Harry Potter and the Ruler of Atlantis
#01—Resisting an Empire

SETTING (1995)

October 1995
Back in Europe, the world learns of Dumbledore's death when the new King 'broadcasts' his death to cause fear and send a message. However, upon learning of Dumbledore's death and Voldemort's fusion with the King, Snape approaches Harry to tell him of Voldemort's Horcruxes. Realizing that he's essentially the only one who can now kill the King, Harry takes any volunteers who'll help him search for the Horcruxes.

Meanwhile, as the oceans continue to slowly rise, the numerous Muggle and Wizarding governments ally together to mount an attack on the King of Atlantis himself. Despite using multiple nuclear bombs and other methods of infiltration, none of the efforts amount to much more than a futile effort that further discourages the people.


January-April 1996
After studying the memories of young Tom Riddle that Dumbledore had collected and Snape had given to him, Harry and his crew aboard the Tranquility are able to locate several of the items they believe Voldemort would've used as Horcruxes They find the Gaunt ring and Hufflepuff cup easily enough.

Suspecting that Voldemort would've hidden something at Hogwarts, Harry calls Dobby and asks for help. Dobby tells Harry of the Room of Requirement, which Harry quickly visits. He was able to find the diadem and had Dobby pick up Gryffindor's sword from Dumbledore's office. Dobby joins the Tranquility crew and takes up the job of primary caretaker of the ship.

May 1996
The Tranquility then docks at the new floating city of Poseidon. While there, they destroy the Horcruxes they managed to find. They also meet up with several old and new friends, including the Malfoys and Weasleys.

Narcissa is relieved to once again find her son safe and sound after having lost him during the Floods more than a year ago. The Malfoys thought their son was dead. When Draco learned that his mother was pregnant, he became determined to protect his future younger sibling and fully signs on to Harry's crew and objective of destroying Voldemort because he knew that the new King/Voldemort was no longer supporting Pureblood ideals.

June 1996
After restocking and reviewing the memories of Riddle, Harry grows suspicious of a cave. Despite them being able to get inside, get the locket, and get out relatively safely, they were extremely angry to realize the locket was fake. They returned to Poseidon in failure.

Meanwhile, with over 10 million soldiers and several thousand wizards now at his command, the King sets out to conquer the world. He first targets China and the USA using firestorms, droughts, landslides, and other natural disasters to cut off their communities. Then he sends in his wizards, having them start attacks and riots with magic. Once the populace starts fighting each other, he sends in his real soldiers and decimates their weakened forces, any survivors are quickly drafted into his military whether they volunteer or not. He also sends numerous agents into other major surviving countries and communities perform terrorist attacks and to demoralize the population.

July 1996
During a visit with his family, Draco tells his mother about the initials they'd found inside the fake locket. Narcissa recognizes them as her dead brother's and tells Draco the location of Grimmauld Place. Grateful to have a new clue to go on, the Tranquility crew sets sail the next day. They are able to find the locket and quickly destroy it afterwards.

However, because they're low on money and supplies, they also use the voyage to do a scavenging run of the abandoned English Ministry. They steal numerous things from the Department of Mysteries, including several Time-Turners. Not trusting the new Congress of Magical Nations to return the items to the English Ministry after the crisis is dealt with, they keep the most dangerous/secret items and sell the rest to people they do trust.

July (end)-November 1996
Any more expeditions are cut short when the storm season strikes former Europe.

Riddle diary
Gaunt ring
Hufflepuff cup
Ravenclaw diadem
Slytherin locket
Nagini (not created)


Harry Potter (15) – captain of Tranquility, broom-flyer
Hermione Granger (15) – navigator, researcher
Ron Weasley (15) – diver, mechanic, broom-flyer
Draco Malfoy (15) – diver, Transfiguration master, broom-flyer
Fleur Delacour (18) – ambassador, Charms mistress
Viktor Krum (18) – diver, Defense master, broom-flyer
Cedric Diggory (18) – helmsman, ward master
Cho Chang (16) – medic, caretaker, broom-flyer
Padma Patil (15) – cook, caretaker
Parvati Patil (15) – cook, caretaker
Fred & George Weasley (17) – inventor, potions master, broom-flyer