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(A/N: This happens during WWII. Ludwig is the Auschwitz commander. Feliciano and Romano are Italian Jews brothers sent together to Auschwitz. This isn't historically accurate XD only some stuff. I'll keep this the least OOC possible so IDK you're probably going to laugh. BTW, historical fact: German soldiers were allowed have homosexual relationships during the war…And they still sent gay people to concentration camps. Funny, isn't it? Author Fact: GerIta & Germancest are my OTPs.)

(Pairings: Right now? GerIta, Germancest, Spamano…but everything is possible, isn't it?)

"Feli, what the fuck are you doing?"

Romano stared at his brother. He was sitting against a wall, complaining about his wounds.

"I can't keep up with this Lovi, I'm tired. I want pasta. I want girls, I miss them. I want to go on a field and pick flowers. I want Grandpa and Tonio* to rescue us! I want brother Francis to come and save us! I'm tired!" He complained. "Look at my hands! They're getting dirty! I can't touch a lady with this hands! They're getting ruined!"

"Get up idiot! I don't care about your hands, or ladies! Just get your ass up and back to work or they're gonna shoot us! We're not in Italy anymore!" He screamed. A few other captives stopped to watch the brothers. "Don't you want to survive until the Americans win this-"

Lovino was getting really mad, but Feliciano didn't mind. It was his brother and he was used to this behavior, as well as Lovi was used to his. But the German officers didn't.

"Was macht ihr?!" A blond, old officer with a cruel expresion yelled. "Steh auf!"

But, of course, neither Lovino nor Feliciano could speak German.

"Scusa?" Feli asked innocently

The guard lost his patience and beat him with the back of his gun. "Jüdische müll, wieder an die arbeit!"

Lovi got angry when he saw that. How could they do that to Feli, his own brother and in front of him! He exploded.

He took the guard's gun off his hands. He was a strong, young man, well fed by his Grandpa and with his short temperament... He smacked the guard's white face with it. He hit the floor and took him a few seconds to recover and see the damage: a broken nose and a scar that would last a life time.

He had done it.

They we're dead. The other guards had seen it as well as the other prisoners. Everyone kept silent, staring, to see what the others were going to do.

Every german in there waspointing his gun to Lovino's and Feli's heads when a rough voice stopped it.


Everyone held their breaths.

The Vargas brothers turned around and saw Ludwig and another man next to him, which had white hair and a blue uniform. He had a beautiful face.

"What are you doing, Beilschmidt commander?" Someone asked with a slightly high pitched voice. "Why are you stopping them?"

That took Ludwig out of his stupor.

"They…umm…Those pieces of scum can't be very useful dead. I'd rather see them working their asses off than to give them the pleasure to be dead!" He said loudly, nervously.

He walked forward and slapped Feliciano, and he fell. Then he bent down and whispered "I'm sorry" in a way that only Feli and him could heard it. He stood up and yelled "Back to work!"

But his brother had seen it.

He had seen the look in his eyes.

The look of…compassion.

And in the Nazi Germany, you couldn't be nice. And, over all things, you couldn't be nice to a Jew. And the worse thing was that Gilbert had noticed something else…

His brother was now feeling compassion?

To jews?

No...it wasn't to jews.

It was to this new rats...specially towards the weaker one…

Gilbert smelled the danger.

The Jew could take away from him his little brother…His loved one.

And he was not going to allow that.

It was time to take him.

"Brother, may I go in?"

"Sure." Ludwig answered.

Gilbert entered the room and closed the door…making sure it had its lock on.

"What is it?" The blonde one asked.

Gilbert walked slowly towards his brother, who was working on his desk, signing some papers. Gilbert threw his hat on the floor and started to unbutton his shirt.

"Brother?" Ludwig asked, while looking at the white haired one. "What are you doing?"

Gilbert kept quiet as he went closer and closer to Ludwig. When he was right next to him, with his shirt totally open, Ludwig stood up.

"What do you think you are doing, brother?"

"Nothing forbidden by the Fürher. Two soldiers working for a better Germany are allowed to do this." And he kissed him.

Ludwig couldn't resist the sweet taste of his brothers mouth and kissed him back. Gilbert unbuttoned his brother's shirt and unzipped his pants…

"Yes…" The older one whispered, as he succumbed to pleasure and felt his brother's breath in his mouth. "You're finally mine…"

(A/N: took a little bit too long to write this short thing, didn't I? Author's blocks are awful…And the worst part is that I have a lot of ideas but I can't get them in order…)