Captain Sheridan had seen some confusing things on Babylon 5, and had had to wrap his mind around some big new concepts. But when Lennier told him that there was a ship as large as Babylon 5 (itself an unlikely idea), and that it was inside of Babylon 5, his reaction was to look at Lennier with a very puzzled look.

"It is the size of this station...and it is...inside of this station?"

"Yes. Again, it is something that the Minbari have worked on, folding relative dimensions in on each other, but the power and technology needed to do so create such a vehicle is...staggering."

"I wonder what this man could tell us. Doctor Franklin, can you remove the sedation and wake this man up?"

"Oh, I've been awake for a while. Just resting my eyes." the strange man opened his eyes and looked around him. "It has been a very long day for me, well, many years worth of long days, and here I get a chance to just lie down in this nice comfy bed and I just didn't want to interrupt you. And plus, your... First Officer, is it there" he said, nodding at Ivanova, "has one nice right hook. Also she wasn't fooled by my paper, which must mean she is..." a look of trepidation passed across Ivanova's face "...very astute!"

Sheridan, along with everyone else, was taken aback by the grinning face spinning out a blue streak in front of him. It wasn't exactly what Sheridan had imagined a moment ago, during the discussion of an alien with technology that even the Minbari marveled at. But his authoritative nature reasserted itself, and he asked the stranger:

"What are you doing on my station?"

"Well...I kind of...landed here. Hazards of time travel, if there is a big tachyonic event going on, sometimes we get thrown off course a bit. Kind of got caught in the whirlpool, and ended up here. I know I should have fixed the chronometric stabilizer, but its been off since...oh, I think it was that time in the Jurassic with the Concorde."

If Sheridan didn't have one of the humanity's best xenobiologists standing by him, with charts showing that this strange man had a quite clearly non-human physiology, he would have believed that he was hearing from a lunatic. What did the Jurassic have to do with Concordes?

"Do you have any intentions, hostile or otherwise, concerning Babylon 5?"

"A cup of tea would be nice!"

Sheridan blinked again.

"You said a tachyonic event pulled you here?" Ivanova asked.

"Oh yes. Um, anything big happen lately?" The surrounding officers smirked. Something big was always happening around Babylon 5. "Maybe some big explosions, weird paradoxes, alternative-timeline versions of yourself? Would have been hard not to notice it. Um...unless, well, being tachyonic, it might not have happened yet. Forget I mentioned all that, don't want to change history, I just despise getting caught up in big events."

And it was Michael Garibaldi who finally asked the most obvious question:

"Do you even have a name?"

"Why! Of course! I am The Doctor"

"Who are you?" everyone turned around to see an unexpected visitor striding silently into MedLab. It was Ambassador Kosh.