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Rome kept watching the beautiful prairie in front of him. The small Sicilian house was lovely, on a side of a rudimentary rode that took to a small town. He had bought it when he moved from Rome (that's why everyone called him 'Grandpa Rome,') saying he needed a rest from city life. His daughter and wife were dead, but his two grandsons and the (once) little child he had adopted when he was on his forties had made life a beautiful experience. They had a small farm, with a couple of cows and horses and chickens. He sold milk, cheese and eggs at the town, even though his grandsons worked there. He said he didn't wanted to be a burden to anyone.

But that happiness was now lost.

It was his entire fault.

His entire fucking fault.

His cowardly had cost him his life.

He looked at the little girl sitting on his lap. Antonio had brought her home from a trip from Spain. He said he found her all alone in front of an orphanage, crying. He had fallen in love with her instantly, and he signed the papers and brought her home. "Lovi and I are going to be great parents so don't worry" Antonio said at the time. But there was no problem with her, she was kind and sweet and well behaved; her laugh made the little house feel like a palace. She was the one reason he couldn't bring to kill himself.

"Gawpa, whed is papa Lovi?" She asked. Her English was really improving, for an 8 year old.

"Mi amor, papa Lovi will come back. Don't worry. ¿Está bien?" He said, trying with all his will to not to cry.

"But why doesn't hwe cowe back? He dowsen't 'ove me anymowre?" She said, with a tear falling from her eye. "Dowes uncle Feli dowsen't 'ove me anymowre?"

"Shhh…of course he loves you…" He said, hugging the little girl. "It's just that…" How he could explain war, hatred and payback to a little girl?

"Bella," A voice said from behind. It was Antonio. "go and pick some flowers for me and Grandpa, ¿bien? Just like uncle Feli does. Anda."

The little girl jumped from the lap of Rome, wiped her face with the back of her hand and ran into the field in front of the house.

"¿Y bien?" Antonio asked. "You haven't been eating in all day. You don't check the chickens or the cows anymore. You don't speak and me and won't look me in the face. It's time to explain yourself. What happened that day?"

Rome had been avoiding that question since that happened. Since the GESTAPO took Feli and Lovi away.

The old man sighed, as he remembered that afternoon. This was going to be something very rough to say.

Knock, knock, knock. Someone was at the door. And Rome knew it. They were coming for him.

It was time to be brave. He walked towards the door and opened it. Two men with black coats and the swastika symbol them entered the little house without invitation.

"You're looking for me."He said. He wasn't shaking. He was ready for this. He was ready since the beginning. "You're looking for all the communists, aren't you? I'm ready for this. You can take me." They couldn't take his dignity away if he accepted to go. He stood up. "Let's go, gentlemen, I don't want to make you waste a minute of your time with me."

But the situation didn't go as planned.

"Wait!" Lovino entered the room, screaming. "You cannot take him! He's not a communist!"

"Step out of this Lovino." What was he doing? He was supposed to keep quiet. Roma was supposed to give himself in, in case the GESTAPO came. Lovino, Antonio and their little girl should be quiet. They were taking away queers too. But that day, Tonio and his daughter were at the town,

The men pointed took out their guns and pointed them to Lovino.

But he was quicker and pulled out a bunch of cash.

"He's not a communist. I'm a Jew. Take me to Auschwitz. A young piece of scum is more useful than an old one, right?"

Feliciano appeared from behind.

'No.' Rome thought. 'No, not my Feli.' But he was speechless.

"I'm a Jew too. Two is better than one right?" His voice was trembling with fear, but his love for his grandpa was greater.

The GESTAPO men looked to each other. He was right. Two was better than one. Rome's biggest fear became truth.

They had accepted the offer.

By the time Rome had finished the story, he was crying. Antonio stared at him, speechless, tears falling from his eyes.

"I'm sorry Antonio." He begged. "If could say something…If I could stopped them…If just…I'm sorry. I'm sorry they took Lovino away. I'm sorry for being weak." He cried like a little child.

Antonio hugged him.

"There's nothing you could do. You were trying to protect them. They made their choice. And I don't blame them; I'd do the same thing." He looked at Rome. "You have nothing to apologize for; you're the bravest man I've ever met. You're the one who decided to keep me & you didn't even get mad when Lovi & I told you we're in love. And you also accepted Bella without any complain…You have nothing to apologize. What's done is done. We can only pray that the Allies win this thing."

"¡Papi, papi! I bwrought all this flowes to abuelito!" Bella said, running towards the two men. She put all the flowers in Rome's lap. "This are for you, Grawpa Rwome."

He laughed and kissed the girl's forehead.

"C'mon inside. I'll make you too lasagna for dinner."

"Wait a second…there's something I also need to tell you." Tonio said.

"Parla. (Talk)" Rome responded.

"I nazisti invasero la Francia. Sono arrivati a Parigi. (The Nazis invaded Paris. They arrived to Paris.)" Antonio said, with a gloomy voice.

"Ciò significa che... (That means that…)" Rome's eyes opened wide. "Francis!"

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