A/N. In which Blaine and Kurt met as children. Mollie Hummel belongs to Keitorin Asthore. Elizabeth and Michael are my headcanon for Blaine's parents. Part one of the 'You've Always Been There' verse, which will eventually be a series of twelve fanfictions. I have them all planned out already :)

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Chapter two – Queasy

After the ride had finished, Blaine rushed towards the exit, whooping excitedly 'That was the best! Come on, Kurt, we have to go on something else!' Blaine's parents followed after him with a smile, Elizabeth saying 'Slow down, Blainers. You can go on something else after lunch.' Blaine pouted and turned to face Kurt, who was looking distinctly green 'Kurt, are you okay?'

Kurt took a shuddery breath and whispered 'I don't feel too good, Mommy.' Mollie picked him up and settled him on her hip, stroking his back gently 'There there, KK, it's okay.' Kurt took a deep breath 'Mommy, I really don't feel good. Mommy I'm going to be sick.' Blaine looked up at Kurt worriedly 'Kurty? Are you okay?' Kurt sniffed as Mollie started rushing him to the toilets, taking him in to a stall and set him down in front of the toilet as Kurt started to be sick. Blaine toddled after them in to the toilets, quickly locating Kurt and going to him, patting him on the back with his small hand 'It's okay Kurty, I'm sorry it made your tummy funny.'

Kurt sat up, a little shaky, and rested against Mollie 'M'okay. Thank you Blainers.' Blaine grinned at the nickname his new friend had given him. 'Blainers. I like that, Kurty.' Kurt smiled 'I like you, Blainers.' Blaine giggled happily 'I like you too, Kurty.'

Mollie smiled 'Okay KK, let's get you cleaned up. Blaine honey, why don't you go back outside to your parents and we'll see you back outside in a minute?' Blaine nodded and stood, kissing Kurt's pudgy cheek softly before going back outside to his parents and Burt.

Burt asked Blaine 'How is he, kiddo?' Blaine looked up at Burt and said 'He's okay, Mr Kurt's Daddy. He was a little sick, but now he's okay.' Burt nodded 'Good. Thank you Blaine.' Blaine smiled and went back to his parents, hugging Elizabeth's leg while waiting for Kurt to come back, Elizabeth stroking her fingers through his curls.

Meanwhile, in the toilets, Mollie was gently wiping Kurt's little face clean. Kurt spoke as she cleaned him 'I really like Blaine, Mommy. He's my friend. I'm glad I made a friend, Mommy. The people at school don't like me but Blaine's really friendly and he likes me, Mommy.' Mollie smiled sadly; she hated the thought of her perfect little son not having any friends. Mollie kissed his forehead 'Then we'll have to make sure you and Blaine keep seeing each other, won't we KK?'

Kurt nodded eagerly 'Yes Mommy. I'd love to keep playing with Blaine. He's my favourite person in the world apart from you and Daddy, Mommy.' Mollie smiled 'You barely know him, KK.' Kurt nodded again 'I know Mommy, but he's special. He's my special friend and I love him.' An image flashed through her mind of an older Kurt and an older Blaine, announcing to her that they were dating, and she smiled 'Well then I hope you two are good friends forever.'

Mollie rinsed Kurt's mouth out and settled him on her hip, starting to walk back out of the toilets, thinking as she did so. Her son wasn't like the other little boys; she didn't care, it was just obvious to see. And she wondered, if maybe in the future, her little baby would tell her he was gay. She would be fine with it, of course. She would love her son unconditionally. She just hated the thought of the prejudice that was going to come with it.

She set her son down on the floor and Blaine instantly ran over 'Kurty, are you feeling okay now?' Kurt nodded with a small smile as Blaine took hold of his hand 'Mmm hmm, Blainers, I'm feeling much better now, thank you.' Blaine grinned at Kurt and then looked up at Elizabeth 'Mommy, I'm hungry. Can we go get something to eat now?'

Ten minutes later the Hummel and Anderson families were crowded around a table. Kurt and Blaine were sat next to each other, colouring on the children's menu they had been given. Kurt was frowning in concentration, colouring neatly, whereas Blaine was scribbling wildly, his little tongue poking out from between his lips.

Mollie smiled as she watched the two boys, who were sat so close to each other on the bench they were practically in each other's laps. She knew this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.