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Prologue: Detained

Rome, 7 years ago

"Do you know why you are here?" A Roman officer said as he looked at an 18 year old delinquent. The boy had dark hair and hazel eyes. The Roman officer couldn't tell if they were either brown or ice green. He had fine clothes yet he looked like he was trying to run since his coat was ruined and his pants were covered with dry dirt. The boy didn't look at the officer since he was cornered in a dark room where he was force to talk. He didn't know who rat him out since he was very good at covering his 'mistakes' but whoever did was going to pay. "Do you?" he repeated. The boy slowly grinned; of course he knew why he was here. He was a wanted criminal, a crook, and a gambler.

"I will only talk to Colonel Santini." The boy said. The officer looked at him surprised. Why did this boy know the name of the Colonel? No one knew the name of someone who worked with the law, especially in a city as big as Rome. He turned slightly towards the dark glass and even if he could not see through it he knew that the Colonel was staring hard at the boy.

"Go Romano," The Colonel ordered through an old earpiece. The Colonel was glad to find out that they had caught one of the most wanted people in Rome. The boy was young but he is smart for he was able to misguide the Colonel and his team for a year. He knew little of the boy's background, only that he came to Rome from Great Britain. His name was Arthur Greene and he had earned the nickname of 'Ace' when he began gambling, for the card with aces was signature move and the winning one. However the Colonel had doubts that the boy came from Great Britain, his Italian was too good. The officer left leaving the boy alone. The Colonel came in at the boy's strange request. "I do not know if you are being smart or simply foolish in making me come in here." The Colonel said.

"I am being none." The boy said. His ice green eyes looking at the Colonel, he was thinking his best way out. "I am simply calling for an ally."

"Then you have the wrong person." The Colonel said coldly. "No one wants you in jail more than I do. If you want some of my confidence, then begin telling us who you really are."

"My real name is Arturo di Galimberti." The boy said finally. "I am from Cittá Ville." He said and the Colonel looked at the boy with shock. Cittá Ville was a town up to the middle west of Italy. It was where his beloved Maria Jocovini was from and his boys, this boy had to be lying. He knew something.

"Do you take for me a fool? The odds for you being from there are slim." The Colonel said. "Who told you my name? Who told where my family is from?" he asked as he banged the table. His dark eyes turning cold and full with distrust, Arturo expected his reaction, the Colonel was a powerful man but he was not stupid. He would be able to see that he was telling the truth.

"No signore," Arturo said. "I know of your Jocovini family, I believe your boys are the same age as I am." Arturo said. The Colonel narrowed his eyes. No one knew his family's real name. He had Maria, Brick, Butch, and Boomer Jocovini renamed Maria, Antonio, Adrian and Alejandro Santini for their own safety. If someone was able to trace their origins then they will be in grave danger.

"Romano," The Colonel ordered through his earpiece as he looked at Arturo who remained calm.

"Yes Colonel?" Romano asked.

"Trace Arturo di Galimberti, see if there is a match in the Cittáian files." He ordered. As a huge city, they had access towards other cities and towns files.

"We have a match," Romano said. "There is a missing boy named Arturo di Galimberti since last year. Is the boy him?" he asked.

"What are the physical characteristics of Di Galimberti?" The Colonel asked.

"He has dark hair, hazel eyes, and about 6'1 of height." Romano said. The Colonel looked at Arturo. He really was the missing boy of Cittá Ville.

"You really are from Cittá Ville." The Colonel said. Arturo shrugged, he never felt as if he belonged there with all the tradition and custom which is why he left.

"I would never lie to you." Arturo said. The Colonel gritted his teeth.

"Let's not go there," he said. A delinquent is a liar, the Colonel was sure of it. "Tell me, why did you leave?" He said as he looked at Arturo's ice green eyes. Arturo nodded. He had to earn the Colonel's trust and he will only do so by speaking the truth.