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Ch2 Yami Days…Normal Days.

The main headquarters of ancient martial art association Yami…

A sacred ground where martial artists train the way of true martial arts the Satsujinken…

A terrifying place of darkness and death, with death is only a corner away

Now in the sector secluded from other training grounds. The sacred training ground and living quarters of God Hand Hongou Akira for the Karate user…It is a dark place with-


And the mood was ruined by one 12 years old Emiya Shirou as he called for his fellow apprentice and master to eat breakfast.

It has been three years since he was brought to Yami by his master and it has been few years since he start receiving the tour-I mean the training.

At first Shirou was nervous and scared of the Yami…This place was nothing like the doujos he trained before, in or like his home…It was cold and indifferent. However, he found a good friend in Sho Kano, a fellow apprentice of God Hand Hongou Akira.

He can remember it like yesterday.

(Flash Back)


"Yes master?" answered a small boy dressed in training gi. The young child was at least 9 or 8 with sky blue pale hair which was tied up in a small pony tail and had a tattoo of a bird on the left side of his cheek. He had bright orange eyes and a bright smile on his face.

This was 9 year old Sho Kano, a descendent of Kuremisago and the current disciple of Hongou Akira.

"…I have someone that you need to meet."

From behind Hongou walked in another boy who look around the same age as him.

The boy look like a Japanese, but had red hair and golden eyes. He look nervous and tense, but Sho can see the boy eyes surveying around the room, studying his surroundings for immediate threat.

"Hi…My name is Sho, Kano Sho …What is your name?" asked the blue haired boy in a curious tone. It was natural since only kids around his age are few in a dozen…Few students of Nine Shadows and few other kids, but not all of them are friendly. Sho took every chance to befriend them…Even if one day he must kill them.

"…Emiya…Emiya Shirou."

"Nice to meet you Shirou." Said the bird boy with a smile.

"Shirou was entrusted to me by his deceased father. From now on he will be training with you, but not as an official apprentice, but as a ward."

"Huh? I thought you are going to teach me?" Shirou asked curiously, as he look at Hongo

"Yes, but there are rule to follow." Hongo answered, not bothering to face Shirou instead at Sho

"What rules?" Come another question from the confused Shirou, who still doesn't know how Yami run things around.

"I can tell you that." Sho said, knowing that it's better for him as the one that explain it to Shirou.

"In Yami, it is tradition for a powerful master to teach one student their art, but when a master has more than one apprentice, the higher council will make them go through…A test." Sho explain, his tone is hard at the end.

"A test? What test?" Shirou has a foreboding feeling in his gut as he asked that.

"A test to see who the superior one is, there would be a fight to death, the winner gets all and the loser will lose all." Sho answered, his face betraying no emotion that he feel.

"WHAT! THEY CAN'T DO THAT!" Shirou face showing how he dislike that kind of thing.

"But they could…This is Yami…Where the strong lives and weak dies. A death match is rather common here and so is death." Sho said, his tone is flat without emotion. That is the way of Yami and everyone in it, plain and simple.

"Shirou…I am sure when Kiritsugu taught you his art, he told you that you will be walking along side death…It is same in martial art. In here death is right around the corner so you must get stronger fast or…." Hongo said leaving the implication unsaid.

"…And my father sent me here knowing this?" Shirou said clearly unimpressed.

"He trusts your skill and I to teach you, so I shall answer that expectation and you too must live up to his expectation." Hongo said truly, as he look directly at Shirou eye.

Shirou stare back at Hongo judging him, and see no deceit in it…Hongo is serious with what he said.

"Ok…So how will you teach me if I am not your apprentice?"

"There shouldn't be any problem; I can still teach you without you being an official apprentice. This way you two won`t be forced to fight without my approval" Hongo stated making Shirou relaxed a bit.

"So it`s a safety net for me huh." Shirou nod at Hongo, understanding why he do that.

"That is correct."

Shirou look at the man that now become his teacher and guardian.

"Do I still call you Hongou sensei? Or Hongou-san?" Shirou asked making Hongo to remember a certain event with Sho.

"Do what you like" Hongo answered as he smile at Shirou.

"So Hongou-sensei it is."At Shirou answer Hongo smile wide a bit before disappearing from his face.

"This is great! Thank you sensei, now I have brother" Sho said with such happiness radiating from him.

"brother?" Shirou clearly taken back from Sho unexpected reaction.

"Yeah! As the students of Hongou Akira the God Hand, we have responsibly to up hold sensei's reputation. Let us train hard to be the best karate masters in Yami Shirou." Sho said as he extend his hand to Shirou.

Seeing Sho determination Shirou couldn't help to be affected with it.

"Yeah…Let's be the best Karate master in Yami." With that Shirou take Sho hand as he smile at him.

An oath was made…and the two sworn brothers leaped into the world of martial arts.

(End Flash back)

And that was that.

Ever since then Shirou and Sho went through inhumane and insane training together to reach master level.

They woke up every day in 4am to run through the track field…Which were riddled with traps and sharp objects that might kill someone by accident or slip of foot. Not only that they ran with weights and stone statues strapped on to them.

They had to stay in a horse stance or suffer a burn by candles strapped to their feet.

They had to do pull ups with razor blades all over the ground.

They had to balance on top of a bamboo…With angry animals on the ground looking for food.

They even had to practice forms and katas with their limbs strapped to coiled bungee ropes pulling rom opposite sides.

Their training were hellish…And those were only morning training and they went for breakfast.

Almost all of the other disciple do the same routine but the different is from Hongo training ground and living quarters always filled with aroma of well-prepared and delicious meal, making other that near enough to smell the aroma to be jealous and lament for what they eat.

"Shirou, I don't know where you get the energy to cook. I am sore and tired from the morning training." Sho said tiredly as he lay on the chair, clearly exhausted.

"Ah, stop complaining. At least sensei didn't add swimming in the cold river with water absorbing cloth on us." Shirou said as he put the food on the table.

"But he did make us dodge bullets! Rubber bullets true, but it hurts like hell!" Sho bring out his hand to let Shirou see the red mark on it.

"Ah that wasn't so bad." Shirou said offhandedly as there no red marks from the rubber bullet from him.

"For you maybe! You got your all seeing eyes doing it for you!" Sho just glare at Shirou, who trying to look innocence.

All seeing eyes…This is one of many names for Shirou's special eyes.

They noticed this when Shirou evade all the projectiles and attacks with such ease, like he already knew where it will go before. After a few tests that involved many projectiles weapon and spar devised by Hongo. They finally conclude that Shirou has a unique eye that sees things in great detail and perception, making Shiro can see all the trajectory of projectiles and attacks by pre-reading the movement.

As long as Shirou sees the projectile or the attack, he knows where it will hit or what it will do. It was rather freaky how he does it.

Whenever he sees a master or disciples trains or spar he will watches them. By doing this, it helps him break down the why and effect of each technique. For some reason his eyes can make out small details in fighting style and it helps him find out the rhythm of the enemy.

However whenever he us his eyes to watch sparing with such excitement Hongou-sensei has a sad look in his face…Don't ask him how, but he was sure that it was Hongou-sensei's equivalent to sad.

"Stop your whining and eat your breakfast. You are allowed to eat a lot in breakfast anyway. Our afternoon training doesn't start until 9:30 so eat up and rest until then." Shirou said as he sit and start to eat.

"Yeah, yeah bro I got you." Sho said as he sees all kind of healthy dishes from Japanese culinary art. Every food on the table was healthy and delicious…It is hard to see that one boy was able to make all these foods.

"Sho where is sensei? At this rate his meal will get cold." Shirou told Sho as he looks at the only empty chair.

"…You need to train your sense more. Whenever you are cooking your guards are down." Said a voice from his back, making Shirou turn around with a lighting speed but a fist was already in front of his face.

"…Hi sensei, breakfast?" Shirou asked nervously with a fist still in front of him.

"…Please." With that Hongo remove his fist and sit on his chair.

The three martial artists dug in the small feast made by Shirou as they enjoyed the good food. Ever since Shirou came, they never went to the Yami's cafeteria for a meal. His foods are too good to pass by and his cooking skills are well known to the followers of Hongou and the source of jealousy from other. There is one time that someone suggesting killing the cafeteria chef and replacing him with Shirou, so they can eat his food. However, Hongo shoot down that suggestion, telling Shirou is here not only for cooking but for learning martial arts.

The three karate users continue eat their meal and chat a little bit about training and other missions.

"Today we are leaving to have a meeting with the other Nine Fists…I want both of you to behave yourselves" Hongo said leaving no room for argument.

""Hai!"" Shirou and Shou answered at the same time.

After they finished the meal and washed the dishes, the three left their home and head to the main building.

By running of course.

Secret Meeting Chamber

Nine shadowed figures stood around an orb, a globe of the world atop a pedestal. In the background another sat, hidden form full view by a shoji wall. They stood in silence, yet their presence was deafening. Each are masters of their arts...All a true master class warriors.

"Hmm...It has been sometimes since we all gathered." said a tall shadow of a man as he leaned against the wall. NExt to him was another shadow nodding.

"I believe it has been half a year has it not? By the way, who is still not here yet?"

"...Sougetsu is not here, so I'll be replacing him until he returns...Also it seems god Hand is not here as well."

"Oh? That stuck up God HAnd being late? Sun must be rising from the West from now on." mocked a shadow in the corning wearing a demon mask.

Suddenly they all turned their heads, a heavy steel door opened up and shed light into the room. From within the lights, Hongou walked in, taking his place amongst them.

"You're late God Hand, that is very rare." One figure said, stepping forward. He was a large man, like the rest, and of Indian descent. His hair was long, braided and white and he dressed in robes. His presence here in the rom clearly meant his was a high class master. He was Sehrul Rahman, the Fists of Brahman.

"I apologies Sehrul Rahman-dono, I had to drop of my students." He replied. Each member present reacted, small unnoticeable movements, but still their shock was evident by shift in their posture.

"Students? As in more than one? I was under the impression you are training that Kuremisago boy? When did this happen?" another asked, coming into view. His hair was long and blond and he was smaller than the others, normal almost. He wore a long coat and military clothing. His appearance was more European, but his accent marked him as Russian.

He is Alexander Gaider, the Fists of Destruction.

"You are correct Fist of Destruction. Sho is my only apprentice, however I happen to entrusted with a boy by his father and kept him as my ward."Hongo explained stopping their thought from another death match.

"Oh? Who could it be to entrust God Hand with such responsibility? And who is this child to worth your teaching? Is the brat any good?" asked a man who was wearing a demon mask on his face and holding a fruit.

"Just don't underestimate him "Hongo said not revealing anything.

"HO! Perhaps I should test him?" said the man on fruit drug as his tone full of malicious intent.

"Enough! We are here today for a meeting, Demon Fists control yourself!" said the beautiful woman next to Master Rahman. She was the Jujitsu master of Yami, Bewitching Fists Kushinada Mikumo.

"Humph! You are boring Bewitching Fists." The man with demon mask glare at Kushinada, clearly unhappy.

"Hummm…A student that brought the attention of God Hand and trained in secrect…I am interested in this boy already." Thought the newest member of the Nine Fists One Shadow…Sage Fist, Isshinsai Ogata.

Training area

The room was expansive, continued within were training mats, dirt rings circled by concrete barriers, tiled floors, even a wrestling ring. Every type of flat battleground you could find was here, and many were waiting to try them. The most interesting of them, however, were not adults but children. Seven of them were in the center of the room; doing whatever they wished as they waited.

"So these are the apprentices of other masters?" asked Shirou with a low whisper.

"Yeah, this is my fourth time coming here. I wonder how much they all changed?" Sho said as he look at other sizing them.

As they were talking a girl with blond hair and blue eyes noticed the new comers and jumped into the ring. She was a 12 year old by the look, but she is already showing the signs of development and physical maturity.

"Hey, everyone! Watch my new move!" the girl said excitedly, trying to get the attention of everyone. She grabbed another boy who had same shade of blonde hair as her, and throw him to the rope of the wrestling ring.

The boy she tossed seems to resign to his fate as he was bounced back and heading toward the girl. The girl had a smirk on her masked face as she extended her arms out and Shirou noticed how toned and muscled she is for a thin girl. Shirou observed the way the girl extended her arm, filled her arm with ki and exhale to focus her energy. HE also noticed how her hip turn to pick up more power and how her legs are tensing and springing to boost her power. That attack seems like the ones he saw in TV…A wrestling move known as….

"LARIAT!" yelled the girl as she tried to nailed the approaching boy with her arm, but the boy's eyes glow as he pulled off an incredible roll to dodge the girl's extended power bomb and go away to safety.

The girl noticed she missed and gotten angry.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING ETHAN! I TOLD YOU TO GET HIT STYLISHLY AND GET UP FOR AN EPIC COME BACK!" She yelled loud enough to be heard to the entire room.

"Sister, please wait for be reckless and behave yourself." Said a large boy who almost got nailed in the throat by a dangerous move. Unlike the girl this one was big and buff for a kid. At one glance you can tell he is not done growing yet and will be far bigger as time goes. The boy raised his hands in a calming gesture, but she ignored him though; pouting at the fact that no one paid attention and her show was ruined.

"SHUT UP ETHAN! WHO SAID YOU AND ARGUE WITH YOUR SISTER!" The girl make a threating move as she rise one of her hand.

"AGH! Sister forgive me!" The boy, Ethan just raise his two arm in front of him to shield himself from his sister fury.

It was comical if it wasn't for the fact it was sad that a big boy was bullied by his sister, who smaller than him.

"…They are a colorful bunch."Shirou muttered with a sweat drop as the blond girl got her brother in a leg lock and forcing him to tab out, but she refused the let her private show end so quickly.

"Yeah there are all kind of screw ups here and we are one of them. The girl is Rachel Stanley and the brother is Ethan Stanley. They are both students of one of the Nine Shadows." Answered Sho who look bored at what they do because they always do this every time they gathered.

While the two karate users talked they noticed several other kids their age practicing as they wait for their masters to pick them up. One of them was a tanned skinned boy with blond hair and tattoo on his face and body. By the looks of tone body and the wrapping on his fist and leg, he is a Muay Thai user.

Shirous observed the way the boy stepped around, waved and swayed as if he fighting an invisible opponent. The boy was clam and he throw several punches and elbows to create a steady tempo for himself, and then the boy got into ore aggressive attacks such as kicks and knee to go along with his elbows.

"That guy…He is no push over is he?" Shirou said as he know the move do is the fatal one if hits.

"Yeah, he is the disciple of The Sovereign of Fists and The Emperor of Elbows. His name is Tirawat Kokin." Sho answered Shirou and preparing himself for another outburst from Shirou.

"The Sovereign of Fists and The Emperor of Elbows? As in the guy the Hongou sensei told us that is one of the more powerful master and one of few that he respects? That Muay Thai master, Agaard Jum Sai?" Shirou asked barraging Sho with question.

"Yep! Kokin over there is strong. He is one of more level headed guys among us." Sho said when Shirou calm enough.

Shirou looked around more and saw another kid with smaller version of military outfit doing pushups with two fingers and he is not stopping…Which is normal for them.

The young magus also noticed few adults or older teenagers practicing their arts in the side and some actually had weapons…Cool.

As the two of student of God Hand discussed more, another apprentice noticed them.

"Hoo? If this isn't Kano Sho, the disciple of mighty God Hand, I thought it was strange for you to not be here and yet here you are."

The boy that greeted them was a dark haired boy with tanned skin as well. However, unlike the Muay Thai disciple he was more fair looking and wore a colorful robe and accessories on him. HE had a confident smirk and an aura of…Smugness.

For some reason it rubbed Shirou on the wrong way.

"Radin Tidat Jihan…Boastful as always." Sho said clearly unimpressed and make Shirou know that Sho too doesn't like him.

"And you still act as you are the strongest among us, just because you receive more attention from other masters and being the sole apprentice of God Hand-dono." Radin said and Shirou know by his tone that he too doesn't like Sho.

The two boys glared at each other as spark flew between them and starting to releasing their Ki.

"Alright break it up. We just got here Sho so behave." Shirou know that if he doesn't break them, they will start to fight and that something that Hongo-sensei won't like.

"Hmmm…? And who is this? I don't think I met him before?" Radin asked when he finally realize Shirou presence.

"My name is Emiya Shirou, Hongou Akira ward." Shirou answered trying to polite.

"Ward? Why is that? Why not an official disciple?" Radin just stare at Shirou confused.

Shirou gave him a wary smile, "There is a funny story for that, but…it is none of your business."

It is best not to even hint why. Shirou power as a magus is a secret only Sho and Hongou-sensei knows…Sensei tome Shirou that attracting unneeded attention is no good and that he already attract a lot by being with him.

"Some masters in Yami have been around for many, many years. These are type of masters that dealt with magus before and most likely they can tell that you are one by few observation…It is best not to hint at all."

That was what sensei-said.

"Hump! How rude, but it is expected of commoners." Radin sighed looking at Shirou with pity.

For some reason Radin attitude is rubbing Shirou the wrong way.

"Who is this guy!" Shirou whispered harshly to his sworn brother.

"He is Radin Tidat Jihan disciple of Silcardo Jenazad, the Demon Fist Giod and a practitioner of Pencak Silat. Radin is the Crown Prince of Tidat, a tiny country situated on the Indonesia Archipelago." Explained Sho with an indifferent tone…

"So he is one of those stick in the ass Royal type?" Shirou said as he look at Radin.


"You! I will not be insulted by bunch of commoners who doesn't know their place! I will have you pay for this with your life! Prepare yourself!" declared the crown prince as he pointed his finger at Shirou's face in rude gesture.

While Shirou doesn't like to fight for no reason, but the boy's arrogant was astonishing. How can any one royalty or not be so arrogant?"

Many miles away, certain King of Hero sneezed.

The young magus got into a got into Shuto no Kamae (Swordhand Stand) a stance that has right hand in the front in a sword hand form and the left hand around the chest level. This is a stance that allows one to use sword hands, claw hands, and palms easier.

This was the one of first stance his teacher Hongou taught him. He told him if he wish to be a sharp sword, then at least have the basic stance at allows him to use his limbs like a blade.

The crown prince got into his own fighting stance which was him crossing his legs with his right leg on the top and one fist underneath his chin and another hand above his head like a side chop motion.

"I'll show you the power of Pencak Silat! The most powerful martial art in the world!" Radin announced readying himself.

"You are dreaming! Karate is the most powerful fighting style in the world!" Shirou countered.

Two of them slowly released their ki and surprisingly it was both 'Sei.'

"Ho…To think an arrogant punk has a concentrated and calm ki of 'Sei!" This is unexpected." Shirou said clearly surprise that someone like Radin use Sei.

"That is what I like to say commoner! To thing you will dare to imitate my aura! There will be punishment for this!"

The two of them were ready to fight and all other people gave the room to duke it out…It must be pretty normal around here.

The two apprentices were ready to fight as the tension reached the breaking point. The two dashed up and ran to each other their hands raised to attack, however…


Suddenly at that moment Shirou stopped attacking and suddenly with speed that few older disciples and younger disciples managed to trace he appeared far away from Radin and turned toward the door with an intense glance.

"What on earth?"

"What is the kid doing?"

"That was fast, but isn't he fighting?"

"When a Yomi is to fight another, he should fulfill his duty like a solider with his assignment!"

"His sudden movements are…Illogical…further analyzes required."

"OHH! I know he is trying to make it more dramatic for the audience!"

"No sister that is only you and your master."

"What is it?" asked Sho as he watched his friend tense up. Shirou is a calm and calculative fighter. HE always thinks ahead with cool head and never fights irrationally. He been training with the guy for three years, so he knows when Shirou the ever calm and nice guy is tensed up out of nowhere there is a reason.

Shirou ignored his friend because he was frightened…It was because he felt the presence of eight…No nine incredible powerful individuals approaching them. He expended his 6th sense to feel everything around him. He planted his feet firmly on the group and used his structural grasping magic on it. He sent out a pulse of prana which acted like a sonar on the submarine and felt, more let seen the glimpse of clusters of powerful ki heading their way.


"What is it?" Sho asked confused why Shirou act like this.

"I am sensing unbelievable powerful ki heading our way…Wait one of them is Sensei."

As soon Shirou finished that sentence the door to the training didn't even moved but nine individuals somehow by passed his senses and surrounded him and Radin.

"Hoo…These kids are already sparing? Such enthusiasm." Commented the tanned skinned man with long curly beard. It was the Indian Master Raham.

"I doubt it." Commented the Bewitching Fits as her cold eyes settled on the red haired boy.

"Humph! As if my apprentice will have a need to fight with this nameless boy." Sneered the fruit devouring guru, The Demon Fist God.

"It`s best that you don't underestimate him, Demon fist." Said God Hand betraying no emotion.

"Mamama~Everyone one should relax, at least the kids didn't start the fight yet, this can still be resolved…Peacefully." Said the Sage Fist Isshinsai Ogata.

The other master snorted as they gathered their own apprentices.

Kushinada Mikumo turned to glance at Shirou and Sho and called out to them.

"So, you two are the God Hand's students are you?"

""Hai!"" The two answered at the same time.

"Huh, they just brats. You just lucky that One Shadow choose your disciple as our heir." Demon fist sneered looking at Shirou and Sho.

This was another thing about Shirou's fellow disciple. Sho was chosen to inherit the secrets of the Nine Shadows to be the next leader of the current batch of Yomis.

"Huhuhu… that's true, but One shadow wouldn't choose him without reason. Still, I believe that Tirawit should be the one "Said Agaard Jum Sai, the Kentei Chuuou (The Sovereign of Fists and Emperor of Elbows).

"It is only natural to think that our disciples will be our successors. After all, we are teaching them to success to the seat of Nine Shadows after all." Commented Alexander Gaider the Fists of Destruction.

"Still no one can predict what future hold for us" Said Hongou wisely to other fists

"Hah! Are you saying that this little brat could replacing one of us?" Said Demon fist as he point Shirou and Sho, "What a joke!"

"I agree with Demon fist, you should be careful with your word God" Said the temporary replacement master of the symbol of Moon, Ro Jisei. The blind Chinese master's expression didn't change, but the irritation could be felt anyhow.

"Only time could tell master Ro." Hongo stated simply, not agreeing or denying their conclusion.

Before they could argue with each other again, Ogata got between them.

"Now, now it is master's right to believe in their disciple strengths. It will be much better if we see his current progress than just arguing each other"

All other master's allowed their hostility to fade as they all agreed to do the evaluation.


""Hai! Sensei."

"Step forward."

Sho nodded and walked in front of all the masters. He stood up straight and relaxed as he waited for the masters to observe him.

"I can see his immense potential; even his talent surpasses most of ours at his age." Fist of Destruction commented. The man behind the demon mask munched one a pineapple…Through the rough outside covering…

"I can see that he is a Diego quality!" The Luchador master the Waraukouken (Laughing Steel) said with his loud voice.

"While his physical progress is impressive for one so young, but how is his mentality? In Yami mentality to kill is just as important to physical skills and mastery." said the temporary replacement of Ma Sougetsu, Kengou Kishin(Fierce Fist God).

"How very true…In Yami the principle of mind is very essential and as a martial artist of Yami, who shall inherit us, then he must be able kill any opponents with no mercy…Can he do it God Hand?" asked the Fists of Brahman.

"Know this Jinetsukenjin (God Hand). A responsibility as a master includes mental discipline and condition. If you think training the boy's body is enough you are sadly mistaken…I can see that his will to kill is weak. How can you call yourself a master of Yami and a teacher to the strongest disciple if you can't even rid of such hesitation from your disciple?" said the Youken no Urukiboshi (The Bewitching Fist) as she retained her cold expression without leaking smallest bit of emotion.

"I assure you that he can do it when the time come." Proclaimed the Jinetsukenjin (God Hand) with cool voice and no emotions.

"I'll look forward for it." Said Agaard with a nice, confident smile.

"What of the other one?" asked the master of Commando Sambo.

"Shirou! Come and stand next to Sho." Commanded the Karate Master.

Shirou nodded and suppressed the nervous beating of his heart and the rush of adrenaline. When he watched the masters observe Sho he felt their intense looks from where he was standing. Such pressure, such expectations…Such power. To be observed by their stern glance…he was thinking too fast that his head hurt.

"Yes Hongou sensei."

Shirou placed himself next to Sho and let the masters look at him. They were shocked to say the least. They noticed his developing muscles and the concentrated posture the boy had. The steady breathing showed a lot to the master such as his heart, quality of his body, and raw potential. The masters also noticed how the boy seems to have very potent ki collected in his young body that seemed impossible. He was so filled with power that the masters can sense his nervousness and how the nervousness from their gaze is making his Ki sharper and much denser as the time goes.

This boy's potential was so unbelievable that it was breath taking. He was match to Sho in everyway, but only difference is that Sho seemed more controlled and Shirou seemed rawer.

By all mean, they are equal.

"It seems God Hand has good fortune to get two of such high quality disciples." Thought Kensei (Sage Fists), Isshinsai Ogata as he drooled in his head. To have such raw potentials…Oh how he wish he had a disciple to experiment on like these two. Perhaps God Hand will be willing to give him the other one?

"Such potent ki…and physical conditioning that speak volume of your skillful training Hongou-dono." Praised the Fist of Braham as several master's agreed.

"Talents that equal our successor candidate." Diego said. "He defiantly is Diego quality!" Rachel's face grew red. She couldn't believe this! Those two were taking all the attention away from her!

"Enough! We came to show off the skill of our disciples. It's time to do so. Radin!" Kenmashajin (Demon Fist God) commanded with tone of irritation as he gesturing toward the ring of dirt.

"Boris." Said Senmetsu no Kenshi (Fist of Destruction)

"Yes Master!"

"Your assignment is to spar with a practice of Pencak Silat. Your mission is to achieve victory…While it is a sparing, death is not discouraged. Dismiss!" Fist of Destruction ordered coolly.

"Yes master!"

The two disciples got into the ring and got into their respective fighting stance…Pencak Silat and Commando Sambo.

The two dash oof to each other in a burst of movements. The young Russian pointed his right sholder forward and charged like a mad bull.

"Forward March of the Death!" roared the Russian as he sailed forward disregarding his own safety.

The lighter Silat fighter dodged to the right and bent down low. The young king smirked as he concentrated a lot of power into his legs and burst forward.

"Serangan Harimau!(ATTCK TIGER!)" yelled out the crown prince as he pounced at the solider boy like a crouching tiger ambushing a prey, however the white haired boy turned around swiftly and managed to grabbed the tanned prince with his entire body. By using his arms to hold the pouncing tanned prince's body he used his large chest and powerful shoulder to tighten the grip.

"I got you now!" roared Boris as he planned to slam Radin to the ground to break his legs at least, however the young prince nailed his claw hand to the exposed crouch forcing Boris to let him go in middle of an attack.

No man wants to deal with that kind of pain under any circumstances.

Raidin landed on his feet and did a low kick to Boris's leg, but Boris lift his feet to block the kick by knocking it aside.

The Sambo user tried to grab Raidin's leg to lock him, but the nibble tiger's cub avoid the attempt and aimed his hands to attack the eyes, neck, crouch, and any vulnerable parts on Boris.

"Shishishishisishshishishi!" chanted Raiden as he jabbed at the eyes, but Boris demonstrated his defensive styles by blocking and parrying the attempts to cripple him for life.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How does my Jurus taste like common solider?" Radin taunted Boris, confident at his skill.

"For a man of mother Russia, this is nothing!" Boris yelled as he defended himself from Radin blow.

The two fighters exchanged blows after blows, but the flow of battle swayed to no one.

Radin was definitely faster of the two, but Boris was no slouch. The bigger boy's attack was dealing more damage than Radin's smaller and precise attacks. In term of damage, Radin was suffering less hits, but more damages.

"In the end they are both disciple classes…None of us are anywhere close to these monsters." Thought Shirou as he sat down to watch the fight. He lifts his hands to make a square lens to see through the fight. This was a habit he made whenever he used his detail seeing eyes to analyze things moving in distance and for extreme detail analyzes.

"…Analyze on…Collecting data on Pencak Silat and Russian Sambo…techniques being analyzed…further information require." Muttered the boy in a quite tone, but all the masters heard him.

"""""What is the boy doing?""""" Was they thought expect for Hongo.

"Shirou…so you are using that eye…How similar you are to Shuzuki…You are alike, but you have no blood relation at all…I know that Shizuki had no siblings so are you a reincarnation? Were you sent to be my second chance to honor my old friend? I am getting sentimental…how foolish." Thought God Hand as he turned away from his student…Let the boy study in peace.

The two boys below clashed again and again.

Radin did all he could to avoid a complete lock, but he did get tripped and fell few times, but whenever that happened he used the ground level kicks of Pencak Silat to knock Boris away every time the white haired boy came in for a grabbling.

"FALL YOU COMMON SOLIDER! A KING MUST NEVER LOSE!" Radin yelled, frustrated for the lack of progress to defeat Boris.

"MY MISSION IS TO DEFEAT YOU! THERE IS ONLY MISSION! NOTHING ELSE!" Boris countered, unyielding from Radin attack.

They are still going strong and no sign of stooping on their own.

After 5 minutes their masters separated them.

"How dare you embarrass me? Your training will be ten times harder tonight!" yelled Demon Fists angrily for the lack of progress to defeat Boris.

"Yes Guru…" Radin answered looked dejected.

"Boris…" Fist of Destruction called looking at his disciple coldly.

"Yes Master!"

"While your mission was not to kill him, but you failed to decisively defeat him…Consider this mission failure." Fist of Destruction stated with underlying tone.

"I am sorry to fail your expectation sir!" Boris answered, his body tensed.

After that, few others spared.

The Wrestling girl Rachel spared with the Muay Thai user Kokin-kun and their fight was…flashy.

By the end Kokin decided to throw the match because he couldn't stand Rachel seriously…Shirou personally thought Rachel and her master focus too much on showmanship to respect the other view of the enemy fighter.

"It's ok Kokin. Sometimes some matches are better not taken serious. I know how you feel." Comforted the large Taiwanese master. Hongo-sensei was right…This man's aura is different from others. Shirou had seen the aura that other masters had, but this guy's aura take the cake. It made Shirou feel very comfortable but at the same time demanding respect from Shirou to him.

"This must be the aura that heroes of the past must have felt like. From dad's journal he spoke about the heroes he meet during his time in the 4th Holy Grail War…The details are scratchy, but it must have been a sight to see. I wonder if I get to meet another with such aura." wondered the young magus…unaware of his destined future in the next Grail War.

"Did you see that Mastro! I performed with the show in mind and performed wonderfully, but Kokin bailed on me!" Rachel proclaim proudly at her master.

"I see my apprentice! It was a shame, but your performance was a Diego Quality! Next time we will add some lights and sparks and more color for this ring! A stage is a lifeline! A foundation for the show! It is all for the audience Rachel! The Audience desire Diego Quality!" Diego said proudly for his disciple performance not battle.

"YES MASTRO!" Rachel yelled happily at her master approval.

On the other hand the masked duo were hugging and praising something about Diego quality…Weird even for him.

"Well…Who will spar next? Braham? God Hand?" asked Ogata with a charming smile.

The bearded Indian Master shocks his head, "My disciple injured his leg yesterday and I wish to let him rest up for today's training."

"Then the only one left is…" Ogata trailed off as every fist attention focused to Shirou and Sho.

"God Hand's brats… this will be boring." said the Demon Fists looking at the two, "It will just a waste of time"

"Why do you say that?" asked Sage Fists off handedly but inside he was eager to see Shirou skill with his own eyes.

"These brats train together; they know each other move. Also it will boring to see karate versus karate" Commented Demon fist before an idea crossed his mind.

"But, if this will be a fight to death. It will be another story" He smile darkly making Hongo frown and other fist to thinking Demon fist idea.

When Shirou and Shou heard this they feel uncomfortable and looking at their master.

"Humm…I don't know about it. But God hand himself said that Shirou isnt his official disciple so we cannot do that" Said the Emperor of Elbow and Knee remembering what Hongo said before.

"I agree, with Agraad. So it will only be a spar" Said Sehrul and other fist nod their head except for Ro Jisei and Demon fist.

At this Sho and Shirou feel relieved to not forced fight each other to death. Hongo himself feel relived although he doesn't show it but he glare at Demon fist to give such idea.

"Cih, do what you like" Demon fist said clearly not happy but know better than to force his idea when almost all other fist doesn't agree with it.

Hongou just nodded at that and look at his disciples,"Shirou…Sho."


"Go!" with that command the two of us jumped into the ring.

(Shirou's POV)

"Hey Shirou!" Sho called me suddenly as we face each other in the ring.

"Let's bet on the outcome of our match." Sho proposed, peaked my interest

"A wager? On what?" I asked but I have a feeling what Sho want.

"If I win…You make a multi-cultural feast! We will invite Seta and Hayami as well! I'll have your sacred Emiya hundred ingredient special!" Sho said and I can see his eye have a distant look and licking his lips, no doubt imagining the food that I will make.

"OH! That is a big wager up front…Then I want you to clean out the shed, the storage room, mow the lawn, clean the training room, and finally…CLEAN YOUR PIG PIN OF A ROOM!" I proclaim and that stopped Sho from his daydream making his face paling a little bit.

From the side line I noticed our master hand twitching a little bit, no doubt resisting the urge to palm his face. Poor sensei.

"OH YEAH! LET'S DO THIS!" shouted Sho, it seem that he want to eat my Emiya hundred ingredient special so badly, making him to accept it.

Then he got into Tenchi Jouge stance (Heaven Earth Upside Down) The Stance of Overpowering Annihilation. This is a highly offensive stance that brought out a lot of power. If forms by lifting one hand above the face line and another below the chest. The arms are bent to make a circular form in front of us. It was a stance that allows instant block and attacking using the two arms in the front.

I on the other hand got into my Shuto no Kamae (Swordhand Stand). I relaxed my body and looked deep inside of me. There was a trigger…trigger for my magic circuit.

"Reinforcement activates. Minimum level"

I felt my prana filling through my flesh as I used minimum amount to reinforce my body. I can feel the surface of my skins hardening and my muscles expand slightly to increase its capability.


The two of us launched at each other like a bullet.

I started off with a kick to his chest, but Sho leaped over my attack to deliver a flying drop ax kick to my head. I blocked his attack while he was in mid-air and tried to twist his leg into a lock, but failed as Sho kicked me with his other leg to get out of my grasp.

He hopped and jumped to get a steady beating and launched forward in a flash to nail me with a sword hand slash.

I duck underneath his extended blow and throw out a Kumade(Bear Hand) at his neck. Seeing an attack coming, Shon immediately grabbed the offending limb by the wrist, but I was no amateur myself. I spun my claw hand like a drill to loosen the grip and continued my attack by nailing Sho's chest with a punch, then move in further to use the elbow on the same arm to nail him in the chest and finally pushed in further to bash my shoulder to his entire body and sent him flying.

This is an advance chain attack that uses entire arm and the shoulder to perform.

"KGGH!" let out Sho as he rolled back and stood up again.

This time Sho went on the offensive by moving in a blinding speed that made many other disciples baffled. Sho was truly a league of his own compared to other future Yomi members. However I was in the same league as him.

My eyes that are naturally sharp managed to noticed the feint movements to his true objectives. Sho was a tricky guy, but he is in the end 'Dou' user. HE will come for the most vulnerable part of my guard to nail the most effective and powerful blow.

I loosen the guard on my left side by lowering the arm there.



He took the bait.

Sho ran to me and did a powerful sword hand thrust to my small open guard, but I immediately push the loosen guard up to knock his attack away and to over extend him. Now Sho was opened for a attack to his ribs and hips.

I struck with a powerful Kumade(Bear Hand).

I missed.

It turned out Sho expected me to loosen my guard to bait himi…It seem he recognized my favorite deception trick.

"Sorry, bro. Not this time." Said Sho as he spun on his BACK leg and managed to nail me with a powerful spin back kick!


Ah…I see. He must have used the Gamaku(Oblique Waist Turn).

Gamaku(Oblique Waist Turn) is an ancient Karate technique that allows the user to pretend to stand on one leg, but actually stand on the other leg. The opponent is fooled by the stance and defends for the wrong leg, even thinking that the user is stepping forward but actually is taking a back step. They then see the wrong leg move forward when actually the opposite leg comes in unexpectedly.

This move uses the oblique muscles to switch the leg with the center of gravity, separating the balance between the upper and lower body. When most people kick, the upper body leans to signal which leg is being used. However, the center of gravity is actually on the grounded leg, which kicks the opponent.

However by using this Sho was able to spin around in such tight and over extended state and still managed to kick me.

As expected of my fellow disciple. He never disappoints me.

"Ok…My turn now." I whispered only loud enough for sho to hear.

"Ha! I doubt it Shirou! Today we are having a feast!" Sho yelled with such convection that make me sweat drop and slightly afraid from the strange gleam in his eyes.

"Don't count your chicken before they hatch Sho-chan!" I taunted him, trying to break his concentration.

"Ah? Who are you calling 'chan' Shirou-chan~!" Sho yelled angrily as he charged at me after all he doesn't like when I called him that.

I just smirk and charged at him too, reinforcing my legs further to increase my speed to be just over Sho's. Using my temporary boast to get the leverage I need I jumped up to do a flying side kick to Sho's chest, but the bird loving boy dodged the kick to jump above me to kick me in the head.

I managed to tilt my head to the side to avoid the kick and throw a punch to Sho's thigh.

"I got you!" I said but when I almost hit him, "No way!" Sho avoid it.

He was like a feather in the sky as he maneuvered out of my attacks again. As we both land on the ground correctly and steadied our stance we got into a high level fists and kicks exchange that forced Sho and me to hold our ground and attack. Sho managed to dodge all of the attacks and I used my eyes to predict the most likely area to parry and redirect to avoid damage.

Extreme speed and flexibility vs. Superior reaction and skill.

It was a dead lock with no winner on each side.

…This calls for a change of plan.

I stepped back to disengage from the fist fight and used my distance to slide back further. With this distance I brought enough time to perform more room taking moves.

I bent low…Very low.

"That is!" I heard Radin yelled in surprise but I paid no mind

"Serangan Harimau!(ATTACK TIGER!)" I roared as I pounced at my friend like a tiger on his prey. Just like how Radin used this technique against Boris I dashed at my friend with hands in claw form. My sudden change in style surprised many master and disciples.

(Normal POV)

"What! How did he?" Radin yelled in surprise, the other master and disciple also think the same as him .

"A Pencak Silat? I was under the impression you taught Karate?" Ogata said as he look at Hongo.

"God Hand! What the hell did you teach him?" demanded Demon Fists and he was angry and it showed because he destroyed an uneaten apple in his hand. The masked master of Pencak Silat released his battle aura and killing intent to demonstrate how he feels about a boy in Yami using his martial art technique when he wasn't even taught by him.

Despite the fire of killing intent aimed toward him Hongou was undisturbed by the Silat master's anger.

"It wasn't me…Shirou has natural talent to understand material art style by just seeing it" Hongo explained trying to not reveal more about Shirou skill.

"Bull shit! Serangan Harimau(ATTACK TIGER) that he performed was rough but it was nearly matched my apprentice's that was personally trained by me! I want explanation Hongou!" Demon fist KI now focused at Hongo and continue to rise making other disciple near him making a room if he decide to attack Hongo and other master readying themselves to restrain him from rampaging.

"Like I said before don't underestimate him, he is more resourceful than you think" Hongo said as he looking at the spar making the Demon fist to clenching his fist.

(Back to the fight, Shirou POV))

I used the Jurus that I saw Radin used, against Sho with a sharp jabbing and slashes. Sho back off to avoid the dangerous blows, but it didn't matter. I dashed at him with all my speed to get near him. Sho returned fired with rapid kicks, but I too swayed and waved off them…Like how Kokin did when he shadow boxed.

Like the Muay Thau user I unleashed the copies of his elbows and knee combination that used punches and high to low kicks to smash away Sho's guard. Sho used the rotation parry and blow nullification blocks to avoid the direct damage as his sworn brother was using a complete different style then his normal ones.

"I know it! I know you will pull this crap! You always do this when you see someone else fight! That is unfair!" Sho whined making me smile.

"The wager is for you to do actual housework! Screw fairness!" I let myself to smirk at Sho

"If that is the motivation for you! I got a reason for myself!" yelled Sho as he jumped to twist his body and lift his legs to do a double spin kick.

I duck under Sho's double spin kick, but Sho landed on the ground like q cat and immediately lift his leg high to do an ax kick. I spun around and saw the deadly ax kick aimed toward my head. I was bent because of form the double spin kick from before…I am exposed and in undefended position…

There is one thing I know that I can use and disturb Sho's rhythm.

I bent even lower and…rolled under the kick, just like how Ethan dodged his sister's lariat from before. I used the roll to pick up power to quickly stand up in a smooth execution of movements. Seeing how Sho is still in middle of his kick and not in a fighting stance I jump backward to do a Muay Thai Knee drop, but Sho the ever the fast one, did a sky high kick to counter the attack by knocking it aside.

"Jineikwn-Nejiri Nukite!(God's fist, Spinning hand!)" yelled Sho as he unleashed one of Hongou-sensei's signature move, the drilling sword hand strike.

I noticed the blow coming and side stepped to dodge the blow to spun around him to unleash a elbow to his head, however the ever the flexible Sho managed to duck and rolled off my deadly attack.


I got a trick too.

"Forward March of the Death!" I cried out as I imitated Boris' reckless charge attack to dash at exposed back of Sho.

"Oh that is really not fair!" yelled Sho as he jumped into the air to dodge the bull charge, however that was what I wanted. From watching Rachel's spar…I realized that Lucha Libre is most effective in mid-air!

My body filled up and charged with ki as I jumped into the air.

(Normal POV)

"Oh he is not planning to…" muttered one of the masters.

"Yes" Agreed God hand as he know what other master think.

Shirou has a habit of using what he learned in sparing or fighting. It makes he has various options. He is also not a hand to hand user but also a weapon user. Sho might be the flexible and the faster one of the two, but Shirou is more resilient and knowledgeable in various unpredictable forms. As long as he seen enough of the technique and understand it, he can copy the technique up to 85% of its original level, however if the one he is coping from is weaker, then he might actually suppress the original work by adding his own input. However, if the techniques demand more than his body could handle, he will only be able performing it under 60%.

On the other hand the masked master of wrestling who recognized what attack Shirou was about to do looked very interested.

"Will his be…A Diego quality?" He whispered low enough that no other master hear him.

(Shirou POV)

"LARIAT!" I declared as I managed to nail Sho in his chest and slam ourselves back to the ground. I felt my entire arm slamming Sho's chest with devastating force…It seems it is very effective once I add enough prana into my arms.

"Agg…That hurt."

Sho let out a sound of pain, but he rolled away to get some distance and time. He is fighting smart…He need to recover much as he can with Karate breathing technique and rest.


I too was exhausted…I need to recover as well. However, unlike Sho I have other method to recover quickly beside the breathing techniques. I start off by filled my body with prana to ignore the pain as my magic healed me. It always happened…My body healed unnaturally fast.

Small cuts to bruises…Muscle pain to cramps from training…Gave it an hour or so, my prana always manages to heal them. In a fight like this, just by reinforcing my body it heals me…Slower true, but heals me. It is a mystery considering his father's journal or instruction books never mentions Reinforcement magic being a healing spell as well.

Well…It doesn't matter. I am more of martial artist than a magus.

There is after all another good reason my body heals so fast even when Reinforcement is no healing magic.

It was my father's gift…The weapon he mentioned in his journal.


With its power I had an unfair advantage.

Sho noticed me standing already.

"Oh come on! That is not fair! You are using that technique!"

Sho knows better than to tell my secret…Only he and master knows it anyway.

"Damn it…"

Sho got up complaining the whole time to get into Tenchi Jouge again.

I got into my own preferable stance.

Last exchange…No second.

Two of us are too tired for any further prolonged fighting and we are starting to get sloppy…IN martial art world sloppy means death and two of us care too much to let another die.

"Reinforcement Activate. Minimum level 3." I thought to myself. My reinforcement is separated to two classes the maximum and minimum…There is no middle ground. They are simply improving performance to all out full power mode.

There is no way I am going full power in a spar with my friend. So minimum is the limit.

I reinforced my body further as my flesh hardened and my overall status increased.



We blasted forward.

I used my reinforced body to jump over Sho in a brilliant acrobat movement and spun in a circle to hit the wall. I turned around faster than Sho can react and dropped on him.

Hishouen Piotoshi(Flying Monkey Elbow Drop!)!" I yelled out as I raised both arms to slam down on Sho.

Sho's 'Dou' Ki spiked as he spun around and his right hand was twisted around…It was the drilling thrust!

Jinenken-Nejiri Nukite (God's Fist-Spinning Hand!)!" declared Sho with a smirk of triumph.

I was above.

He was below.

I exposed my chest for his thrust.

He exposed his shoulder form my double hammer blow.

Both vulnerable…Both advantageous.

Only skill and luck will determine the winner.


The two of us yelled as we reach for each other…Both drunk by the intoxicating rush of fighting worthy opponents.


Distortion! My vison is all dizzy and messed up!

What? What happened!

My course of action was halted! But how? Who?

I unconsciously used my prana wave to get the sense of what is going on here. I released the pulse of prana to detect what is around me in a matter of second.

Then I realized that someone got between us and grabbed our arms and spun us around. After making us lose out composure and focus the interloper thrown both Sho and I into the wall. It was not a powerful throw so we managed to get our bearing back in mid-flgiht.

The two of us managed to glance at each other from the spinning throw and nodded.

I reinforced my body and both of us spread out our body to lessen the force of the throw. Like a flying bats we slowed and managed to land on the wall and jumped off at the same time in a perfect sync and we both spin around like an acrobats and landed on the floor…At the same time.

It was official; the two of us are awesome.

We looked up to see who thrown us and saw Hongou sensei in the middle of the ring.

"This was meant to be a spearing…both of you are over doing it!" Hongo sensei told us his tone is disapproving.

"But sensei…the special dish…" Sho whined

"But sensei…Sho will clean the house and his room…" I joined Sho in his whine

"No excuse! Both of you will receive justifying punishment when we get back!" Hongo sensei said, his tone is cold and there is one thing for sure

We are both in trouble.

We both nodded to our master and turned to bow to each other for a good fight and bow to our master. Hongou sensei nodded as he turned around.

"I believe this is already over, so we will be returning now."

He urged us to go ahead as quick as we can, if seems he doesn't want to deal with the other Nine Shadows.

"Wait Hongou."

It was lady Kushinada.

"…The young copy cat's name…I don't think I heard his last name."

"…It is matter of no importance."

"Oh really…God Hand, names sometimes have no purpose…sometimes they means nothing. However, sometimes names hold power…they sometimes hold secret…And finally…A simple name alone holds answer…Well you tell me the boy's name again?"

Master ignored her and walked away, but in blink of an eye…Master class point of view's blink of an eye, the Bewitching Fist was next to our master.

She put her mouth close to his ear.

"I will have my answer one way or another youngster…Might as well as tell me now, because I can already figure out who he really is."

Wait! Did she know? How did she know I am a magus?

How? What gave away? I was not using anything flashy! I have no connection to the five element of Thaumaturgy and high level skills. I am incapable of using the traditional thaumaturgy or even simple Thaumaturgy beside Reinforcement and Gradation Air! What gave it away? Reinforcement by my level seems same as any other martial artists using ki to reinforce their blows or simply physically fit to perform inhumane level of skill!





"I have been around for long time God hand." She whispered to master. I could hear her, but Sho didn't seem so? Why? IS she directing her voice to me too? Can anyone just choice who can listen to whisper or not?

Somewhere is Japan an old blond man that has built like a tank sneezed.

"Bless you elder."

"Thank you Akisame…It seems someone is talking about me."

"I seem plenty of magus in my carrer to know one…I got to say I am impress with your finding…Normally magus are not built to survive our level of training ans dies off. They are too proud to gave up magic for martial art so Yami has no magus of our own…Untill now."

She back away slightly.

"I'll keep my finding to myself…Thankfully none of other masters are experienced enough with magus to tell the slight difference to ki and what the boy did…I will look forward to how he develops so do not disappoint me young man."

Then she turned to me.

"What is your name boy?"

I glance at my master and he nodded.

I glance at other masters and lift my hands to cover the side of my mouth from their view.

I didn't make a sound, but made the mouth motion.


My father's name might be known to some masters, but not all of them are knowledge about magic so it should be fine, however being careful is never a bad thing.

"Ah…I believe heard of him. The one that used unusual method to get his jobs done. He is not very liked in any part of the world…Interesting. I'll look forward to your progress unofficial disciple of God Hand…Hopefully you will live up to your master's expectation to be a future member of One Shadow, Nine Fists (Ichiei Kyuken)."

With that, she waked…No glid away. How she did it I don't know.


"There is no need for concern for now Shirou…You just focus on your other skills and horn your martial art skills further. That is all you need to care about."


With that the three karate users left the main HQ in peace.

Their backs were straight and their posture filled with pride and dignity.

"So…Can we have the feast anyway?"

"No, since neither of us won."

"But I was clearly winning!"

"No you weren't"

"Was too!"

"Was not!"

"Was too!"

"Was not!"

"Was too!"

"Was not!"

"Was too!"

"Was not!"

"Enough! Shirou, you wil cook dinner as always, but Sho! You need to clean your room and the training room." Hongo sensei ordered.

I let out a sigh and Sho is groaning

"Very well master, but we need to go shopping first."


I suddenly had a fire in my eyes.

"HONGOU-SENSEI! Do not underestimate the importance of fresh ingredients and high quality materials for a chef my master! For the dish to be perfect I need the best ingredients and best tools! I have the finest tool, so I need the ingredients! Only then can I bend the two items into a mastery that is known as a cooked meal! To a chief, the preparation is just as importance as for the body of a martial artist conditioned for harsh battle at all times!"

This was obviously abuse of my projection skill top make extremely high quality knives and tracing cooing knives used by famous chefs, but I am a chef with love for cooking! I couldn't help myself with the delicate history behind the knives.

I straighten out with my back straight and eyes glowing like when master class fighter are getting serious…Yeah I can do this too!

"DON'T UNDERESTMIATE THE POWER OF A CHEF!" I roared into the air and all other still in the training room stared as if I have gone nuts.

"…We will stop by a super market." Sid Hongou-sensei as he walked away.

""ALRIGHT!"" Sho and I high fived.

There will be a great dinner ahead of us, that I can promise.

To Be Continued…

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