

"What are you talking about! You're not due for another 5 months!"

"Just get to the hospital. Duncan's calling an ambulance." Courtney couldn't bear the pain anymore. She curled into a ball on her bathroom floor, while screaming like a madman and hyperventilating and crying. Duncan ran into the room with some paramedics with a gernie, and Duncan helped carry her onto the gernie, stroking her hair.

"Everything's going to be all right, honey." A paramedic in her mid-40s told her as her husband comforted her as they rode to the hospital.

"Duncan, take my phone and call Bridgette. Have Bridgette come pick up the twins and come to the hospital." Duncan dialed Bridgette's number, and awoke her sleep.

"Courtney, what?"

"Bridgette, it's Duncan. Courtney's going into labor, go pick up the twins and meet us there"

"Will do." Bridgette said on the other line as paramedics were holding Courtney down while she was crying and screaming.

"Thanks" He hung up the phone and they arrived in the hospital, and they lifted the gernie off the ambulance and quickly sent her to a surgery room.

"Code red code red!"

"She needs to go into an emergency C-Section right away, Sir." A doctor informed Duncan. The doctors stopped for a moment to let Duncan talk to Courtney. He stroked her hair and kissed her forehead.

"Everything's going to be OK, princess. Don't you worry. I love you so much."

"I love you too, Duncan." She smiled as the doctors quickly pulled her into an open surgery room.

"Sir, you're going to have to stay here. The surgeons need a lot of concentration and they can't be distracted by anybody, not even the husband. Sorry." Duncan sat in a chair in the waiting room as the nurse walked into the surgery room, his hands buried in his face. He was holding back tears as Bridgette and Geoff walked in with the half-asleep twins, still in their PJ's. He got up to hug the twins, and went up to Geoff and Bridgette.

"Is she going to be OK?"

"I don't know. They wouldn't let me in. They rushed her to emergency C-Section. Thank you for bringing them here."

"You're welcome." Duncan and Courtney were lucky to have kind friends like Bridgette and Geoff. They don't know what would happen if they didn't know them. Suddenly, Courtney's mother came rushing in, still in her nightgown.
"Where's my daughter?" She asked Duncan in a panic. "Oh, my babies. Come give Grandma a hug, you must be so worried about Mommy." She kneeled down to give the twins a big hug, and approached Duncan.

"They put her in emergency C-Section."

"Dad, what's going to happen to Mommy?" Craig asked.

"I don't know, kid. I know what'll make you two feel better! On the third floor there's a waiting room with puzzles and games. Why don't you go with Grandma and play a game?"

"Okay!" Courtney's mom leaded Craig and Catrina to the elevator, and Duncan, Geoff and Bridgette sat there, waiting.

As Craig and Catrina sat in the childrens waiting room with their grandma doing a thousand piece puzzle, waiting with all kinds of childrens; Children with broken arms, stomach aches, and even kids waiting for their mothers to have birth to their new brother or sisters themselves.

"Craig, Grandma, I'm scared."

"Mommy's not going to die."

"But what happens if she does?" Catrina burst into tears and their Grandma came over to her and hugged her.

"It's going to be all right, sweety. Mommy's going to be fine."

"But.. who will practice violin with me? And, who will do long division with me?"

"There's nothing to cry about." She said, being strong and holding back tears and worry herself.

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