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Chapter 1

Agent William Brandt didn't like it when things didn't go according to plan. Unfortunately, this seemed to be happening all the time.

The mission was ridiculously easy. All they had to do was break into the building, locate two hostages somewhere inside it (a woman and a little girl, the wife and the daughter of a person whose name the team weren't told) and break them out.

The complications had started early on, when the team was on their way.


Brandt was sitting in the back of the van with his eyes closed, enjoying the silence he knew wouldn't last long.

He opened his eyes to look around. Benji was typing on his laptop, biting on a pen absentmindedly. Why did he even need a pen? He wasn't writing anything. Brandt assumed it was there just so that Benji would have something to bite on. He was about to comment on it but the Englishman spoke first.

"Okay, this is a slight wrinkle…" he started, and Ethan tensed in the driver's seat. Last time he had heard this phrase ended with one of the craziest things he had ever had to do.

"I can see where the server room in this building is," Benji went on, looking at the screen. "But I can't break into the system from here. It would take too long. I need to get inside".


Brandt finished off a huge goon and raised his head to see how Jane and Ethan were doing. They had to help Benji break into the server room, keeping the goons busy and distracted. The place was well-guarded, and the agents had a lot of work to do. What was the most worrying, though, was that they hadn't heard from Benji for quite a while…

"Look out!" Jane yelled, but Brandt was only quick enough to turn round. The punch he received sent pain through his entire body. Luckily, Ethan was there to knock the guard out cold, as Brandt leaned on the wall and slid down, hissing in pain and gasping for air. Jane knelt beside him, trying to check on his condition.

"Your rib seems broken," she uttered quickly. Great.

Ethan rushed to the elevator, pressing the call button franticly. Nothing. He ran to the stairs, but the door was blocked. They were trapped on that floor.

"Benji!" he shouted into his mic in pure despair, hoping the tech to answer at last. What was going on?...


Agent Dunn was approaching the server room with his gun in his hands, trying to be as quiet as possible.

"Entering the server room," he muttered and heard Ethan's acknowledgement in his earpiece.

It seemed to be too quiet in the room. Benji felt a bit confused. But he didn't have the time to think about it. He saw dozens of screens around him (obviously the entire building was filled with cameras) and spotted the hostages. On another screen he could see his team dealing with the guards…

A quiet noise behind him made the tech turn just in time to dodge a heavy punch aimed at his head. After a short range of movements the goon was on the ground. Benji couldn't hide the grin on his face. Even Ethan himself would be proud of that. His enthusiasm wiped out when he glanced at the screen again, and his heartbeat fastened. Brandt seemed to be hurt. Shit.

And then he realized one more thing. He saw his team on the screen but couldn't hear them in his earpiece. It looked like the signal was being blocked inside the room.

He was about to run out of the room to contact the team when he saw something on a computer screen, which made him go pale.


Ethan was about to attempt to smash the door when he suddenly heard a familiar voice in his earpiece. Jane and Brandt seemed to hear it, too, as they sighed in slight relief. The signal wasn't very strong; however, Benji's voice was quite audible.

"The hostages are five stories above you, wings A and C, to the left and to the right from you. Rooms 777 and 128. We've got to hurry – they've activated a bomb, the place will blow up in ten minutes".

"The doors are blocked!" Ethan yelled, a bit frustrated at his tech specialist.

"I'm on it!" Benji's reply was followed by a whole range of loud noises. And then it was quiet.

"Benji?" Jane called hesitantly. There was no answer.

"What the hell was that?" Brandt asked weakly, slowly getting to his feet.

"Could be something with the signal," Ethan suggested. He was worried, too, but he just couldn't allow himself to panic, especially under such circumstances.

"Sounded pretty much like gunfire to me," Brandt's voice was now louder with worry and irritation.

They stood like that for a minute or so when they heard the elevator start moving. Apparently, Benji was doing his job.

"Brandt, you take the elevator and get out," Ethan ordered. "Jane and I'll take the stairs".

Brandt hesitated for a while. What about Benji? He had opened those doors, so he could probably get out in time, too… But what if he couldn't? Wincing and hissing in pain, Brandt staggered into the elevator. He was beginning to understand why Ethan had ordered him to leave straight away. He really needed to get out, and he didn't know how long it would take him to get far enough. After giving it a thought, he pressed the needed button.