This story will retain some settings, but I am changing almost everything.

It was a dark and stormy night, as a figure stands on the top of Tokyo tower, overlooking the Artificial Island which serves as the grounds for Butei High.

The figure was cloaked and hooded, but the strong winds would sometimes show traces of the stranger's face which was hidden by a white mask.

The stranger simply looked at the school before jumping and landing on the roof of the observation floor of Tokyo Tower. He then walked towards the elevator with composure even as the strong wind and rain soaked his cloak and even his clothes underneath, revealing a red Butei high uniform...

The Next Morning...

"Ki-Kinji! humongous PERVERT! Windhole cannon! READY! AIM! FIRE!" Exclaimed a raging Aria as she 'launched' from the ground , turned her body into the shape of a ball and used her head to headbutt her innocent yet easily misunderstood partner.

"Wait! Aria, this isn't what you think! Let me expla-!" Kinji hastily tried to explain but was already hit by Aria's unique attack.

"Ah...ah...Aria! What are you doing here! And with everyone else too!" Cried Watson or also known as 'Elle' (Watson is her surname and was forced to act as a boy by her father) as she tried to cover her body with her arms in vain.

It was just another regular day at Butei high, which is a day on regular to only Butei that is. To normal people it would be a day of 'hell'. Risking your very life with criminals who are worth millions on wanted lists all over the world, protecting the world's most political figures just by yourself, giving out information to the one with highest bidder or even being researched and tested for any supernatural powers that you might posess.

This is the daily life of a Butei. In fact, the school itself has a its staff comprising of elite soldiers, masters of espionage, skilled martial artists, torturers of every kind, well-experienced doctors and even masters of the mystical arts. You would have to be either part of a Butei family, obsessed with guns, using cars and and money, want to do justice(Butei are often doing jobs related to crime as this is the main reason why the world governments have introduced the occupation as the first armed detective was none other than the great Sherlock Holmes and is well known to do things that even the police can't do)for the sake of your country and self or just want to get know the famous people in the school(it has been known that descendants of great people from the past, from great scientists, legendary thieves,wizards and ninjas, renowned generals and heroes and even nobles from ancient times).

On this particular day, Aria, along Reki with Haimaki by her side, Riko, Shirayuki, Jeanne, Hina, Muto, Shiranui, Aya, Akira De Leon along with Koneko on his head, his girlfriend Yuriko Chikanatsu and his best friend Kouhei Takeda by his side, followed Kinji and Watson to the closed Selective Arts Building and discovered the truth although Aria had the wrong idea and thought that Kinji was peeping at Watson or even forcing her to strip right in front or something.

Anyhow, after an explanation from Elle (as we will now call her that instead of Watson from now on) and an apology from Aria about the misunderstanding, they all went back to school for their respective classes.

In Aria's, Kinji's, Shirayuki's, Riko's, Reki's, Elle's, Muto's, Shiranui's, Aya's and Jeanne's classroom, their form teacher is now introducing new transfer student to the class.

"Right then, it's a bit sudden but we have a transfer student. He is half German but lives in Japan most of his life." He explained in a formal tone and stopped for the student to introduce himself.

The young man was about 170 cm, he had pure black hair with a few strands of white hair sticking out from all over the place, he has an average fit body with scarlet colored eyes and an attractive face as good as Shiranui's but not as sharp. There is also an air of mystery around him

"Please to meet you all. My name is Shun Schneider. I am 16 years old, my rank is S rank and am enrolled in the Assault Department. Please look after me." He greeted with a formal but somewhat emotionless tone.

As the teacher could assign Shun's seat, the young man simply sat at where his assigned desk and chair are. As the lessons resumed, Kinji blinked and looked behind him to notice Shun staring at Kinji hard.

"Can I help you?" Asked Kinji with an awkward smile.

Shun shook his head and focused on the lesson but occasionally glanced at Kinji.

It goes without saying that the entire class including Kinji noticed this peculiarity too but stayed quiet for now.

As soon as school ended, Kinji quickly left the classroom along with team Baskerville.

However they all sweatdropped as Shun was obviously following them from a distance with cold eyes.

'What is with that look?'