Hi everyone. I've been a big fan of the JafarxJasmine for quite a while now and I thought I would write a story about them. I love what-if scenarios. I know I'm not an expert at writing but I do the best I can. I will try to keep everyone in character and make this an interesting story. Don't flame me for liking this pairing, like it's sick or it's wrong. I have my pairings, you have yours. Read and review. Positive, negative, things I can improve on. Just no flames please.

Aladdin was chained to the wall, straight ahead of where Jafar was standing. After Jafar had zapped Aladdin after seeing his reflection in the crown, he threw Jasmine to the ground who was trying to take his staff from him. However he noticed Aladdin was running towards him and quickly zapped him, causing him to hover in the air and over to the far wall. Chains emerged from the wall trapping Aladdin's legs and arms. A smirk snaked it's way across Jafar's lips as he watched at the street rat struggle. He walked calmly towards Aladdin, coming to a stop a few steps from him. Clasping his hands together behind his back, he stood at his full height, looking down at him from his large nose.

'So street rat you thought that you could defeat the most powerful sorcerer in the world? How idiotic, how foolish. You thought you could save your precious Jasmine and your friends you would become the hero of Agrabah? It seems that all did not go according to plan hmmm?' He taunted. His smirk only grew wider as Aladdin tried to pull his arms and legs free from the chains.

'Let them go!' he spat, still trying to pull the chains from the wall himself but to find that it was pointless. The chains were too strong.

'Temper, temper street rat. Is that any way to talk to the Sultan of Agrabah?' he sounded in a cool voice as if he was talking to a child. Aladdin however didn't find this game of his amusing and gritted his teeth at him. Despite being chained up he still talked back to him. He was not afraid of Jafar.

'You will never be the Sultan while I'm here!' Jafar raised an eyebrow at this. He had to give him credit for his spirit but to Aladdin's disadvantage it didn't worry Jafar in the least.

'Will I not now...and just what will you do to stop me? Bore me to death?' he questioned and laughed. Aladdin's blood boiled at this but he knew that Jafar was right, which angered him even more. The former Sultan was being used as a puppet, Abu and the magic carpet were chained together, Jasmine was forced to be Jafar's slave and genie had a new master. Jafar turned and walked over to his throne and sat down on the soft cushion. He turned his attention to Jasmine.

'Come here, my queen.' He told Jasmine and motioned to her with his hand. Jasmine's eyes widened at this.

'Queen?' she asked confused.

'That is what I said. Stand beside your husband, or should I say soon to be husband.' Jasmine gasped at this before twisting her face into a scowl.

'I will never be your wife.' She spat.

'Is that so Jasmine? Tell me dear, what do you see?' he asked and gestured to her father and friends with his hand.

'Your friends and father are in my clutches, I could simply end their lives with just a wave of my staff. Tell me my dear Jasmine...' He stood up and walked towards her. Jasmine stepped back as the sorcerer neared her but Jafar quickened his stride, getting closer to her. She shuddered as his thin fingers closed around her wrist and he pulled her in front of him. His other hand rested on her waist, sending another shudder through her. She loathed and despised this man, nothing would change her opinion of him. She was sure of it. She looked at her friends and father. Genie looked at her with a sorrowful expression, obviously feeling sorry for the princess and the predicament that she was in. Her father and Aladdin glared darkly at Jafar at the fact that he held their princess. Jafar simply smirked back at them and traced little patterns along Jasmine's waist, loving the feeling of her soft skin beneath his fingertips. Jasmine wanted to grab his hand and pull it off her but she didn't want to anger him like she had done earlier. She was soon drawn from her thoughts when she felt hot breath against her ear.

'Would you want them to die, knowing you could have saved them?' he asked. Jasmine swallowed nervously, feeling helpless and trapped. She knew what game Jafar was playing and she knew that he was going to win it.

'No.' She murmured quietly. Jafar's smirk widened and he turned her around towards him. Reaching down he took her chin in his thumb and finger and lifted her head up so that she looked at him.

'Well then my dear will you become my queen?' he asked, raising an eyebrow at her, his smirk never once leaving his thin face. Jasmine closed her eyes tightly at his offer. Marrying Jafar would mean that she would never get to be with the one person that she truly loved and her freedom would once again be taken away from her. It made her feel sick to the stomach of him being her husband, but...thinking about her father and friends she realised that she didn't have a choice in the matter. Jafar had won. She opened her eyes and looked at him.

'Yes.' She whispered. Jafar frowned at this. She did say yes but he wanted Aladdin to hear it. To see the heartbroken expression on his face at finding out that Jasmine would never be his. He leaned towards her, closing the gap between them.

'Louder my dear, so that the street-rat may hear you.' He whispered into her ear. Jasmine frowned as he pulled away but Jafar could only smirk in response and lifting his hand, he brushed his fingers along her cheek, earning a glare from the princess. Jasmine tried to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall. The only man that she would ever love was being taken away from her and she was forced into a marriage with this...this monster.

'I...I will marry you, Jafar.' She said loudly, her voice cracking slightly. It was comical to the sorcerer to watch the genie and the street-rat's jaws drop at the same time. The former sultan however looked at the ex-vizier with wide eyes. No...this couldn't be real. His daughter hadn't just accepted marriage to Jafar had she? However before he could speak Aladdin jumped ahead of him.

'Jasmine no, you can't marry him! I'll get us out of here, I promise! You're nothing but a snake Jafar, you...'However he was gagged before he could finish the rest of his sentence. Jafar lowered his staff and placed it back beside the throne and walked back towards Jasmine.

'Enough street-rat! She is mine!' He snapped, announcing that Jasmine was his property.

'Jafar take Agrabah if you want but please leave my daughter alone.' The sultan pleaded. He knew that there would be nothing but misery for his daughter if she were to marry him. He had seen the way Jafar had reacted to Jasmine throwing the wine in his face, Allah knows how he would act once she was his wife. He didn't think he could bear it.

'Not a chance. She has agreed to marry me...he turned his attention towards Jasmine and took her chin once again in his long fingers...we will be husband and wife.' He said, directing the last sentence to her.

'Guards!' Jafar called. Once Jafar had taken over Agrabah the guards had had to continue with their duties. Razoul and three other guards emerged from behind the translucent red curtain. Anger boiled through them when they saw what Jafar had done to their former ruler. They didn't like taking orders from this vile betrayer. But their expression softened as they saw the princess. She looked so broken, so defeated.

'Yes, your highness.' Razoul said coldly, forcing the last word out of his mouth. Jafar smirked at his compliance. They would all obey him, everyone in this city would.

'Throw this boy back out onto the streets. I have no desire to have a street rat in my palace.' He ordered. Jasmine glared at Jafar claiming her palace as his property. It was her home. Jafar zapped Aladdin with his staff, releasing him from the chains. Razoul smirked as he hit the floor. Well there was one advantage to having Jafar as a ruler: getting rid of that worthless street rat. The guards walked over to the boy and grabbed his arms, dragging him towards the palace doors. Jafar's smirk widened. Finally everything was falling into place...However just as the guards were about to open the doors a wicked thought came to mind.

'No...stop!' he called and walked over to the guards. He looked down at Aladdin, curling his beard around his finger in thought. Perhaps he could have a little fun with the boy before sending him back out onto the cold streets of Agrabah.

'I suppose I will allow you to stay in this palace tonight, boy. You can attend the wedding tomorrow, as Jasmine's guest.' He stated, watching in amusement as Aladdin's face twisted in anger.

'You'll never get away with this Jafar. I will defeat you.' He spat. Jafar was so determined to make him suffer and he hated him for it.

'Oh I'm sure you will.' Jafar drawled sarcastically and turned around, his cape swooshing as he did so. Fear went through Jasmine as Jafar was making his way back towards her. As he stopped in front of he took her hand and pulled her to the side so that she was facing Aladdin and took her waist in his hands. Jasmine felt a shudder through her at the feeling of his fingers once again on her body, reminding her of their encounter only moments ago. But what disgusted her more was feeling Jafar's lips on hers. Her eyes widened and she felt frozen in place. She wanted so much to push him away but she knew she couldn't. If she did Jafar could make her father and friends suffer because of it and she wouldn't let that happen. Jafar was pleased by her lack of resistance and deepened the kiss, her soft lips colliding with his. One hand slid around her lower back while his other hand wandered into her hair, at long last able to run his fingers through her silky strands. This only further Aladdin's anger and he tried to pull himself free from the guards, only to have his arms yanked back and having his back slammed against the palace doors. Pain shot through his back but he all he could concentrate on was the kiss between his love and his enemy. The former sultan gasped at the way Jafar was forcing his lips against his daughter's. It was obvious that Jasmine hated this and it made his heart break. There was nothing that could do. Aladdin was being held back by the guards, not even he could do anything. He wanted to order Razoul to let him go but alas he no longer had that power. He couldn't help but feel sorry for the boy. All he had tried to do was save everyone and get rid of this vile betrayer. He couldn't help but gaze in awe at the genie. Never had he thought that such a creature existed. He wondered where the he had come from and how Jafar had come to obtain him. Finally Jafar pulled back in satisfaction. He grinned in triumph and leaned in close to Jasmine's ear.

'That was wonderful my queen. I do hope that will not be the last.' He whispered, making it seem like she had a choice. Jasmine clenched her hands into fists. His kisses were like fire, burning all throughout her body.

'I am not your queen.' She replied through gritted teeth. She was still a princess for a while longer, a fact that only lifted her mood a little bit. Jafar smiled and kissed her ear, making Jasmine cringed in disgust. However her biggest fear was to come was tomorrow night which made Jasmine's heart beat faster.

'You will be soon enough.' He stated and turned around back to the guards.

'Take Prince Aboo Boo to one of the unoccupied rooms. He can stay there for tonight. I don't want gathering fleas from the rats before my wedding.' He ordered, pointing to the translucent red curtain. Razoul nodded at him and him and Hakim dragged a struggling Aladdin out of the throne room.

'Escort the sultan to another unoccupied room.' Jafar ordered to Fazal and Nahbi. All they could do was nod as the former sultan was released from his strings and walked over to him. They stood behind him and led him out of them throne room. After that was done Jafar zapped his staff at Abu and Carpet, sending them to the dungeon. He couldn't have them trying to help Aladdin. Genie disappeared back in his lamp under Jafar's orders. He was relieved at this, grateful that he wouldn't have to face his anger again. However he was worried about what would happen to the princess. There was just Jasmine and Jafar left. Her face fell at the fact that everyone who she cared about was gone. She gasped as she felt a hand grab her wrist.

'And you my desert bloom, come with me.' Jafar murmured, taking her out of the throne room. Jasmine panicked and tried to pull herself from his grasp but his magic he made him much stronger and he yanked her back towards him. She continued to struggle with him but she couldn't free herself of his harsh grip. Her heart was beating wildly in heart chest. What was he going to do to her? Oh how she wished Aladdin would save her. Jasmine felt her eyes begin to water and fall down her cheek, splashing onto the cold, marble floor. They came to a stop at her bedroom and Jafar let go of her wrist and opened the door. Jafar frowned at her still standing next to him.

'Well, what are you waiting for? Go on.' He said in irritation. To avoid angering him Jasmine walked into the room and turned around, relieved when she found that he was not coming with her.

'You may stay in here until tomorrow Princess.' He informed her. Noticing the wetness of her cheek he reached a hand out and brushed her tears off her cheeks quickly with his thumb. Jasmine flinched at the roughness of his touch but he just brushed it aside.

'There is no need to cry my dear. You will be marrying the powerful man in the world. Far more worthy of a princess than a street rat.' He said, caressing her cheek gently before letting his hand fall back to his side. His eyes narrowed suddenly.

'Speaking of which.' He murmured, pointing his staff at Jasmine's head. Jasmine's eyes widened. Was he going to hurt her? Suddenly she felt a sudden weight on her head. She raised her hands and touched the top of her head and felt something cold and metal. She recognized that it was the crown that Jafar had given her before Aladdin arrived. Not wanting to wear anything that came from him she took it off. Jafar frowned at her behaviour and took the crown from her hands.

'Ah, ah, ah Jasmine. You are to be my queen soon and I expect you to wear this.' he stated, placing the crown back on her head. Jafar smiled. The crown truly suited her. She most definitely was suited for the role of a queen. Jasmine glared at him and folded her arms across her chest. She didn't like the crown. It made her feel like a prize, something she had no desire to be.

'I will never love you.' She spat at him fiercely. Jafar laughed and stepped closer to her. Slipping one arm around her waist he pulled her towards him. Her hands were immediately against his chest, trying to push him away but Jafar's strength overcame hers and he pulled her closer so that they were inches apart.

'Hmm...perhaps...but never forget that time is able to change how we think and feel.' He pointed out. Jasmine scowled at this. That will never happen!

'I will always love Aladdin and I will always despise you, Jafar. You are nothing but a monster.' She said angrily, causing Jafar to chuckle. She hated how he found this so funny. It was all just a game to him. A smirked formed across his lips. He found her fiery spirit highly amusing...and very attractive.

'Regardless of what you wish to believe princess you will still be my wife, my bride, my queen and will remain at my side forever.' He wavered and released her. Jasmine was furious at this and raised her hand, intending on slapping him across the face but Jafar quickly caught her hand and held it firmly. Raising her other hand she lunged for him again but not counting on him zapping her arm with his staff, forcing it down and back at her side. She tried to fight against the magic, her fiery spirit still in her but magic proved much stronger than human strength and she gave up. Jafar stared at her calmly, waiting for her next move. Surprisingly enough she didn't. Possibly because of the magic staff he thought. His smirked widened and he brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. Jasmine clenched her hand into a fist, not liking or wanting his touch.

'Goodnight, my princess.' He said and let go of her hand. Jasmine said nothing as Jafar stepped back and closed the door. Hearing the click of the lock she knew that she wouldn't be going anywhere until morning, where her nightmare began. Before he could retire for the night Jafar informed the guards to keep watch over the room Aladdin was in. After managing to escape death twice Jafar knew he had to pay close attention to him. He chose not to dwell on the street rat any longer and walked towards the former Sultan's chambers, now his chambers. Once he had closed the door he slipped out of his robes so that all he wore was his black silk pants. He picked up his snake staff and sent red aura over the entire room, turning the cream walls red, the bed sheets black, the drapes red, and the pillows red but with black lining the edges. He walked towards the huge bed, climbing into it. Sleep was fast consuming him and he lay his head down on the soft pillow and closed his eyes. In his sleep he dreamed about becoming the sultan, his queen at his side, ruling over Agrabah.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter :)