A/N. In which Blaine and Kurt met as children. Mollie Hummel belongs to Keitorin Asthore. Elizabeth and Michael are my headcanon for Blaine's parents. Part one of the 'You've Always Been There' verse, which will eventually be a series of twelve fanfictions. I have them all planned out already :) This is dedicated to the wonderful Kara, because she needs cheering up. My first kid!Klaine fic, so I hope this is okay :)

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Chapter one – First Meeting

Blaine tugged on his mother's arm 'Mommy, Mommy, I want to go on the teacups! Daddy can spin really fast and it's so much fun! Please Mommy? Please?' Elizabeth smiled and picked up her young son, placing him on her hip 'Of course you can, Blainers.' Blaine grinned put then pouted 'Mommy I want to walk.' Elizabeth put him down and laughed as he toddled off towards the teacup ride, Elizabeth and her husband Michael following after their hyperactive son.

Blaine stepped in to the queue, bouncing up and down on his small feet as his parents came to stand in the queue behind him. In front of them in the queue was another toddler, holding on to his mother's hand and looking around. Blaine instantly bounded up to him and smiled brightly 'Hi! My name is Blaine, is my first time coming to Disney and I'm so so so excited to be here! What's your name?' he asked in a rush. The other boy's cheeks reddened slightly in a blush and he said shyly 'Hi. I'm Kurt. It's my first time too. My Mommy and Daddy brought me.'

Blaine looked up at the two adults that were stood by Kurt and he stood up straight 'Hi Mr Kurt's Daddy, hi Miss Kurt's Mommy. My name is Blaine Anderson.' Mollie let out a little giggle and she bent down in front of Blaine 'Hi Blaine. Well aren't you just the cutest little thing? How old are you, Blaine?' Blaine preened a little under the attention 'I'm five.'

He looked at Kurt again 'How old are you, Kurt?' Kurt smiled a little shyly and whispered 'Four.' Blaine grinned 'You're almost as old as me! Where do you live normally, Kurt?' Kurt clutched on to his mother's skirt and said softly 'Lima. In Ohio.' Blaine bounced up and down a little excitedly 'Really? I live in Ohio too! In Westerville.' He looked up at his mother 'Mommy, how far away is Lima from where we live?' Elizabeth smiled 'About two hours away, sweetheart.'

Blaine grinned 'That's not too far! Maybe we could be friends when we get back to Ohio!' Kurt smiled 'I'd like that.' Blaine grinned and reached out to hold on to his new friend's hand 'Mommy, after this can we have lunch with Kurt and his family? Please?' Elizabeth nodded 'Of course we can sweetheart. If it's okay with Kurt's parents.' Mollie smiled 'That's fine with me. I'm Mollie. This is my husband Burt.'

Burt reached out a hand to Michael to shake 'Hi.' Elizabeth smiled 'My name is Elizabeth, and this is my husband Michael.' Michael gave a soft smile 'Hi. Nice to meet you.' Mollie smiled 'Nice to meet you too.'

Mollie and Elizabeth soon started talking with each other, as did Burt and Michael. While this was happening, Blaine and Kurt were still holding on to each other's hands, chattering away excitedly. Blaine asked 'So what do you like to do, Kurt?' Kurt replied shyly 'I like to draw pictures, and dress up my dolls, and have tea parties. What do you like to do, Blaine?' Blaine smiled 'I like to play and run. Mommy always tells me off because I always fall and scrape my knees, or make my clothes dirty.'

Kurt pulled a scandalised face 'How can you do that? I'd die if my clothes got dirty!' Blaine took this opportunity to have his first look at what Kurt was wearing; clean white sneakers on his little feet, a pair of black shorts that reached his knees and a smart white shirt. Blaine, in contrast, was wearing grubby worn sneakers, denim jeans that reached to just above his ankles and a t shirt with Chewbacca on the front.

Blaine smiled 'I just like to have fun and run. Do you have any friends that you run and play with, Kurt?' Kurt's happy expression dropped slightly 'I don't really have any friends. No one likes to play the way I do.' Blaine pouted at his forlorn expression 'I'll be your friend, Kurt. I promise.' He hugged the younger boy tightly. Kurt stood there for a short while before lifting his arms, wrapping them around Blaine. Blaine grinned and pressed a quick kiss to Kurt's cheek before breaking away from the hug 'Mommy! Mommy it's our turn on the ride!'