Species Change



Chapter One: Answers

Danny's POV

Did you ever hear the song "Friday I'm in Love"? If you don't, go hear it, 'cause I'm sure it's exactly how you feel. 'Finally, without school I'll go to Ghost Zone talk with Clockwork about what's going on and then I'll have the whole weekend to think it over.'

I wave to Sam and Tucker as I go home – flying, it's way faster – and go straight to the portal. After flying for about 20 minutes (knowing by heart the way to my new friend's lair) I get in his door and knock politely. He knows I'm coming, yes, but that don't mean I can just go in. He opens the door smiling, though he seems to flinch while moving his arms… 'Wait he's too-' before I can think any more he bring me out of my thoughts saying "Good to see you again, Danny" He's one of two ghosts that call me "Danny". The other is Ghost Writer, we got in better terms since I helped him out of prison – yes, I did another break down, it just don't feel right to have him arrested for something that was my fault – Me and Clockwork are already in his view room when I get out o my mind, the views showing another times and the gears and clocks are working like they always did.

He already knows why I'm here, but he likes when others ask anyway "What's happening? The ghosts don't show up and I guess it has something to with the pain I started feelin' one week ago and looks like I'm not the only hurting, huh, Clockwork?" I smirk somewhat arrogantly, com'on, people don't give me credit, but I'm smarter than I look, and since clockwork knows I always get a little "out of character" when I'm with him.

Smiling-knowing at me he replies "You're right; this is connected with it all. All the ghosts are hurting, that's why none of them had gone to the human world last week." I blink a little surprised, I thought it was some ghostly-sickness, but not that it had got in ALL ghosts.

Getting his phrase I ask then "what exactly is this?"

As calm as if he was talking about the weather he answers "our species change."

"And what that means?" I ask, confused 'I think I'm bit lost here but, again, when it's about ghost traditions AND clockwork I usually get lost'

He "answers" with another question "Do you know about religion, Danny? Specifically the Christian?" I still don't understand where he's getting but, being Clockwork, it's somewhere, I'm sure.

"You mean God, devil, Jesus being put in a cross, heaven, hell this kind of thing?" My family wasn't religious but I liked the idea of not staying in the Ghost Zone for the rest of my existence.

"Exactly" He was still smiling but the pain in my back was getting worse and his was getting too if the look on his face said something "Now, not everything was right but all legends change over the years but it's not important right now, the thing is that demons and angels, hell and heaven do exist, they're another dimensions and inhabitants. The ghosts are choose to go to one of them by the 'Higher Ghosts', or like they are more called 'gods'. We have a higher God – the God of Christian religion – that was there since everything started therefore being more powerful, the inhabitants of his dimension are 'angels' although to ghosts they are called the protectors. He's younger brother wanted his own dimension, so He did one. The younger brother dimension was called hell and its occupants where the demons and other souls that weren't welcome in heaven, we ghosts call them destroyers."

"Okay… but I still don't understand what the species change mean." I say with curiosity and still very confused and in pain.

"That means that the gods and demons are angry because the ghosts forgotten of them. That's why they're changing ALL ghosts and half ghosts in 'fallen angels' and 'freed demons'. The pain is from the wings that are growing under our skin"

I'm in shock but somehow I manage to ask "How long it'll take till they appear?"

He's not smiling anymore and pain is all over his face, I have a feeling it's all over mine too.

"Since the pain started, it's one week till they show" His voice getting forced from his pain.

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