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It had been fifteen minutes since the Flock had set foot on the boat. In that time, Gazzy and Iggy had wolfed down twenty sandwiches, Fang hadn't talked, and Phoenix hadn't gotten down from the mast. Nudge and Angel were sitting side by side, their backs against the right side of the boat.

"Phoenix? Are you going to come down now?" Kraken called up. "I could use a break."

"Fine." Phoenix jumped off the mast, landed on her feet, and struck a pose.

"Ten points." Kraken smiled and stepped away from the wheel. He stretched out his arms and yawned. "How long until we hit land?"

"About half an hour… Yeah, half an hour… Probably… Maybe… I have absolutely no idea whatsoever… What direction are we supposed to go again?"

Kraken pushed Phoenix away from the wheel. "Just let me drive."

Phoenix grinned and leaned whispered to Gazzy and Iggy. "And that is how you get out of driving a boat." She climbed down the stairs into the cabin, and disappeared from sight.

Max walked over towards Kraken. "I want to know something."

"Why Phoenix is kind of… unstable?" Kraken filled in.

"Yes. Was she always like that?"

Kraken was silent for a bit. "No. Well… So I hear. Roc is the only one who knew her before the whole… 'crazy' thing. Look… Phoe is a great person. She cares for everyone on the island. She's spent almost two years running around and breaking genetic experiments like us out of labs. Just don't get on her bad side. You don't want to see her bad side."

"How come we've never seen her before?" Max asked.

"She's been keeping her distance." Kraken explained, keeping the boat steady. "People have been following you, and she doesn't want to risk getting captured. Every step you take, Jeb is always a step behind. But don't worry, the island is safe, Jeb can't reach you there without us knowing about it."

"If you're lying to us…" Max started to threaten Kraken. "If you threaten my Flock, there will be hell to pay.'

Kraken chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Max asked, her eyes narrowing.

"I used almost the same threat when I met Phoenix for the first time."

"How did you meet? Did she break you out of a lab?"

"Yep." The blue haired boy replied. "Last year. There was a place in the Maldives, a group of islands off the coast of India. Phoenix and Sekhmet pulled me and Hydra out."


"She's another hybrid. She was an experiment in alternates to Erasers. She's part lion, really scary."

"But now they're replacing the Erasers with robots."

"Yeah, that was pretty stupid of them. Robots are so much easier to take down than werewolf wanna bees."

Max smiled in reply. With a small wave she walked away from Kraken and over to Fang. "Did you hear all that?"

Fang nodded. "We need to be on our guard once we hit land."


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