The interchange had not gone unnoticed. Eying the table from across the crowded corridor of the Zocalo, Babylon 5's chief of security Michael Garibaldi watched the strange man drink his tea. Mister Morden was probably aware that he was being watched, but this new man seemed to be unaware. The conversation, or what was heard of it, hardly seemed to be the stuff of galactic politics, but anyone speaking with Mister Morden so openly was obviously a figure of interest. As the man got up and left the Zocalo, Michael Garibaldi casually sauntered behind him. He had other security personnel stationed in a wide net, and they would draw it around the strange man. Not that Garibaldi was looking for a confrontation, he would probably just stop and talk to the man and find out he was one of the many eccentrics passing through the station.

As these thoughts went through his head, he saw that the man had stopped, and was looking up at the ceiling, studying an access shaft. The man took out what looked to be some type of PPG and pointed it at the shaft, which begin to open.

"Hey! You! What are you doing?" Garibaldi walked towards the man, who nervously dropped the device down to his side.

"Ah, well, you see, I was just walking along, and noticed a partially undone hatch that looked like it could just fall down and conk someone on the head at any moment, and being a conscionable guest aboard your fine space station, I decided to reattach it before..."

"Okay, you aren't even a good liar" Garibaldi said, cutting the man's meandering lie short. "I think I want to ask you a few questions, so if you would come with me..." while Garibaldi said this, two other security personnel came in from the other side, leaving the man trapped.

"Ah well, I was afraid of that." the device in the man's hand glowed, the lights in the corridor went blindingly bright before turning dark, and the man ran away, knocking them out of the way. Fifteen seconds later, with the man disappeared down Babylon 5's maze of corridor, Garibaldi hit his com and called for an alert, explaining that a man was seen meeting with Mister Morden, and then trying to sabotage the ship.

The man had been running through the corridors of Babylon 5 for ten minutes when he stopped to catch his breath in an out-of-the way spot. The space station was sprawling and confusing, and he was being chased by trained professionals, but he had many many years of experience running through corridors and escaping trouble, although most of it was in a different dimension. He didn't know why he was being chased, but he was often left in the dark on the matter. Just as he was about to catch his breath and set back out on some important business, a man stepped out of a dark corridor.

"Hello, you have been causing some consternation for my friends, and we really have a number of questions that we wish you could answer for us, so if you would be so kind as to come with me, we can get this all settled out."

"Ah! An Englishman! It is nice to hear an English accent, it has been a while."

"Well, not actually from England, or even from earth, but that is my heritage. Nice to see you appreciate it."

"Oh, very much so. Please don't take offense, but this particular station seems a bit bureaucratic and... American. Like to have some of that old world romance, you know?"

"Oh, I quite understand. We had King Arthur here just a week or so ago!"

"Really? Would have liked to meet him again."

"Ah well, nice to share some memories, but I really have to ask you to go with me."

"Sorry to be rude, but I really am dreadfully busy, so I will have to decline."

Marcus Cole, the Ranger who had interrupted the stranger realized that diplomacy would not work in these circumstances, and took out his fighting pike, and extended it to its full length.

The stranger took one look at the weapon, pointed his device at it, and it retracted back to its holding position. And then, as was often the case, the stranger ran. Behind him, Marcus didn't give chase, but instead made a call to his partner in this chase, the station's second-in-command, Susana Ivanova.

When the stranger ran around a corner and found Commander Ivanova waiting for him, he had an excuse prepared. More than an excuse, he had a top secret document explaining exactly why he was here, and that he was on a very important secret mission, and that he had full clearance to be investigating the station. And so he stopped, brought himself up to a full dignified position, and presented Ivanova with his credentials.

She gave him a little smirk and smacked him in the jaw, sending him crashing to the ground.

"That paper is blank."