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Chapter 6

Brandt watched through the window as the doctors were checking on the technician, telling him something and finally removing the oxygen mask from his face. The analyst's head felt like it was about to burst with all the thoughts which flooded it all of a sudden. The contrast between them was actually capable to drive him crazy. He had finally remembered Ethan's arrival at the server room, and those painful minutes until everything had gone black due to the sedative. On the other hand, there was the present, where Benji wasn't dead, where he was awake and where everything was almost definitely going to be fine. He tried to stick to the second group of thoughts. He liked them better. Brandt's head felt both light and heavy at the same time. Quite a weird feeling. He suddenly remembered he had forgotten to sleep in the past few days.

The door opened and the doctors exited the room, letting the agent in.

"Hey Benj," Brandt tried his best to sound as casual as possible. Dunn tried to smile in response but it only resulted in a wince.

"How are you feeling?" William knew it was a stupid question but he couldn't come up with anything else.

"Never better," the tech's voice was hoarse and weak but it was the sarcastic intonation in it that made Brandt smile for the first time in a long while.

"You gave us all quite a scare there, man," the shadows under the analyst's eyes and his quite disoriented behavior was a clear evidence of that, and it didn't go past Benji's eyes.

"I know," he replied quietly. "I'm sorry".

"No," Brandt hurried to interrupt, seeing how his friend's features dropped. "Don't be… don't you even think…"

Seeing William try to say something but fail like that put a grin on Benji's face, this attempt being far more successful than the previous one.

"I just wanted to say," Brandt paused before blurting out the rest of the sentence, "thank you. You saved my life there…"

Benji looked at him incredulously.

"I was going to thank you," he answered. "I couldn't have done it without you".

"Oh, you know," Brandt waved his hand casually. "I'm just the helper, aren't I?"

"No," Benji smiled with the corners of his mouth, his voice being reduced to almost whisper. "If you hadn't been there, I wouldn't have even tried…"

Both of them fell silent, as Benji was already tired of talking so much and William was slightly taken aback by his friend's statement. He tried to imagine him lying there in pain, bleeding and just waiting to die. His own exhaustion somehow made his imagination stronger, and he tried to fight it.

The silence was broken when the door opened once again, and agents Hunt and Carter, who had obviously gotten the call from the doctor, came in. Brandt was barely awake, hardly registering his friends' voices, when Jane put her hand on his shoulder.

"You should get some sleep," she said softly.

"Yeah," the analyst murmured, standing up. He then remembered something else.

"Ethan," he called, and went on when he saw his team leader was looking at him. "Sorry for the… you know…"

Agent Hunt touched the already almost healed bruise around his eye and laughed.

"It's okay, Will. It's okay".