Doctor Steven Franklin was very busy in Medlab 1, with the constant ebb and flow of medical exams of visitors and station personnel, as well as the casualties of various wars and battles. He was not in the mood for further distractions, so when Marcus and Ivanova carried in an unconscious man, and tossed him onto a waiting bed, he was less than pleased. Garibaldi followed a moment later.

"I have to stitch up the results of four brawls in Down Below and there is some sort of new plague going on amongst the Pak'Ma'Ra, and what are you bringing into my medlab?" although he was irritable, his training took over, and he automatically moved over to look at the man in the bed.

"That man was seen talking to Morden, and then trying to sabotage the ship, so he is kind of important right now." Garibaldi said.

"Oh, but he isn't..." Doctor Franklin replied.

"He isn't important?"

"No, he isn't a man."

"What do you mean? He has two eyes, two arms, two..."

"Hearts." Doctor Franklin moved a stethoscope from one side of his chest to the other.

"Two hearts? So he is Centauri? He doesn't look Centauri"

"Most definitely not Centauri...well, ladies and gentleman, I have some work cut out for me." Doctor Franklin passed a scanner over the man and then added "Oh, and can someone get me Lennier."

John Sheridan had been having a very busy day. John Sheridan had been having a very busy day for most of the past two years, since he had become Captain and commander of Babylon 5. He had tried to learn to delegate tasks, even before he had ended up in the middle of a galactic war that he was not totally sure of all the sides on. And yet still, once a week, he was caught looking over some paperwork on something totally boring and trivial, and yet he was required to make a decision. He stared at the paper below him when his communicator signaled him.

"Captain Sheridan, this is Franklin. There is a patient in Med Lab I want you to see."

Sheridan took a look at his paperwork, and sighed. Franklin wouldn't call him for no reason, and whatever was happening there, it was probably more interesting than staring at the paper.

When Sheridan walked into Med Lab, he expected to see something immediately exciting. But all he saw was his top command staff standing around a bed, on which what seemed to be a normal looking man was sleeping.

"Yes, Doctor Franklin?" Sheridan asked, betraying some impatience, as well as some curiosity about why all the lead officers of his space station were staring at an unconscious man.

"Well, Captain, Garibaldi saw this man talking with Mister Morden. He...didn't seem to want to discuss why, and he ran. Commander Ivanova...incapacitated him."

Sheridan's eyes narrowed. "Any record of him or information on why he would be talking to Mister Morden?"

"None whatsoever." Garibaldi answered.

"And when I started my examination, I found out that he isn't human."

"He looks human enough."

"His inside physiology is something quite different. And its not subtle: he has two hearts, for one thing."

"Is he Centauri?"

"Not at all, his hearts are closer to human hearts...just with...two of them."

"You seem rather amazed by this."

"Well, Lennier could perhaps explain more. I don't really understand it, it goes beyond biology into physics."

"Captain" Lennier begin. "You know that the Minbari have done research on temporal manipulation."

"Time travel, yes?"

"Well, we never got to time travel, because we found that the tachyon radiation associated with time travel were very difficult to shield against. The most we have ever been able to do is hold something static in time, very briefly. This man's biology shows signs of being shielded, and protected, from the effects of temporal manipulation."

"So he is a time traveler?"

"Quite possibly, yes. And the technology and energy needed to do this is...immense. And it seems to be connected to some type of space ship. Or time ship. My calculations say that this ship would be possibly the size of Babylon 5. Possibly larger."

"And our scanners haven't picked this up?"

And here Ivanova answered. "They have detected his ship. But the readings don't make sense because...his ship is somewhere inside of Babylon 5."