Shirou is son of Emiya Kiritsugu...But after his death Shirou is a disciple of Hongou Akira, the Karate MAster of Yami and titled God Hand. This is his new adventure.


Son of Magus…Disciple of God Hand.

Fuyuki City.

The child wandered aimlessly through the wreckage and ruins. Around him, everything had engulfed by the flames. Distantly, he heard the moans and screams of several people trapped beneath the rubbles and burned alive. No one survived. Still… he couldn't really bring himself to care about it. In fact, he couldn't bring himself to care about anything right now…

The child looked down, eyeing the bleeding gash on his left side. Why care? He was going to die soon enough…

Suddenly, his legs gave out from under him. He fell to the ground and into a black liquid pool. The boy felt the cold sensation surrounding his body, but suddenly he felt something in it, something alive inside it and it was calling him.

Summoning his strength, he lift his head and stared into the deep darkness. He cannot see anything but he can feel something inside the darkness looking at him. Forcing his mouth open, his asked to the deep darkness.

"Who are you?"


"I am…Sh…Shirou."


"Do you have a name?"



"A Kuremisago…An offspring of that tribe…"

"Kure…misa..go? Why those that sound so familiar?"

"…Host? Take take take!"

"What are you saying?"

"Take! Take! Take! Take! Take! Take! Take! Take! Take!"

The boy felt the liquid moving around his weakened body, but he didn't care. If it wasn't for it, he sure that he would burned to death by now. Suddenly, he felt piercing sensation as the dark liquid entering his body.

He was in pain!

So much pain!

"It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!"

"Host in pain? Wish! A wish in exchange for your suffering! Wish! Wish! Wish! Wish! Wish! Wish! Wish! Wish! Wish! Wish! Wish! Wish! Wish!"

A wish? I don't understand anything else anymore. My body was being torn and pierced by the black liquids and my minds are distorted and completely….

Empty…There is nothing inside.

Why? Who? What? When? Where? How?

I don't know…All I know is…Shrou…Is that my name? I think so…Didn't I answered it with that name?

Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago Kuremisago

Kuremisago? What is that? The liquid said that too…What did he say exacty? I don't know…But I want…I want the pain to stop…So painful…My body…It hurts…


"Host speak….Wish…What is your wish?"


I don't know anything…


I don't have anything…


Perhaps I am nothing…


However…even if I meant nothing to no one and is nothing…I


I want to know what and who I am…I want to know why this happened, I want to know where I am, I what to know when is this, and how I got myself into this mess…The fire, the death, the pain…Oh the miserable pain…

Therefore there is only one wish to ask for…

And that wish is…


"…Host live? Host will…LIVE!"

I felt the coursing darkness flow into my very being and I saw it…a shapeless darkness touching me…My mind felt empty, but…something is there…Something is there…it is telling me that…I'll LIVE!



Thud…Thud…Thud …Thud …Thud …Thud …Thud …Thud.

Huh? That sound…

It was…a sound of heavy boots, making contact with the ground. Someone was approaching? Here in the fire?

Thud…Thud…Thud …Thud …Thud …Thud …Thud …Thud.

The child opened his eyes, feeling a passing surprise at seeing that there was someone standing by his side. A man. His face seemed… happy?

But why, the child wondered. Why be happy when no one had survived? There was death everywhere. No one survived… except for him…

The man noticed the liquid and his face turned grim. He quickly pull the boy out of the dark liquid and placed him on the dry ground.

He pulled out a golden…Something. The boy tried to focus, but his eyes still blurry.

Suddenly golden glow cover the boy's vision and he felt the warm sensation filling him… he felt…safe.

Everyone had died… except for him. He had been saved.


Everything fade to black.

The man bent down and picked the child up in his arms. He did not struggle for he was unconscious.

2 Days later.

The child woke up, his eyes staring emotionlessly at an unfamiliar ceiling. He was still numb from before, but it appeared his injuries had been healed. He climbed gingerly out of the bed that he had been placed in, intending to know where he was

He felt nothing…Why wasn't he feeling anything? Should he smile because he lived? Or should he cry because so many people died? Perhaps he should be angry that fire occurred? Why?...Why didn't he feel anything.

"Why was he survived? Was it luck? Chance? Purpose?"

The boy looked at his hands…He don't remember much. There was no faces in his mind. Who was he before the fire? Where are his parents? Were they dead? Alive? Most likely burnt away into ashes…Huh, funny he didn't feel anything again.

"'Shirou'…That was what I told the liquid…Why? Is that my name? What is the character for it? In his mind it was in character of 'Department' and 'Professional.' Huh…That is his name? It was in detail so it must have been…But it feels…uninteresting.

How boring…Name should hold meaning…Whatever it meant for me in the pass seems uninteresting and pointless.

Why he cares for being interesting he don't know…But it feels so empty. It felt so hollow that he want fill it up with something…Anything.

Starting off with a name seems appropriate.

Shirou…How about rewrite it as 'Haku'…Call myself Shirou and write it as white. Yes this is better…He was nothing, he was pure and empty.

"I have no past, no family, no friend, I have nothing…I am a blank sheet so I am White"

It was then that the door open and The one who enter is the man who had saved him. He eyed the child for a second, and then smiled.

"I'm glad you're awake. Come, let's go take a walk."

They did. There wasn't a lot to see in the hospital, but the walk helped clear their minds. Then, suddenly, the man stopped and turned to face the child.

"What would you prefer going to an orphanage or to have a stranger as your guardian?"

"…Will going with you make everything better?"

"…I don't know." The man said before continuing

"…But I bet it is going to be interesting."


The decision was made.

Three years later…

The boy has grown health and well over the three years. He was like any other boys full of energy…Too much energy.

"Hey dad."


"How useful is this magic stuff anyway."

The boy was now on top of the roof while his father was on the yard.

"What do you mean?"

"Well…Since you found out I have been practicing it wrong and decided to actually train me correctly after begging for days and months all you taught me was projection and reinforcement."

It was true. At first Kiritsugu refused to train Shirou in magic, but for some Shirou subconsciously emit prana. At first Kiritsugu didn't understand, but he understood that the boy has natural magic circuit in his body that are powerful and completely active. He has total of 30 circuits and they are producing a lot of amount of prana.

The boy doesn't know it, but he is releasing small amount by instinct to sense things around him. He think of this as his sense of hearing and smell are heighten to know when someone is approaching him. No one can sneak upon the boy easily. He natural uses these excessive prana to unknowingly reinforce his body. Whenever he played with other kids, he is most physically fit and energized. He can out run any kids and sometimes older ones as well.

Kiritsugu decided that if the boy has such raw power, he must Learn how to control them.

He first taught him the basic among basic the Reinforcement and Gradation Air or also known as projection.

At first Kiritsugu found out that Shirou had no talent in regarding the five element or traditional Thaumaturgical skills. However he shown great skill in reinforcement. Normally reinforcing oneself is a high level skill, but for strange reason Shirou has a sharp sense or instinct on what amount is necessary for his body at his current age and structure.

This shown that the boy has talent for analysis.

However, Shirou has no talent to be a tradition magus, but shown insane amount of talent in being a magus killer. He was natural in anything that was tuned for battle or practicality. It was like that boy was born for battle.

In his spare time he asked the nice Yakuza girl Fujimura Taiga to train Shirou in Kendo. The cheerful girl agreed to do so and she was in for a surprise when after few falls and hits later Shirou managed to imitate her attacks and actually fought back with his newly acquired skills.

The boy's golden eyes…They were sharp and intimidating. It was like he can see each and every blow. The way he slide, the way he side steps and approach her guard bit by bit…It seems it was natural to him. He was not fighting her with skill, only with pure instinct. He sees her strikes and understands its purpose after seeing it few more times. HE imitates it and after two tries he gets it.

When he fight, he become entirely different people than he was before.

He seems to find his peace in fight, or perhaps his purpose. He was born for battle and stand in the battlefield.





Weapon…extension of my limbs…Flow like a river…Don't stop moving.


See the flow of her movements.




Slash! Parry!


Block! Block!

Ignore everything else…Only focus on…


The boy used his wooden sword as a shield to slide against the Tiger of Fuyuki's thrust and spun around her.

His hand naturally got into a sword hand and stopped right at the back of her neck.


"I surrender…"

The young tiger was upset, but at same time impressed.

From what Kiritsugu gathered, the boy is natural in physical things like running, jumping, climbing and swimming. He went through the trouble to teach him basic karate, Judo, Akido, kendo, even archery. HE was like a sponge that absorbed the knowledge like no other. He was born for martial arts. However while his development in physical stuff was amazing, his magic study was more rough.

He has no talent in any branch besides Reinforcement and Projection. HIS Structural Grasp Magecraft was good too, but anything else besides those Shirou will make a fine mess of explosions and destruction.

No refinement…

No patients for more understanding…

It was like he was more interested in magic that will improve his fighting ability. So while the magic lesson were hitting a brick wall the boy didn't gave up.

If there was any kind of bright side. Shirou enjoyed making stuff out of prana…Sharp stuff out of prana. Kiritsugu noticed something odd whenever Shirou did projection, but when he realized what was really happening, he was surprised.

To think the boy can make an object's structure with such accuracy, but to also have its history recorded in it…But so far he only managed to make sharp pointy things like knives and swords he saw from Fujimura Raiga's home.

This boy really loves sharp pointy things, borderline to obsession. Perhaps his whole life will full with it.

Beside training in magecraft and Martial arts he is a fantastic cook too. Since Kiritsugu himself is no home maker young Shirou took care of the house and As more as he cooks his skill in the culinary art vastly improved as well.

If he ever give up martial arts and magic, he can open his own restaurant, with his cooking skill that rival five stars chef, no doubt he will succeed

But let's get back to the conversation.

"Well…It all depends on you really. Why do you ask."

"I was wondering what to do with all these skills I got now. You only taught me magic because I was naturally using them and it was dangerous to do so, but now I don't know why I am still practicing."

"Do you want to stop? You could if you want. I only taught it to you because you couldn't control your power, but now you can turn them off at will."

"Hmm…But that doesn't seem interesting. Hey dad!"


"What do you think? You used your skill to save me, so do you think I should save people too?"

There was silence for a moment, but then…

"You talked about saving people."


Kiritsugu smiled.

"When I was a kid, I admired the Heroes of Justice."

Shirou turned to look down at him from the roof, a tad confused.

"What do you mean, 'admired'? Did you give up?"

Kiritsugu looked out into the distance.

"Yes, unfortunately. To be a hero of justice it means to save everyone in danger, but to do that…Sacrifice is needed. Like I told you to use magic is to walk alongside the path of death. For every life saves another has to die. To save 10 then one must die. To save 100, then 10 must die…After a while it was an endless cycle of pain and death."

Shirou looked seriously at his father. His father was a straight forward guy. He told him of his life before adopting him and honestly he found some of his old man's journal and read some few stories…To be a super hero is crazy as it was dark.

"So…Being a hero that saves everyone is difficult huh…"

"Yeah…Yes it is." Said his father in a sad voice.

"So…How will you feel if I say I want to finish that dream of yours?"

"…As a man I will be happy that there someone willing to fulfill my goal, but…As a father and as a person I don't want my son to go through a path that I already seen as hell. I want you to something else."

"Then what do you think I should do?"

"Well, it is your power so ultimately it is up to you…However(Flash of image of his wife and his little Illya)…Use it for those who becomes precious or important to you."


Kiritsugu motioned his son to come down from the roof and Shirou reinforced his legs and jumped down.

Flawless move.

Kirtisugu looked into Shirou's golden eyes.

"Let me tell you Shirou, there is nothing more miserable for a man to unable to save his precious people. If you have power they should first be used to insure your family and love ones are safe. After all if you can't even protect few individuals…How can you save many?"

He looked up into the sky.

"You are gifted with strong body…Stronger than most and talent for your age. Now you may have no reason to stand up, but one day…Just one day you might find a cause or person that you might be willing to give your all to.(Flash if Illya and Iris smiling) When that happens, don't be a fool and protect them. That is best I can say for you."

Shirou thought over what he heard.

Ever since that event he was a blank sheet, but now he is a sheet with words on it, but even with all these ideas in him he has no purpose…Perhaps he should get stronger…and seek out the meaning of his life and the purpose that suits him.

"Ok dad…I am not sure with anything yet, but I can promise you this. I will be strong and one day find a reason and purpose to use my strength. I promise you whatever I end up doing, it will be interesting."

Kiritsugu rubbed his son's red hair.

"Well, I am sure that no fathers out there has such son who is so young and yet so sure of his path in life. You make me proud."

Kiritsugu put his hand on the small, but solid shoulder on his son's back.

"That's right… as long as you don't take the path I took and end up as me… as long as you take another path and embraces it…I have no reason to feel regret."

But he was worried…No parent will be happy to leave their child alone. He doesn't have much time left in this world. He needs something to insure Shirou's future and safety.

Shirou is a naturally strong and talented kid. His magecraft is little rough, but he has talent in anything physical that he can use that talent for all kind of stuff. Good or bad…With him being adopted by him and being who he is after that event, Kiritsugu doubt that his son will live a calm peaceful life…The boy seeks out interesting things and to him martial art and magic are too interesting.

At this rate…He will enter the world of magic…and martial art in full blast.

That can't be good.

"Who can help Shirou…More than I could…Someone who can watch over him and make sure he is raised to be a person that is considered as…good to a degree."

Then he remembered a man he met many times in his days as a magus killer. The man was powerful and dangerous, but he was honorable and fair. He was part of that organization…But if it is him…Shirou's talent can be Sharped there.

Local training place was useless…He needs a good master to bring out all his latent talent in martial art.

What better place than the organization that been old as the Mage Association, but focused on martial arts all over the world.

The darkness…

The world of Satsujinken ,the Fist of Killing.

Dark world…A world of death…A realistic world.

A world no different from magic, but in a sick twisted way…A world Shirou will no doubt fit better than in magic.

At least in there he will not be experimented like animals…He is just going to face a lot guys that has no problem dueling to death. Perfectly normal for the Magus Killer.

The place of darkness.

The Yami.

That name bring out few crazy ass memories.

Those in the Association view them as barbarians, but those martial art guys view Clock Tower and all other magus groups as old fools that grasp straws. In a way they are right. Magecraft gets weaker as the time passes, but martial arts…They maintain their arts for over thousands of years and continue to improve and develop from it.

After all…It is easier to pass down the art when anyone can use it in the open.

Yami and Association ignores each other and tries to not get in each other's way, but he has met a few, fought a few, and learned of few that can be trusted…In a way.

He better call his old contractor…He need to meet that man after all.

The martial art master that was named a God Hand…

One of the world most powerful Karate master….

Hongou Akira.

Few days later at the Ryuudouji.

A man in a tight fitting jacket stood in front of shrine. He had long hairs that reached below his neck and on his face were a triangular sunglasses and a scar down on the right side of his face.

This man is one of the Nine Fists on Shadow. The Karate master of Yami and the holder of the Seal of Sky and title of God Hand, he is Hongou Akira.

He was standing in front of the top of the staircase in a shrine in Fuyuki city under a request by a man he met few times. Emiya Kiritsugu.

Honestly, he doesn't know why he even bothered to show up. While he met the mercenary magus many time as ally and enemy they weren't exactly a friend. Hell, by all means they are enemies.

"I am thankful that you decided to show up God Hand."

The said God Hand didn't even turned around to greet the man.

"Why have you ask me to come here? You even went far as to use your hidden informant that we didn't even realized belonged to you."

That caused a small uproar. To think one of them were a sleeper agent for this man…It was breach in security, but after interrogation it was reviewed this was first time Emiya has contacted him in 5 years.

"I have a request for you, Hongou Akira."

The Karate master turned around and saw the man property. The Magus Killer was in his dark suit and coat. He didn't bother to shave and his mouth was smoking the caner stick as if it was normal meeting between old friend, not a powerful martial artist who can tear him into piece with skill alone.

Hongou observed the man.

In an instant, he analyzed him.

His posture.

His heartbeat.

The man's outer ki.

His expression.

And finally listened to his own instinct.

The man was dying…At least few weeks perhaps days left in him.

"…What happened to you?"

"The Grail war 3 years ago."

Ah…That event. The Yami knows of these rituals that these silly magus do, but never cared to interfere with them. It had nothing to do with development of Satsujinken after all. While able to face these summoned heroes is a blood chilling and exciting, they didn't want to go and interfere in a ritual that the magic side put that much attention to…They don't want an open war…Yet.

"As you can tell, I am dying…I need someone that can take care of my son Shirou for me."

The great God Hand's expression didn't even twitched at the information.

"…You have a son?"


"I see…So why should I take him?"

This was strange indeed. Magus wants to kidnap master class fighter to experiment on them. Master classes sometime wish to drag the magus to use them for a test subject in fighting scenario. They don't like each other very well and doesn't really care for the wellbeing of each other. It took many years of conflict to settle down into this cease-fire between the two worlds.

Magus can't take any strong master class because they are simply too strong and Yami can't just attack the association because their little magic protections.

It helps that the Church is willing to negotiate with Yami to help them and Yami helps them by training their Executors in martial arts. Church in return helps Yami with…dark stuff that needs to be kept a secret.

However for a magus that been enemy and ally to Association and Yami in the past. Someone who clearly in the bad light with both sides to ask him to take care of his son…It was unthinkable. While would he hand his son who is most likely a magus to the martial art side?

"The boy demonstrated unbelievable skill in martial art and magic that are related to combat. He is natural with weapons with sharp end and he is very strong…Even for magus standard."

"In our standard magus's peak of physical condition is worse than street thugs."

"True, however God Hand…Do you think I will ask you to care for my son if he had mediocre skills? I know about the rule of Yami, it is where strong lives and weak dies. That boy is strong…I assure you that."

God Hand knows that the Magus Killer was not lying…It was his intuition as a warrior. This is no assassin…Just a father in his deathbed that wishes for his son's future.

A twisted form of love in a way, but for a broken man like Kirisugu…This is not a bad way too leave his son behind.

Hongou is a rare man after all. If there is anyone that can train Shirou to live and be strong in the real world it will be Hongou…Even if he must push his son into the tiger's den.

"Why Yami…Why there? This is not the best place for a parents to send their kids."

"Because…Nowhere else can unlock his potential and you Hongou Akira is a man of honor…My son is a distorted boy…But he is a blank sheet with no true purpose or goal…If there is anything I can do, I didn't want him to be a magus, but he is too gifted…It was perhaps fate. I thought…Where can I find a man that can raise my son to be a man and I thought of you…You owe me for what happened in London after all.

Ah…That incident…Damn Sakaki for being impatient.

"I could have dealt with them myself."

"And yet I saved you and your big friend in our last encounter…So I am pulling favors. Hongou." Said Kirisugu as he pulled out the cancer stick from his mouth and stomp it. The Magus Killer turned to face Hongou face to face and he seems more tired than usual.

Kiritsugu bow to him.

"I am a broken man who is about to join the dead…Please let me die knowing a man like you is willing to watch over my son."

"…I will not promise to make him my apprentice…I already have one. But I can look out for him."

Kiritsugu smiled with a knowing look.

"Trust me…When you see him you will want to train him, because martial art is so natural to him…Even more than magecraft."

Kiritsugu turned around.

"I left all kind of journals for my son and he is taught enough to learn by himself for now…it is not like he can learn traditional magecraft anyway…"

He turned to face Hongou.

"…He is the last precious thing in this world that I have…Please help him…He has a making of a hero."

What a thing to say.

"And you know this because?"

"I saw one in life…Seven of them in fact."

With that Kiritsugu left the Ryuudouji.

God Hand Hongou Akira looked at the back of the retreating man. It seems lonely but…it looks as if the man dropped a great weight off his shoulder. For a dying man…For a strange man who want to save people from the past…God Hand, Hongou Akira can hold the weight for him.

"Son of magus killer…Emiya…Shirou is it…I'll measure your worth."

The one of the two greatest Karate master turned around.

"If you measure up perhaps I shall teach you alongside Sho, However…I can't help to think Sakaki would have been the better choice for you."

The God Hand too vanished from the temple staircase.

Few days later…Magus Killer Emiya Kiritsugu passed away with a comfortable smile on his face. That day Emiya Shirou cried for the first time in 3 years in silence…Away from view of people.

After that funeral was arranged.

Few people came…

Fujimura Raiga and his granddaughter came to pay their respect.

Shirou's friend from school Matou Shinji and his sister came by…It was nice of them.

Few neighbors, but none important.

Shirou sat alone in the shrine as he mourn, but his resolve never faltered.

He promised to be strong at least didn't he.

After the funeral young Emiya was in room in his house that was turned into a small shrine for his father. He was sitting down in front of the shrine in deep thought.

Suddenly he felt a presence in the room!

The presence was silent, but the young magus can feel the unknown depth in the presence. It was deep and powerful.

…It was also deadly!

He turned around to see a tall man in a trench coat and triangular lens sunglass on his face. The man looked intimidating and was someone to awe at. His presence was so strong that it made the hair on the back of his headstand.

"Child…Are you heir of Emiya?"

"Yes…And you are?"

The man's expression was solid.

"I am Hongou…Hongou Akira of Yami. I was requested by your father to take care of you and train you if you are worth it."

That was a name he never heard before.

"Hongou…Akira? Yami? What are those?"

"I am a Karate master in an ancient martial art association that trains themselves in the way of true martial art. It just happened we done jobs with Kiritsugu in the past and he pulled in a favor from me to take care of you."

"…My father did?"

"It was his last request for me…But I don't know why I should. Are you worth teaching?"

Despite his words Hongou was impressed.

With one glance he can see the 9 year olds body was already filling out and developing in a form suit for martial art. His muscles were solid for a child and by the way the boy breathes he can tell a lot about the inner working of the child to see that the heart, organs, and flow of ki is impressive. In term of raw talent and potential…He matches Sho in every way. However…He outmatches Sho in one defining way. His Ki was so potent. He can feel the raw force of his ki flowing in the boy's body that it seems impossible for a child to have so much.

"This child…it is like he was born to be a martial artist…How will he be in near future? In 5 years or perhaps 10 years? I dare say he has potential to stand as one of Nine Fists One Shadow…Kiritsugu, you know what kind of treasure chest this child was didn't you. The reason you were so confident…You were right. I can't wait to train him, but first…Most important thing." He silently thought.

"Well? Perhaps Kiritsugu was being foolish in his death bed…That fool."

"What did you say?"

The boy's ki was deadly cold.

It was the cold ki of 'Sei' and yet…He felt the power of hot rage just beneath his skin. It was the outer energy of 'Dou.' Amazing! This child's body was already developed to use two ki…He hoped that kid will not recklessly use them at the same time.

"Insulting me is one thing…But I don't want to hear a stranger talking bad about my dad!"

Roared Shirou as he stood up in a flash. Without thinking, without considering the young 9 years old focused his prana into his body and focused much as he is allowed into his fists.

"Reinforcement to the maximum level!"

The boy's movement was like a lightning as he appeared in front of God Hand and twisted his hips. The prana compacted fist fly forward and nailed the Karate master in his stomach.


The shockwave of prana and ki exploded sending smokes and winds up and about, however…


Suddenly from the sliding door burst out Shirou as he was smashed into the wall.

From the broken door walked out Hongou with no injury on him.

"A warrior that uses his skill in fit of rage is just a violent thug! A warrior must always be able to keep his cool and rational mind at all time." he lectured Shirou, despite that he was impressed at him.

Shirou could only groan out.

"I was amused when Emiya told me to take you in however…It is clear that he was no fool. You have potential like he said. Tell me heir of Emiya Kiritsugu…Would you care to learn from me? Learn the true ways of martial art?"

"Huff…Huff…Huff…Tell…me…Will learning from you…Make me strong?"


"Will I be able to find a purpose for my power?"

"Perhaps? But that is ultimately your decision." Answered the God Hand.

Shirou slowly stood up. It seems the crashing on the wall was already nulled and healed. His body was truly fit for tortu-I mean harsh training to become a master.

"Well…At least it will be interesting with you."

The red haired boy looked up.

"I like weapons too…Can you teach me how to use weapons too?"

The man nodded.

"I got plenty of people who can train you in that."

Shirou stared into the man's covered eyes. HE always had talent for judging characters. His sharp eyes that can imitate anyone were also good at reading expression and emotion. All he feels from this man is…Pride and honor?

"My name is Emiya Shirou and I dream to one day find the definite reason to use my strength for. For now I plan to get strong enough to find people that can be precious to me…So I'll be able to protect them."

Hongou nodded to the boy's resolve.

"We will leave now."

"Hai…Hongou sensei."

Now the God Hand, Hongou Akira has two talented apprentices…A treasure among treasures.

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