Dragonball Legends

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Chapter 1

All the world ended in a flash, a flash of the world that never truly began. Had the world been created at all? Was all he had seen inevitable? Or was all he had seen a dream he had yet to make dormant in his mind?

He had seen himself try to change the future. It was impossible. Wasn't it? He had already seen his planet blasted into oblivion by a lying psychopathic traitor. He tried to defeat him, but his power was too insignificant. He was weak, far too weak to make a difference.

'I can't change the future.'

It was the purpose of the curse given to him. He had slain a race of those who had seen their horrible end. They waited and they fought with honor, but it made no difference. They died just as they saw in their visions. They could do nothing but fight and die.

'Unless they didn't fight...' It was an unusual thought for a Saiyan warrior, but he was no ordinary Saiyan. He had lived what appeared to be decades watching the worlds live on without him like a specter, unable to affect anything. He wasn't anything, not even a memory to his young son who grew into such a powerful warrior. He watched his entire life. He knew his friends, his family, his greatest accomplishments, and his most powerful enemies. Frieza was only the beginning, but Kakarot would overcome.

Bardock knew that Kakarot didn't need his help to survive. On one hand, it pleased him that his son would become independent and the strongest warrior in the universe. On the other hand, it bothered him that he never got to at least hold his son in his arms or got the chance to have one conversation with the man who avenged the death of his race. It would truly be something to be apart of the legend that was Kakarot's or rather "Son Goku's" life. Perhaps it was selfish of Bardock, but that's what he wanted.

But his fate was to die fighting Frieza. 'But I don't have to confront him, not right now.'

Was running truly the best answer? Bardock hated the idea. It was against everything his Saiyan pride stood for. But perhaps that's where the Kanassans fell. 'If they would have fled their planet, then their lives could have been spared. Their planet would have been taken just the same, but they would be alive.'

The cries of his infant son began to ring into his hear. 'Kakarot.' He had disregarded his son, thought of him as nothing more than a weakling. He was weak and would be for a long while, but that didn't mean he was not destined for greatness. He was different than he once was. One nap ago, he could have cared less for his son's existence. Now he would do anything for him.

'I know how to change the future. I could follow Kakaraot to earth.'

Bardock opened his eyes as he felt the liquids draining from off his face, just as he remembered that it would from all those years ago. There were doctors watching him from outside of the rejuvenation chamber, monitoring his vitals. As soon as the door opened, the eldest doctor asked curiously, "Bardock, what happened?"

It was surreal living his life exactly as he saw it. "Nothing." 'My crew has already headed off to planet Meat without me. Dodoria and his men ambush them there. I'm already too late to stop it.' Bardock clinched his fists as his rage and frustration overtook him.

"Is something wrong, Bardock?"

He shook his head to get the anger out of his mind. His friends were gone, but there was still time to save the rest of his people. He had to act quickly. "Everything's fine."

He rushed to put on his clothes while contemplating on his next move. There was just too much information going on in his mind to think straight. 'If I can find a way to save our people, what would become of the life Kakarot and his friends created on earth?'

Kakarot had a wife, two sons, and a grand daughter. Prince Vegeta settled down on earth with an intelligent earthling woman and had a son and a daughter. There was a chance that changing the future could alter all of that, erase what could have been.

But he remembered Bulma and her brilliant father and how Kakarot and Vegeta pushed their bodies to their breaking point over and over again in the gravity chamber. 'Out of all the earthlings, their contributions would make them the most valuable.'

It would be difficult, but he had a duty to save his people if he could. But he wouldn't completely betray "Goku" and the life he had created.

He began running and through the hospital corridors and was stopped by the cries of his infant son. The resemblance between the two of them were uncanny, but they couldn't be further than one another. "Don't worry, Kakarot. I know what to do this time." He pressed his hand on the glass, wishing that he had the time to hold his son in case he was truly destined to fail.

There was a baby next to him, fussy and beginning to wake up and whimper from Kakarot's constant screaming. 'That's right, Kakarot. You make that little punk pay.' Bardock smirked, knowing how his low level son was bothering the big, bad, legendary Super Sayain. It probably would have been best if Bardock blasted the kid into oblivion, but he wasn't about to kill a Saiyan baby while on the quest to save his race. Besides, many guards would have bombarded him if he did. 'If Broly is there, that means King Vegeta hasn't left the planet yet. I've still got time.'

He hurried off to the palace, a place that he had only seen from a distance. He was only a low level solider. King Vegeta cared nothing about him. Saiyans who came to the palace unannounced usually ended up with a hole in their chest. Bardock didn't fear King Vegeta's powers. He knew that he was stronger than his king. He would have to get over his brash anger if he didn't want the Saiyans to become an endangered species.

There were guards stationed outside of the palace. On a planet full of neanderthals that only cared about fighting, it was quite a grand sight. Beautiful stones, gold, and large glass windows made it one of the greatest sights on the planet. Some Saiyans did care about some grand things in life. He remembered the queen to be quite meticulous.

'She would listen to me.' Bardock was acquainted with the queen long before she was chosen by King Vegeta to produce his heir. They had since then lost touch. After all, why would the queen associate with a low level solider? 'I wouldn't know where to find her.'

"Stop right there!" one of the guards commanded.

Bardock didn't heed the warning and flew straight through the windows and into the great hall where he King Vegeta was. There was a commotion of noise once he entered and he had to dodge at least a dozen blasts as soon as he came inside, but he was faster than the average Saiyan and he was desperate to save his people. "King Vegeta!"

"What is the meaning of this?"

Bardock landed before the throne and took a quick look. There were two guards holding onto the limp body of Paragus. He was nearly dead. 'Then the child is about to be assassinated.'

"Name yourself, soldier!"

"My name is Bardock and I bring you grave news, my king." Bardock wasn't one for proper adequate, but he bowed in the presence of Vegeta. "Frieza plans on destroying planet Vegeta."

"What?" There was a panic that spread throughout the palace. King Vegeta was also panicked, but he wouldn't allow himself to appear weak in front of his men. "And how would you know that?" His guards silenced themselfs once they heard their king speak again.

"I have been to planet Kanassa and one of the inhabitants gave me the ability to see the future so I could see our planet die."

"You expect me to believe such a thing?" Bardock knew how crazy it sounded and he could hear King Vegeta's thoughts. He might have been afraid that Frieza would destroy them, but he knew that he would refuse to believe it.

"No, not really." Bardock knew it was a long shot, but he had to try. "But I do know that Frieza has Prince Vegeta and you plan a rebellion against Frieza in order to save your son."

"And how would you know that?"

"Because I can see the future!" Bardock approached the throne so he could speak quietly enough for the guards not to hear. "I've seen you stand up to Frieza and he kills you. Easily. Then right after, I face Frieza to try and stop him, but he destroys me and the planet in one blast."

It was unfathomable to King Vegeta. He knew Frieza was powerful. He and his people served Frieza in order to keep their lives, but he did not believe he could be killed in such a way. But why would a low level soldier barge into the palace and make such claims if it weren't true? How could a low level acquire such an amazing gift to see the future? "And you've come here to do what?"

"To warn you. We need to evacuate the planet. There's nothing we can do to stop Frieza. Only a Super Saiyan can defeat him and we simply are not powerful enough."

King Vegeta only knew of the Super Saiyan of legend. To obtain that power almost seemed like a dream. "And how would you know that?" Then he of course thought of the child he had just sentenced to death for being born with an unusual power. 'Broly cannot possibly be the only one who can defeat Frieza.'

"Anyone can obtain Super Saiyan with the proper level of training and mental preparation, my king." Bardock didn't mean to read the king's mind. It was just something he hadn't quite gotten the hang of yet.

King Vegeta cocked his eyebrow. 'It's said that the Kanassans could read minds. Is it truly possible that he possesses physic powers?' "What do you know about Super Saiyans?"

"I've seen the transformation with my own eyes. I know how to accomplish it." It might have been a mistake telling King Vegeta how to accomplish Super Saiyan. He was their leader because he led his people in the purge against the Tuffles in order to take the planet. If not careful, the same could become of Goku's home. 'Only the proper leverage will keep the earthlings safe.' "I know who we need to get it done."

"May I speak, King Vegeta?" Her voice cut through the darkness, as if she were singing a song to guide all men to her. She emerged from behind a curtain, revealing the angelic face that belong to a stone cold killer who excelled in her craft. She was the most elegant creature on Planet Vegeta who always wore fine garments and gold. She even wore makeup to enhance her already beautifully crafted face and perfumes to enchant men's noses. It was her priority to look magnificent for the king, but she wasn't only a pretty face. Bardock knew from experience how great of a fighter she was.

King Vegeta reached for her hand and guided her to his side. "Cellena. Of course."

"Leave us," she commanded to her imperial guards. Her authority was not as grand as the king or the prince, but she did have the authority to make her men scatter from the throne room like mice. King Vegeta aimed to please his woman.

"You said your name was Bardock."

Bardock had to stop himself from having an obvious reaction. 'She's pretending like she doesn't know me.' "Yes, my queen."

She stepped down from the throne and began to circle around Bardock, observing every detail about him. He looked much more powerful than she remembered and he was as handsome as ever. "Only a small handful of elite soldiers knew about the attempt to oppose Frieza and rescue my son. If your claims were true, it would explain your knowledge." She stopped in front of him and smirked. "I believe you."

Bardock took a moment to try and block the scent of her from his nose, but it was like a cloud that had entrapped him. It had been years since he had seen her and a very long time since he had even thought about her, but the memories began to over flood his senses. He even recalled stroking that tail wound so tightly around her tiny waist. The fur was so soft on his fingers and she would purr quietly from the touch. Perhaps it was the right choice not to mention that they knew each other, but it was difficult for him not to smirk.

"My queen is very wise, Bardock. Perhaps I shall take your council on this matter."

"Then we have to leave. Now."

"You suggest we leave our planet like cowards?" King Vegeta was appalled. No, it wasn't their original home, but they had fought for that land. It was his planet!

"No!" Bardock was appalled from the notion himself. He had never ran from anything before and he refused to look at it that way. "I suggest we strategically place ourselves in the position to emerge successfully when the time is right. Period."

"Look into his eyes, my king." Cellena looked into Bardock's eyes. She could remember him idiotically charging into battles he wasn't strong enough to survive in. "This Saiyan is no coward."

Bardock had no clue what she was doing or what she might have been up to. 'Maybe telling King Vegeta and Queen Cellena wasn't the best course of action. She always has an agenda.'

"And where do you suggest we 'strategically' run and hide?" she asked with a bit of humor.

Bardock knew the nature of his people. He possessed it himself. Normally, he wouldn't have really cared about all the people they had slaughtered, but he couldn't get Goku out of his mind. Every time he closed his eyes, he could see his smiling face or him always fighting to protect the innocent. At first it was something he didn't understand and he was really quite disgusted with it. But the more he watched his son, the more he admired and respected his strength and courage. He didn't want to dishonor his life by setting a planet full of mercenaries free to reek havoc on the galaxy. "We should scatter and law low. Any purging or massive destruction would draw attention to ourselves and Frieza would just find us. We have to blend in on other planets, but train to get stronger."

King Vegeta slightly glared. That task was nearly impossible, but he wasn't going to disagree. 'He may have a point. Frieza would be able to follow a path of destruction.' "And where will you go, Bardock?"

'I may live to regret this.' "Earth."

"I've never heard of it."

"My son is being sent there today. It's one of the most beautiful planets in the cosmos." 'All the more reason for them to conquer it.' Bardock remembered Goku's friends, most notibly Bulma. She had known him the longest and been by his side through many adventures. She somehow managed to tame Prince Vegeta in a suburban life. Bardock would have called him weak for softening up so, but her brilliance led to him ascending to Super Saiyan 4. He could also recall her behavior while being possessed with the parasite Tuffle, Baby. She was truly Goku's greatest challenge. She might have only been five years old, but it was possible her father could at least make trouble for them if pushed. Earthlings could surprisingly be formidable.

'It's best to keep them as our allies. I just have to find a way to convince King Vegeta of that.' Bardock did his best to think his words through. "The earthlings are weak, but very resourceful. They can help us achieve the power we need."

Queen Cellena smirked. "If I may suggest, my king, we and our elites should also live on earth. If Bardock and the earthlings can produce Super Saiyans, we might as well have an army."

Bardock's eyes bucked for a quick second, but he composed himself. 'Keeping the Earth safe from us will not be an easy task.'

"As I said, Bardock, my queen is very wise." King Vegeta took his wife's hand and kissed it. He did adore her for many things. She was intelligent, beautiful, and proven to be the most powerful woman on the planet. She was truly a woman worth killing for. "I shall follow both of your requests. The Saiyans will scatter in order to survive."

"And what about my son?" she asked her king. "Frieza has him. I want him back."

King Vegeta looked towards Bardock. It was odd that a low level soldier held the keys to his survival, but he was slowly beginning to believe.

"I've seen his future. He does obtain Super Saiyan, but not before Frieza turns his life into a living nightmare."

Both the eyes of the queen and king began to light up in amazement of their young son. Bardock could sympathize with how they felt. He had a great pride of Kakarot, one that no one else would be able to comprehend.

"Is there a way to save him?" Queen Cellena asked and it wasn't in a way a queen would. It was like they were acquaintances again and she desperately needed a favor.

"We'll think of something." Bardock really didn't know all of the details of Prince Vegeta's life. Even if he did, Frieza was bound to make adjustments once he realized that the Saiyans escaped the planet. It would be difficult if not impossible. But he couldn't tell Cellena that, not once he realized how much she cared for her son. "Barging in on Frieza will only get us killed, but Prince Vegeta will travel to many planets. It's possible that we can find him and bring him to Earth."

"Excellent." King Vegeta was satisfied enough. "You may leave. I will issue the order to save our people."

Bardock sighed in relief. He was actually going to save his people instead of having to face Frieza alone because his comrades laughed in his face. There were big problems to deal with later, but at least his people wouldn't be extinct. He could leave the palace with that peace of mind.

"Oh, and Bardock!" The queen's voice stopped Bardock in his tracks. He knew by her devious smirk that she had indeed already plotted something. He knew her much too well. "I look forward to seeing you on earth. I'm sure you'll have many interesting tales of the future."

What more could he do, but bow in respect? "Yes, my queen."

Bardock hurried out of the palace to the only person left on the planet that he knew he had to protect. His friends were already gone, but she didn't have to be.

"Cellena," King Vegeta asked, "what do you know of this Bardock?"

She knew better than to answer that question. "He's a low level soldier. What more is there to know?"

King Vegeta did have the upmost faith in his queen, but he was a naturally jealous man. "He will be one to watch."


Far off from the palace in a home not nearly as grand or great, a woman laid in her bed still recovering from a difficult childbirth and her raging hormones that filled her mind with many resentful questions. There was a shortage of rejuvenation chambers due to the amount of missions the Saiyans were going on, so she was recuperating the old fashioned way. Alone.

She heard a knock at her door and rolled her eyes. Whoever it was, she knew she didn't want to see them. She ignored them for a little while, but the knocking continued and grew louder and she frankly didn't want to replace the door. "I'm going to blast this fool," she muttered to herself.

She got up and walked to her front door and took a peek through the window. His back was turned, but the infamous spikes was difficult to mistake. She grumbled and pressed the button to raise the door open.

He turned around and smiled. It seemed like he hadn't seen her in ages. "Colleen–" His happy reunion was interrupted with her fist plowing into his face and skidding his body across the street and into a tree. He had been through worse pain, but it caught him off guard and that really ticked him off.

"What are you doing here?" she yelled.

He got up and rubbed his still stinging face. She was classified as a second class soldier, but she hit hard as an elite! "I live here! Why wouldn't I be here?"

"No! You haven't been here in months! I haven't even seen you in five days!"

"That's not that long."

"It is when I just gave birth to your son, you moron!"

Bardock had flashbacks or rather memories of the visions he had seen. He kept seeing Goku's mate, Chi-Chi, and she was yelling constantly again and again and again. 'It's genetic...' Bardock was in a bit of aw. Even Goku's female friends were high strung, over emotional, loud, and aggressive. Bulma, Launch, and even Gohan's wife Videl could turn into raging harpies at the drop of a hat. 'I've cursed him.'

"Colleen, just listen!" He ran to grab her, but she pushed him away. "This is important."

"Look, Bardock. I know you love to fight. I'm a Saiyan. I love to fight! But that's all you care about."

"That's not true."

"Yes, I know how much you care about your crew, but they're your comrades. You could care less about me when I'm out of commission for months at a time when I'm carrying your brat!"

"Listen, about Kakarot–"

"They're sending him away." In an instant, she was completely frozen with grief about the loss of her son. She was a bit more sensitive than the average Saiyan. Perhaps Goku didn't get all of his tenderheartedness from the earthlings. Bardock knew that Colleen wanted to keep their child. She had raised and trained Raditz quite well. She anticipated that Kakarot would be very powerful. She must have been devastated once the doctors calculated his power level and began plotting to send him away.

Bardock knew a bit how she felt. No, he couldn't pretend that he would have originally been as broken up about it as she, but he felt it was pointless to even see his son when there was a great chance he would never see him again. Most Saiyan low levels that are sent away had no recollection, bonds, or sense of loyalty towards their families once they returned. They were strangers and particularly aggressive, mostly like due to the computer in their space pods telling them to eradicate all life on the first planet they come to know as home. Even a one-track minded warrior like Bardock found it to be a bit barbaric. "I know, but–"

"Raditz is an elite warrior. I thought you and I were a good thing and then..." Colleen wasn't just upset about losing Kakarot. She was filled with shame. "His power level is only two! I was the laughing-stock of the maternity ward, especially when I had such a difficult time birthing him."

Bardock had begun to hold her in his arms while she was in her state of depression. She was a very pretty warrior and he did enjoy her company for the time they spent together. She was also a very great sparring partner. He thought they would produce strong children and even though Kakarot's power level was pathetic at birth, Bardock had the luxury of knowing that his instincts were correct. Seeing her again made him begin to regret certain steps he had or hadn't taken with her. Not marking her was perhaps the greatest. "Colleen–"

She grew angry again and pushed him off of her. "And must I remind you that you weren't there during the delivery?"

He grunted. "What did you expect me to do, Colly? You wanted me to hold your hand?" Whatever her thinking was, it was going beyond absurd. "You're just over emotional because you're recovering. Just calm down and try to think clearly."

"I am thinking clearly, Bardock! We're not even really mates. There's a reason why you haven't bonded with me." As a Saiyan, she refused to cry over the idiotic behavior of Bardock. She realized that he was right about her being over emotional, but that didn't mean her emotions weren't relevant. "If you're not drifting from planet to planet looking for your next challenge, then you're incredibly unhappy. Not all Saiyans are like that. I'm not like that." She was coming to a revelation she should have had a long time ago. It was best if she simply just left Bardock. They weren't going anywhere and he didn't appreciate that a higher class warrior wanted him. "I bet if I died, you wouldn't even care."

"That's not true."

"Yes it is!"

She was so convinced. Bardock didn't know if it would have been true prior to seeing visions of Kakarot's life. He wasn't romantic, sympathetic, and he was always looking for the next fight. His very last vision came to mind. Goku had left with the Eternal Dragon, Shenron, leaving behind his family and friends in order to have a more interesting adventure or greater battles. It was the cruelest thing by far that the kind and caring boy had ever done. Not even Prince Vegeta would have done something so selfish. No one taught Goku that. Each battle created another level of love for fighting until it became is greatest priority, overwhelming the immense love he shared for the people in his life. He got that from somewhere.

Bardock grabbed Colleen's arms tightly, refusing to let her interrupt him again. "If I didn't care if you lived or died, I wouldn't be here right now."

A terrible sense of dread overcame her, but she didn't understand why. "What do you mean?"

"Frieza is going to decide that we're becoming too powerful and he's going to explode the planet. If we don't leave now, then we will all die."

Colleen thought of all of her allies and friends. She didn't even know where her son was. For the whole planet to die...it was too much to think about! "How do you know this?"

"I don't have time to explain. I don't even know if you'd believe me, but I'm trying to save you."

Alarms began to sound and imperial guards began flood the skies and drop into the streets. She had never seen anything like it. "What's going on?"

"We're all going to be asked to evacuate. I don't know where King Vegeta will send everyone, but I'm going to Earth. I want you to come with me. We'll be safe there. We can raise Kakarot. Together."

"You're different." When Colleen looked into Bardock's eyes, she couldn't quite explain what she saw. The focused and selfish eyes of a warrior was gone. She was amazed with him and for some unknown reason, she believed every word that came from his mouth. "How are you so different?"

"Lets just say that I'm much wiser now and I know how to make things right."

'I'll follow you this time, Bardock, but this is your last chance.' "Do I have time to grab anything?" She was in a short, brown dress comfortable for her to lay around her house in. If she was in such danger, she would need armor.

"No. We have to hurry." Since Bardock had her agreement, he didn't have anymore time to waste. He grabbed her arm and took off into the sky, dragging her along for the first few seconds until she began to follow.

"What about Radizt?"

Bardock recalled his son and the terrible blast entering through his chest and exiting through Goku, killing the both of them. His sons fought to the death. That was something he knew their mother didn't want to hear. "Well get him to earth safely somehow. Don't worry."

They both flew together as fast as they could to the closest pod station. There were already many Saiyans flocking towards the station and already many ships launching. 'There might not be enough pods for everyone.' "We've got to hurry!"

They landed outside of the launching bay and joined the angry and crowded line of Saiyans waiting to be assigned a pod and a planet. Bardock was almost a bit startled when he noticed Colleen's hand intertwining with his. He had never really shown her any public affection, but he didn't protest. He didn't want them separated.

"And who are you?" A Saiyan warrior dressed in imperial armor approached them with a small device in his hand.

"I'm Bardock, a third class soldier."

"Bardock?" he laughed to himself, thinking that he wouldn't be allowed a pod. He knew of his reputation. He searched through the database looking for his name and he was stunned once he found it. "Pod 2-2-7 is reserved for you. Your destination is Earth."

"And what about me?" Colleen asked. "I'm Colleen. I'm a second class warrior."

"It appears that you are to be sent to planet Tak."

"No!" Bardock grabbed the Saiyan's shoulder before he completely walked away. "She's coming with me!"

Colleen was surprised and impressed with Bardock. 'He really is different somehow.' "There has to be some kind of mistake."

"No mistake," came the voice lustrous voice of the queen. All of the Saiyans stopped their panic to bow before her, but Bardock's bow was more out of necessity rather than respect. "Earth is reserved for elites. Bardock is the only exception."

"You have to make an exception for her!"

"And who is she?" The queen gave Colleen quick once over. "A friend?" she asked disgusted.

Bardock didn't quite know what to say. "She's my–"

"I'm the mother of his children," Colleen interrupted.

Queen Cellena smirked amused. "What a clever way of saying that she isn't your mate." She looked at the two of them and could visibly see how uncomfortable they were with each other, despite the woman clenching onto Bardock's hand like some sort of coward. "I sense no bond between the two of you. Why does it matter if you're separated or not?"

"Cellena." Bardock took a step closer towards Cellena, a step that was entirely too close for two strangers. "I'm asking you to make an exception for me. Do me this one favor."

Cellena remembered that look he gave quite fondly. "Fine. I suppose I am indebted to Planet Vegeta's savior. Your woman may accompany us to earth." She smiled at Colleen, but it wasn't genuine. "Follow me."

Bardock and Colleen followed their queen inside of the launch station. It was quite chaotic inside the launching bay. Bardock kept looking around at his brethren. Some he knew, others he didn't. It wasn't very comforting to know that he was going to be surrounded by elites. It wasn't going to make his job any easier living with a bunch of Saiyans who thought they were better and stronger than him. Even if he beat them down, they still wouldn't respect him. Prince Vegeta taught him that.

"And how do we know that Frieza won't track our coordinates?"

"Do you think we're all fools?" Cellena was offended. "We're erasing all of our data after the launch."

"Then how will Raditz find us?" Colleen asked in Bardock's ear.

He didn't really have the answer for her. He didn't know all where Raditz traveled and if Raditz didn't have a way to know that his family went to Earth, there was certainly no reason for him to go there. "And where is Frieza?"

"Far, from what we can tell. If he changes his mind and actually does come to blow us all into oblivion, we'll all be long gone. All tracking, communication, and so on has been disabled from Frieza's technology. Only the King will have the knowledge of where our people is sent. The only Saiyans in danger are the ones off world already, since Frieza has that information at hand. Otherwise, we'll be completely off the grid." Cellena turned around with quite the smile on her face.

"I'm impressed," Bardock admitted.

"Well, there's a reason why I'm queen." She stopped in front of an elite Saiyan who was about to climb into his pod and yanked him out of it. "You are now reassigned to planet Tak."

"Yes, my queen." The soldier saluted his queen quickly and then rushed off to find his new ship.

Colleen sighed in relief, having a pod for herself. She was of course sad at the thought of losing her planet, but it pleased her to know that she and Bardock would soon be together with their son. "Thank you, Queen Cellena." She bowed before her to display her gratitude.

"You're welcome, peasant."

Bardock slightly glared. 'What is she doing?' Bardock recognized Cellena's jealousy and refused to stand for it. To prove that Colleen was indeed his woman, he grabbed her and he kissed her reverently so all those watching would know. He needed her to know as well. "I'll see you on Earth."

She smiled feeling good about the two of them for the first time in a long time. "Be safe, Bardock." Colleen entered her spaceship and watched Bardock until the hatch closed. He almost seemed kind. It was strange, but she was eggar to get to know the new mysterious version of the man she wanted to bond with. 'I wonder what could have influenced you so greatly?' The ship began to gas her and she quickly fell asleep with a pleasant look on her face.

"So that's your woman?" Cellena pursed her lips together completely unimpressed with her bare feet and short night gown. "She seems a bit cheap."

"We can't all live in the palace," Bardock remarked sarcastically.

"I've fought very hard for everything I have." She crossed her arms. She was a bit offended. "You know that better than anyone, Bardock."

Bardock continued to follow Cellena, though he could sense associating with her was going to be troublesome. He didn't need a vision to know that much! "Oh, so we're not pretending that we don't know each other?"

"Only in the presence of my mate. And can you really blame me, Bardock? If he knew about our previous relationship, he wouldn't have listened to a single word you said." She smirked and waved her finger in his face. "Plus, you'd be dead."

They stopped at the launching site of Bardock's registered pod. He did appreciate Cellena's contributions to helping him save the planet, but he couldn't trust her. He wasn't nearly that stupid. "You weren't trying to separate me and my woman on purpose were you?"

If Cellena wasn't so amused, she would have blasted Bardock into the next dimension. "You always thought too highly of yourself." She really did find it funny. "How was I supposed to know you were with anyone? Today was the first I heard of you having any children and I certainly didn't know who the mother was." She was aware that she must have appeared jealous, but she enjoyed being the queen and she most certainly enjoyed her mate. Wanting Bardock again was laughable!

Though he was quite the curious case. "I'm surprised you haven't bonded. Most Saiyans do. Fear of commitment?"

He glared once again and put a hint of a threat in his voice. "It's none of your business, your highness."

She smirked. "Fair enough." It was most unwise to associate with Bardock, but fate had brought them together again. She very well couldn't refuse the council of a fortune teller. 'He'll come in handy.'

Bardock took a look inside her mind to be safe. No, she wasn't plotting on cheating on King Vegeta, to his surprise. She didn't mean to be jealous. It was all pure instinct. Bardock didn't now if that made things better or worse. "We're not gonna have any problems, are we?"

"You're the one who can see the future. You tell me." Bardock knew she wasn't purposely flirting, but they never really did need to try. She oozed sexiness from her pores and Bardock always intrigued her for some reason. "See you soon."

She didn't have time to stay and watch Bardock board his ship, though Bardock did watch her long enough to see her tail unwind from her waist and sway back and forth a little bit. It was like they were teenagers all over again and that was not a good thing.

'But I'm with Colleen and I'm going to make it work.' Despite screwing up his relationship with her before, he knew things were different. If his son who was too dense to know what marriage was could make a happy home on earth, then Bardock was going to chose to believe that there could be a chance at a new life with the mother of his children.

The gas came on in his pod and his eyes began to become heavy. He did want to stay awake and see that his people made it off world safely, but sometimes it was good to rest and rely on hope. 'Hope, huh?' He had never relied on such a thing before. Perhaps it was another thing that Goku had taught him. When the chips were down, you just had to believe that everything would work out fine. That was actually the first lesson he learned from his infant son. He believed without any shadow of a doubt that his son would succeed where he failed.

'I won't cheat you out of your destiny, son.' Bardock knew what he would have to do to obtain Super Saiyan and he would reach the levels of untold strength, but his son was going to be the one to amaze everyone with his natural ability to rise to every challenge put before him.

'My son.'

Bardock began to open his heavy eyes. He barely felt the impact of his landing, he was so drowsy. Only the vision of the starry night sky motivated him to rise. "Welcome, Bardock."

He blinked a couple of times and slapped his face. He had waited for over fifty years to hold his son in his arms. His only thought and only focus had been his son. He could hardly think of anything else now that he had his life back.

The ship opened up and Bardock took off into the sky. To finally smell the clean mountain air of Earth was almost like a dream, but it felt too real. The lively and colorful trees and the sparkling oceans made Planet Vegeta look like a joke. It was no wonder why Earth was on the market for future sale.

He recalled one of his earliest visions. Kakarot landed near a bamboo forest in an abandoned montanus area. Bardock knew the layout of the land so well that it was eery. He didn't even need to look. He was led there to that crater where little baby Kakarot was bursting his lungs.

"I've found you, kid." He opened his son's hatch and stared at him for a while. It was still weird how strikingly similar they were. "You've got a handsome face there, kid." He smiled, but felt awkward. He didn't know why. He was only talking to an infant.

Kakarot's ship had an automated message continuously playing. "Wake up, Kakarot. Destroy." Bardock turned it off quickly. He remembered how wild and uncooperative he was for Gohan at first. Despite Colleen's desire to keep him, Bardock was sure she would kill him if he was too rebellious.

"I think your mom is gonna like you, kid." Bardock started to reach out for him, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. 'What if this was a mistake?'

Kakarot immediately ceased crying. For the first time since his birth, there was someone ready and willing to be there for him. His infant mind couldn't grasp that truth, but he was a baby and like most babies, he wanted to be held and reached out his arms for his father.

"Do you remember me, kid?" Bardock was incredibly nervous all the sudden. "I remember you." Was he star struck in a way? He was meeting the most powerful being in the universe. Was it that or did he really fear commitment and what it would mean to be this boy's father?

"This is stupid!" Bardock was a commander of a low level team that generally took suicide missions. He couldn't fear picking up a baby! He grabbed him and waited for something. Bardock didn't know what. It was like he was waiting for his little boy to just grow up instantly and have a good spar or at least a conversation. It was extremely odd. It was like the boy got to live his whole life over again and he didn't even know it.

Bardock finally swallowed his pride and held his son into his chest. He never held Radizt before. The two of them were practically like strangers. He didn't honestly know what to do with Kakarot, but he was going to try.

Kakarot laughed deviously and pulled on his father's nose.

"Ouch!" Bardock glared and pulled his hand away. Kakarot laughed harder. "I guess you are stronger than everyone thinks, because that hurt!"

He raised the child up into the air and listened to the sound of his giggles. Though he had watched his son's life from afar, he still felt like he had missed out on it. "You're my son now, Kakarot."

The wild Saiyan child who fell and hit his head and grew up to be the strongest warrior who would never hurt a fly without trying to convince it to change from it's evil ways would no longer be. Goku was only a memory belonging to Bardock and he would cherish him well.

"Don't worry, my son." He held him into his chest. "I'll train you to become as strong as you should be. I'll even help you protect this world from your enemies, whether it be Frieza or your fellow Saiyans. I just have to be extremely careful and smart about it." Bardock sighed. "King Vegeta I think I can handle, but I'm not so sure how to outsmart Cellena."

It would be difficult, but Bardock felt he owed it to Goku. "I'll honor you, son. I promise."

Bardock was holding the child destined for great power. But he was sent to conqueror Earth and fate made him it's savior. Now with Bardock toying with destiny, his future was unclear. Conqueror or savior?

Only time would tell.

To be continued...