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Chap. 1: Conflicted


I looked at Mario. We were once more in the confrontation room and he looked more cooperating than last night when I have spoken to him. I was forced to play the sarcastic officer, but it was a card that does wonders.

"Where in Rome will Marcello be staying?" I asked calmly. I was not afraid of delinquents, not because I was protected by officers outside this room but because I use to be the worst of them all. I knew what I was doing when I talked to them. Antonio did too.

"He was planning to stay somewhere in the central area, he was going to keep a low profile." Mario said. I narrowed my eyes. Of course Marcello will try to do that, every delinquent wanted to pass time somehow and I was determined to find out what was his next move.

"What is his favorite past time?" I asked. Everyone knew that Marcello was a quiet reserved man but everyone in a town had their secrets, and Cittá Ville was no exception.

"We will drive towards Arezzo once a month and we'll gamble," Mario said. I gritted my teeth. The signore knew how to gamble? Interesting, no wonder he wanted to go somewhere like Rome…

"Gamble, I see, was he any good?" I asked through my teeth.

"He was," Mario said with a nod. "He could beat almost any man who will dare cross his way. He said he wanted to make a fortune out of that."

"Does he have connections in Rome?"

"I am not sure," Mario said beginning to hesitate. "He would talk about someone that he knows down there, except he will never say if it was a signore or signorina."

"Thank you for your corporation Mario." I said and bid my farewell. I left the room and found Antonio casually waiting for me in his office. He looked somewhat tired and worn almost as if he stayed up at night.

"Excuse me for not answering your call yesterday Arturo." Antonio began. "There were some complications I had to attend to. However Leonardo called me this morning and said that Mario talked."

"Yes," I said suddenly bored. My voice took its usual monotone. "Mario said that Marcello is in Rome, I was going to call the Colonel." I said. Antonio scratched his cheekbone and nodded.

"Father could help us, he would catch him." Antonio said yet like me, he didn't like the idea of the Colonel catching Marcello. We both wanted to catch him and lock him up ourselves.

"I was going to say that maybe I could leave and go find him." I said. Antonio frowned.

"I like the idea but I am not so sure that you can enter the city."

"The Colonel could help me," I said trying to convince him to let me go. "He trust me, I won't go back to my old ways."

"I know," Antonio said. "Is just that it might be risky perhaps someone could recognize you."

"The police trust me; look at how much I have done for them. I have changed my life around and became one of the best officers of Italy, along with you and the Colonel."

"I do not mean the police, I mean…the Gagliano men." He said. I gritted my teeth. The bastard drug dealers accused me of thievery and selling drugs by bribing a Roman officer. They were a powerful Italian mafia family who were the best at what they did. The Colonel, Antonio, Adrian and I have been searching for them we were able to imprison some of them but not the leader, Santiago Gagliano.

"The Gagliano will not interfere unless Marcello is involved with them which I highly doubt it, the closest Marcello has ever gotten to them was in the neighbor city, Arezzo and they do not connections there."

"It has been 7 years, things change."

"Antonio, why don't you come with me then?" I asked. Antonio's face turned a little sad.

"I have to take care of Blossom. She is not doing so well. She insists she's fine but I don't know. She looks weaker and paler, the doctor told her to visit next month but…" he trailed off. I shook my head. Of course Antonio will be worried for his Ubertini wife.

"Then I will contact the Colonel but Marcello cannot stay untouched." I said. Antonio narrowed his eyes, I could tell he disliked the idea of letting me go on my own to Rome but he hated the idea of leaving his Ubertini wife.

"Very well," Antonio said. I was taken back. The way Antonio looked like the Colonel even though they weren't related at all was impressing. "I will contact him personally," Antonio said suddenly he yelled out for Costa who was in charge of files.

"Sì Capitano?" Costa asked. Antonio sent him for files while he was in the phone with the Colonel. I was suddenly bored and told him I will be waiting for him in the Little Owl. The Little Owl was somewhat far but with my Aston Martin I could get there. The Little Owl was one of my favorite restaurants and with the little Ubertini family members it seemed as if it was just any other restaurant than the Jocovini and Marcello restaurants.

"Ciao,cosa vorrestiperoggiArturo?" Hello, what would you order today, Arturo? Melissa asked, the usual waitress. I didn't hesistate.

"Mi sorprende, Melissa." I said as I casually sat down in his usual spot. Melissa smiled and left, her long dark hair went up to her waist. She looked nice, with her soft gray shirt, her gray eyes made it more convient that she worked here. Melissa had Ubertini blood in her but her last name wasn't Ubertini, it was Ursili. Melissa came back and she gave me pasta with tomatoe sauce with herbs sprinkled over the pasta. It looked delicous.

"Hey!" I heard someone say in English. I turned and saw Buttercup Ubertini. Melissa walked over her and Buttercup pointed at was I having. "Please?" she said but the word sounded foreign for her. Melissa nodded. I felt my heart race when she came over and sat calmly in the same table I was in. She looked at me with her perfect green eyes that seemed to consume me completely. "Arthur." She said. I tried not to frown but it slipt anyway, she did not know how much I hated when she called me that.

"Signorina Ubertini," I said in my usual monotone voice. However it was breaking with emotion, just seeing her awakened different feelings, feelings I have never felt. "Where is Adrian?" I asked. He must be coming soon.

"He's with B-Alejandro." She said quickly. "Alejandro had a flat tired and he said he'll pick me up here." She said. She drank the water that Melissa gave her. She looked at me weirdly. "So what are you doing?" she asked.

"I am planning to go to Rome." I said. Buttercup raised her dark eyebrow. Her green eyes taken back by my plans.

"For?" she asked. You, I thought, I need to get away from you.

"I have to resolve some issues there." I said simply. Buttercup nodded.

"Don't want to seem nosy," she grumbled. "But I overheard B-Adrian talking to Antonio about the Signore. Figured that's why you are going to...that place." She said as she poked the pasta Melissa brought. I wanted to grin at her, she was a smart one indeed.

"That might be it." I said not fully saying yes or no. Buttercup frowned at my mystery. "I have some...business to attend to with the Colonel."

"What are we? 1776?" she asked. I chuckled. I wanted to hold her hand, she was just so perfect, so pretty...

"No," I said but somehow agreeing with her. Why the silly traditions? "Is just a title that one has, it is a little strange from the Americans, right?" I asked. Buttercup nodded as she ate her pasta. The bell clicked and we both turned to see the Santini brothers, Antonio and Adrian. Alejandro was missing but I was use to barely see him. He was not a man of violence when it came to forcing justice.

"Butch," Buttercuo said. He grinned at her and kissed her lips. I felt my heart...shatter. Seeing them together was like constantly drinking poison.

"Antonio," I said. He looked at me and at the green-eyed pair.

"We have to leave," Antonio said not even sitting. "I'll leave you two lovebirds." He simply said and I fallowed.

"See you later!" They both said as they both ate from Buttercup's plate. Antonio and I walked towards an old park that was in the northern part of Cittá Ville.

"I did not want to say this in front of them in case they will tell Blossom." Antonio began. We were sitting in a bench sorrounded by children and mothers. He handed me a package. "This contains the files of nearly all the deliquents in Rome. Basic information, you do not have to turn them in unless they have contact with Marcello. Marcello is now one of the most wanted men in all Italy and if this drags any furthur then in the whole European continet. Hopefully it doesn't get bigger than that." He said as he handed me another package, it was smaller. "Since you insist in going to Rome then you will meet up with the Colonel every other day, the Roman police are not very merciful when it comes to deliquents but they allowed you to come with the conditions of your reports thus the meetings with the Colonel. In there is also your passport to enter the city by car. It is more faster than waiting for an airplane ticket." Antonio said. He raised a red eyebrow. "Any questions?"

"Go on," I said as I took out the papers from the smaller packet.

"You will be staying in a hotel nearby the most popular Roman casinos. Of course with your background, it will be easier for you to blend in and gather information."

"I thought the Colonel was against this plan."

"He is but not the Roman police. They are convinced that you will help trap some deliquents in your way but they are not your main priority, only Marcello." Antonio said. I nodded, I was not interested in catching some random deliquent but Marcello. He had to pay for what he did to the Ubertini sisters...especially Buttercup. Antonio sighed. "It is terrible for me to let you go on your own but I trust you Arturo," he said and I nodded. "You are like a brother to me." He said and pat my back in a brotherly way. I do not have siblings so working close to Antonio made us like brothers. I smiled a bit.

"Thank you Antonio," I said. "Tell Blossom to feel better." I said as we bid farwell.


I drove home, my family had some history with serving Jocovinis so I lived in the Southern part of Citta Ville, near Palazzo Jocovini. I parked in the shabby driveway and opened the door. The house as always, was too empty. I went into my room and began packing my clothes. I quickly looked through the package and found an address and everything. Costa was very good at his job, he knew what he was doing. I quickly packed everything in my car and locked my front door but Cittáians were peaceful people so I doubt that I was going to get robbed.

I began driving and suddenly I felt empty as I left Cittá Ville. I quickly realized that I was going to miss her. Her perfect face, her strength and humor...I was going to miss the way she bit her lip when she was confused, the way she rolled her eyes, the way her eyes turned a darker green color when she was suspicous...the way the wind blew her short hair into her perfect face with their perfect cheekbones, nose, eyes, and lips.

She was perfect, without a doubt. I loved the way she grins, when she shows her perfect white teeth and her green eyes twinkle like light emeralds.

I shook my head, she was my poison, my drug, my obsession...she was not for me but for Adrian whom she loves as well. They were perfect for each other. I would give anything to be in his place. I really would. I would give away everything I had, I wouldn't be called Arturo di Galimberti anymore. For her, and only her I would be named Arthur for all I cared but I wanted her, I needed her like a blind man wishes to see.

It made me feel so empty when I wasn't near her, like I was some type of breathing corpse. Why would the Almighty breathe life into me when life was meaningless without her?

I kept driving as every now and then I will look at the moon with its silver glory and power.

I will keep my promise to you, I thought as I looked at the moon. I will forget her, I have too.


Rome, 50 years ago

Jamario Jocovini was a handsome man, a lady's man like they said at the time. He had dark green eyes and dark auburn hair. He left Cittá Ville to be with his good friend, Delfino Marcello and his friend, Erick Keane. He was surprised that Delfino, a respected teen in Cittá Ville, had connections in London since Jamario heard of the Keane family. The Keane family were wealthy and prosperous, they were said to be of more royal blood than the Royal family of England. Jamario was not familiar with Erick but with Edmund, Erick's older brother who was married to the beautiful Rose Meyers. Their marriage made headlines all over the world since Rose Meyers had not only beauty and riches but royal English blood. A rare combination, Jamario believed.

"I don't think we should be here." Delfino said nervously. Erick and Jamario laughed. Delfino was always the responsible one, why couldn't the suck-up live a little?

"Come on, puss." Erick said as he crossed his hands, a dark twinkle in his eyes. "I don't know about you but we should party!"

"Erick the Englishman is right." Jamario said with a grin. Erick rolled his eyes. "We've been in boarding school too long. We need to celebrate!" Suddenly another man came in. Jamario narrowed his eyes since he recognized the teen only too well. It was Juan Ubertini, he looked uncomfortable like Delfino. Erick wanted to roll his eyes. The thing he hated about being friends with Cittáians is that they couldn't be in the same room for one second without fighting. They all surprisingly went to the same boarding school in London. However Erick was surprised that Jamario didn't killed Juan yet, or vice versa. They were too proud however they will not ruin the night for him and Delfino.

"Can we not kill each other?" Erick asked and suddenly the music started. "I'll actually not want to go to jail tonight." He said and went dancing with an Italian girl who was giving him the eye. Delfino raised an eyebrow at Jamario and Juan. The three of them were always grouped since they were the only 'men' to keep the noble family names so they spent a lot of time together however it did not stop from the Jocovini and Ubertini elders to fill their children with hatred.

"I'm with Keane." Juan said and held his hand to Jamario.

"I don't want to dance with you!" Jamario grumbled. Juan rolled his eyes.

"I am holding my hand to you as a peace offering, idiot." Juan said through his teeth. Jamario raised his eyebrow at the dark haired and blue eyed Ubertini.

"Fine." Jamario said and shook his hand with Juan. "No let's party!" he said.


The four teens awoken to find themselves in the floor and past out from last night, they actually gotten sick-drunk with alcohol, it wouldn't surprise them if they had drugs too.

Erick woke up and found out he was in the floor. He blinked as he realized he had a bag of cocaine.

"Holy sh-t!" Erick cursed and threw away the cocaine bag. He got up and found Delfino past out with Juan, they both had weed. "Wake up morons!" Erick hissed. Delfino and Juan got up.

"What the h-ll?" They both said as they saw the weed and a couple of alcohol bottles. Where the h-ll did they get weed? They were in Italy for Chris's sake!

"What the h-ll happened last night?" Juan asked as he rubbed his head. Delfino held his head in his hands, his head felt like it was a ticking time bomb.

"No clue." Erick said as he yawned. "Where's Jamario?" he asked. Suddenly the three of them were searching their penthouse room but they didn't find him.

"We lost Jamario!" Delfino said shocked. How will he explain the Jocovinis that they lost their kid? He was suddenly afraid.

"Shut up, man!" Juan said. "He has to be somewhere." He said. Delfino nodded. The door opened.

"Who's there?" Erick yelled.

"Shut up! Is me." Jamario said. "I have a killer headache and I just finished running away from some slut!" he said and laid down in one of the couches.

"What the h-ll? You were…?" Juan began but the question was just too awkward.

"Yeah." Jamario said. "I ran out of there as if the devil was chasing me." He said. "Strange, the woman looked like it was…what's her name?"

"Who?" Delfino asked as he made coffee. Good thing that Rome was more modern than Cittá Ville, since there was hardly any coffee there.


"Diane?" Erick asked through his teeth.

"Yeah, that slut." Jamario said. Suddenly Jamario was knocked off the couch and into the wall.

"Don't you dare call her a slut you son of a b-tch!" Erick yelled. Jamario was with Diane Francium? Erick loved her, with her dark blond hair and blue eyes. She was beautiful and so nice…however everyone knew she liked Jamario, it broke Erick to see Jamario to think so little of her.

"Erick!" Delfino said. Erick turned.

"I'm not sorry." Erick said quickly to Delfino. "The son of a b-tch deserved it." He said through his teeth and left.

"Where are you going?" Erick heard Juan ask.

"…To find Diane!" Erick said and left the Hotel.

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