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I know I have 8 in-progress stories already, but this has been on my mind for a week now and I can't ignore it... it's actually getting in the way of my other stories. And I'm too excited to just write it and not post it up. It's a threesome between HP, Angel and The Covenant.

Full Summary: Hermione is vacationing in LA with her parents during the summer after her third year. While on vacation, she meets a vampire who becomes obsessed with wanting to make her his queen and an owl to Sirius and a call to Remus has her on her way to Angel Investigations for help with her problem. On her way there, she meets the Sons of Ipswich who are also on vacation in LA. Reid resembles a certain cockroach that she just recently slapped, and she can't look away. Upon meeting Angel, she comes in handy with something they need help with and the Sons are willing to help as well. What happens when she learns just exactly why Reid looks so much like Malfoy? Harry and Ron are never going to believe her summer!

Four Sons Meet A Witch

"Bloody stupid Sirius," thirteen year old Hermione Granger muttered underneath her breath, stomping her way through the streets of Los Angeles, "Stupid bloody stalking vampires, stupid bloody Fudge…"

It's been only one week since Hogwarts got out, and two weeks since Hermione helped Harry clear his newly found godfather from all murder charges and put him into hiding. Of course though just because Sirius has been proven innocent didn't mean that the Prime Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, believed that Sirius was innocent. He still had all the Aurors on the lookout for the infamous Sirius Black. Clutching the tiny black purse closely to her side, Hermione saw that she only had about an hour left until the sun went down…

After rescuing Buckbeak – who now went as 'Witherwings' – Sirius went into hiding at his family home, Number twelve Grimmauld Place. Of course though, this meant that he couldn't leave the safety of his home, and Professor Dumbledore and Professor Lupin made sure that Sirius didn't even leave under the pretense of his Animagus, Padfoot. Not understanding too much about the magic world, but not appreciating how their daughter came home more stressed than when she left at the beginning of the year, Hermione's parents thought it would be better to take a magic free trip to America. Hearing how Hermione was going to America, Sirius asked her to please bring him back some American sweets; claiming that they were better than British muggle sweets and wizarding sweets combined. Of course being a muggle-born witch, Hermione disagreed with his taste in sweets, but nonetheless she obliged. She was going to pick some American sweets up for Ron and Harry anyway, and didn't mind the task.

It was on her first night in LA, that it happened. Hermione's parents allowed her to walk to the little sweet shop around the corner from their hotel. Although she was only thirteen years old, they knew she would be safe – being the sweet little innocent muggle dentists that they were, they didn't realize they were vacationing in demon central – and trusted Hermione to be able to use her wand to defend herself against some type of American mugger that they always see in movies. That was when it happened; she was approached by some wanker vampire who didn't seem to accept the fact that she didn't want to be his queen. Normally, Hermione would be able to fend off a simple vampire attack thanks to her recent school year with Professor Lupin teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts, but this wasn't a normal attack. This vampire was stalking her. He claimed to be in love with her and that he wanted her to rule the world with him, and do all sorts of other inappropriate things that a proper thirteen year old lady shouldn't even be thinking of.

That was what led her to this ungodly walk of hers right now. Not wanting to bother her parents with 'magical nonsense' she owled Sirius and called Professor Lupin. They both shared the same advice…

"Do you remember me teaching the class about the vampire Angelus who was cursed with a soul by the gypsies, Hermione?" Professor Lupin asked her in a worried tone once he heard that one of his former students was being stalked by a mental vampire.

"Of course Professor," Hermione nodded her head although she knew he wouldn't be able to see her, "Angelus was one of the most vicious vampires in the world. He was sired by Darla, and then he sired Drusilla. Drusilla then sired William the Bloody, and together the four of them wreaked havoc on all towns and villages, not leaving a single survivor behind. Angelus made the mistake of torturing then killing a gypsy one night, and her tribe cursed him into having a soul. After leaving behind the still dangerous trio, he disappeared for a century before emerging again. He is now currently living over a Hellmouth and fighting off vampires side by side with the slayer. He's claiming his redemption."

Chuckling at how Hermione still acted like the know-it-all student she was in class over her summer holidays, Remus agreed with her. "You're right Hermione, twenty points to Gryffindor."

Blushing, Hermione giggled, "Sorry Professor. Sometimes it's hard to forget that I'm not in school. So what does Angelus have to do with my little problem?"

"Last year," Professor Lupin began explaining, "Angelus left Sunnydale and moved to Los Angeles. He is now working in a private investigator type of scene with Miss Cordelia Chase who became a Seer. They also have the slayer, Miss Faith Lehane, working with them."

"I thought she was evil?"

"She was," clearing his throat, Professor Lupin explained it to her. "During the graduation of Sunnydale High that took place last year, the mayor was killed by the original slayer and her friends and of course Angelus. Miss Lehane was in a coma, and woke up a week later. After some rough trials, she moved out to LA to work with Angelus on redeeming herself. They now have a tiny little office in the heart of LA, and they help people."

"Perfect!" Hermione shouted into the phone, excited to finally have help in fixing this situation.


I'm terribly sorry to hear that you have an undead admirer. Have you tried telling him that you are underaged and you just aren't ready for a serious relationship yet?


After replying back with a harsh letter that had too many words a proper young lady shouldn't even know exists and a suggestion of what he could do with his foot, Hermione got a more serious reply from the man she went from fearing to loathing – but admiring at the same time – in only one days' time.


You should wash your quill hand with soap young lady! If Moony were still teaching you lot, I would have him take fifty points from Gryffindor for such vulgar writing. (And I'm a bloody proud Gryffindor, mind you) How do you even know about those sorts of acts? Anyway, there's a vampire with a soul named Angelus who lives in LA. He has some sort of investigation thing going on, and he'll be able to help you. On the other side of this letter, I've written down his address for you. Let me know if your stalker problem gets more serious or if you can't get to Angelus. Witherwings and I wouldn't mind a flight to America.


So now here she was; holding Sirius's letter in her hand and a map in the other, with her wand hidden safely in her back pocket. Hermione knew that the Ministry would never be able to trace the magic back to her if she had to use it because the trace was more on the area around her home than on her wand or herself, but she still felt weary about having to use it herself. She made her way throughout the streets of a foreign land, trying to beat the sunset so she wouldn't be caught on her own by the vampire stalker or any other vampire who would catch her. She was so immersed into her thoughts that she hadn't noticed the hooded figure until he was already running with her purse.

"Hey!" she shouted out, running after him. "Give me back my bloody purse."

The four brothers were walking around the streets of Los Angeles and teasing Pogue about his new relationship with Kate. Blushing lightly at the teasing of his brothers, Pogue heard the shout from behind them. Turning around, he watched in amusement as a tiny girl who looked no more than thirteen or fourteen was chasing after a man holding tightly onto a purse. Shoulder lengthened chestnut hair flew all around her, resembling an insane person with frizzy hair. They could see the rage in her golden colored eyes and the annoyance in her thinly pressed lips while she continued to run. They also took in her outfit; a purple colored blouse with blue jean shorts and black shoes. She seemed to be only a couple feet behind the man.

"Reid," Tyler suddenly said, nudging the blonde with his elbow. When Reid looked at him, he pointed at the girl, "Look what she just grabbed out of her pocket."

Looking back at the girl, Reid's jaw dropped. "It's been years since I've seen one of those, brothers."

Also noticing the wand in the girl's hand as she pointed it at the mugger, Caleb chuckled, "Well let's help our sister out then, shall we?"

Hermione stopped running and directed her wand at the mugger. Just as she was about to utter out a stupefying spell she remembered that she was in a muggle infested area, and quickly lowered her wand. Grunting out in annoyance at the idea of having to run some more – a complete night of being chased by Professor Lupin in his werewolf state still had her sore – Hermione started to run again. Picking up her pace she heard somebody shout at her to watch out, but it was too late. The mugger abruptly came to a stop right in front of her, and the hardened impact caused her to fly backwards. Hearing some shouts from a distance, the last thing Hermione remembered was seeing Draco Malfoy staring down at her. There was something off about him though; his eyes were black.


Feeling the body she was resting against stiffen against her, Hermione felt a pounding sensation in her head and cringed when she heard an unfamiliar voice, "She's waking up."

"Shush," Hermione slowly said, "You don't have to shout."

"She has a concussion," a second unfamiliar voice said.

"Damn Caleb," snorted a third voice, "How hard did you hit her?"

"I didn't hit her," hissed a fourth voice, "She ran into the scumbag."

She ran into the scumbag? Hearing the words being spoken about her, Hermione groaned and tried to sit up. "My purse-"

"-is right here, Sweetheart," the voice closest to her said. "We've got it. You shouldn't be moving, not yet at least."

Feeling a hand touch her forehead, Hermione tried to bury herself into the grass smelling chest of whoever was holding onto her and a soft sigh escaped her lips. "Don't move," whoever was touching her forehead told her, "I'm going to fix your concussion alright."


Feeling a heated sensation running through her forehead and entering her bloodstream, Hermione gasped as it suddenly turned to ice, giving her a brain freeze; reminding her of the time she ate her ice cream too fast with Ron while waiting to meet up with Harry in Diagon Alley. Then just as quickly as it appeared, it was gone. Slowly opening her eyes, Hermione saw pale blue eyes staring down at her. They belonged to a pale faced boy who looked to be only a couple of years older than her. She knew him from somewhere. Albino blonde strands fell into his face, reminding her of someone. She looked back up into his eyes, and tried to remember him. Who had pale blue eyes; almost resembling glass? Pale skin? Pale hair? Pale eyes? It wasn't until he smirked at her, that Hermione let out a frightened squeak and jumped out of his arms, training her wand on him.

"Malfoy!" she hissed out, backing away.

"No," he shook his head, "I assure you I am not a Malfoy. My name is Reid Garwin."

Watching as the blonde stood up from the pavement of the sidewalk that he was just kneeling on, Hermione saw him hold his hands up as if defeated, while he took slow and cautious steps towards her. "You're an American?" she questioned, taking in his accent.

"Sort of," nodding his head, he breathed out a sigh of relief when she lowered her wand. He noticed the wild look in her eyes as she continued to stare at him. "I was born in England, but moved out here when I was nine. I'm sixteen now."

Jumping up as one of the other boys grabbed her shoulder, Hermione lifted her wand once more. "Whoa," holding his hands up to show that he wasn't going to hurt her, Caleb shook his head, "Chill; I wasn't going to hurt you. I just wanted to make sure you were alright."

"You might want to put your wand away," the Malfoy look alike warned her, "You're attracting the muggles."

Looking around to see that there were in fact a couple of muggles staring at her with what she could only assume was disgust, Hermione nodded her head and put her wand back into her pocket. "Are you all wizards as well?"

"No," the boy with long black hair shook his head. She saw the laughter in his light brown eyes and envied him. She wished she could still have that laughter in her eyes. "Well I guess Reid is in a way, but we aren't at least. I'm Pogue," holding his hand out to her, he smiled and she saw dimples, "Pogue Parry."

Hermione took his hand and shook it, blushing at the idea of shaking a teenage boy's hand. "Hermione Granger."

The same boy who first approached her held his hand out for her as well this time. His hair reminded Hermione of Harry's and caused her to chuckle a bit, which only made his light brown eyes darken with confusion. "Caleb Danvers."

"Hullo," she grinned, hiding her laughter behind one hand while using her other to shake his. "Sorry, I don't mean to be rude. But you remind me of my best friend Harry in a way. Well, your hair does at least."

Laughing at the idea of someone else having the same hair as Caleb, Tyler stepped up to the young British girl. Dark brown hair hung just over his eyes, reminding her of a darker haired version of both Malfoy and Reid; while his crystal blue eyes reminded her of Professor Dumbledore, "I'm Tyler Simms."

"Nice to meet you," Hermione grinned, shaking his hand. Then turning back to the blonde who was still staring at her, Hermione felt her cheeks heating up as she remembered snuggling in closer against his chest just moments before. "Sorry about freaking out like that."

"It's alright," he shrugged his shoulders, holding out the tiny black colored purse that she only now just noticed in his hand. "It's understandable; Malfoys aren't very well liked in the wizarding world."

"Thanks," Hermione muttered, taking her purse from him and pulling the strap over her shoulder. "And that's an understatement. Malfoys are the world's evilest gits. Well aside from Voldemort at least, but they're just as terrible – I mean they do work for the bloke. And they do make sure to take the time to make my life hell just because I'm a muggle-born, but that doesn't mean Lucius had to go and try to kill Ginny just because of it – what the bloody hell was he thinking giving her that diary? I'm glad that Harry set Dobby free after that, and that look on Malfoy's face was priceless when I slapped him; it felt good too, after being called a Mudblood by him for so long…" realizing that she was rambling on, Hermione looked up and saw they were all just staring at her. Blushing once again, Hermione flew her hands to her mouth, "Sorry. I have a tendency to ramble on. My best friends Harry and Ron are always telling me I should just be quiet sometimes."

"How old are you?" Reid asked her suddenly.

Wanting to kick herself for still blushing, Hermione shied away, "Thirteen. But I make fourteen in three months."

Tyler, Caleb, and Pogue all looked over at Reid who now had a saddened smile on his lips. "So you're in the same year as Draco Malfoy then?"

"Yes," gritting her teeth at hearing his name, Hermione turned a deeper shade of red once more, but this time it wasn't from blushing. The four Sons all took a step back as they saw her clenching her fists. "That foul-loathsome-evil-little-cockroach… urgh… that bloody git is the foulest most evil little boy to ever roam this earth. I believe he's darker than Voldemort himself, and he kills people for fun mind you. Well not just any people, mostly just muggle-borns and half-bloods, well no… I guess he does kill purebloods for fun too – look at what he did to Harry's dad – then again there was that prophecy, but it doesn't matter, he's still evil. And Malfoy is right there alongside him; calling me a Mudblood and all sorts of other names. I am not a bookworm," Hermione looked up at the four confused boys, "I mean I'm beating him by only two points in every class. So it's not as if I'm that much brighter than him. Then he goes and tries to get Buckbeak killed just because he's a bloody ponce. Oh, I wish I still had my time-turner. I would slap him all day again if I could. I would-"


Stopping in the middle of describing how much she wished she could punch Malfoy instead of slapping him the next time, Hermione looked up, "Huh? Oh, sorry. Was I rambling again?"

Laughing, Reid nodded his head. "It's alright. Pogue's girlfriend Kate likes to talk a lot too, so we're used to it."

"Oh," looking up at the sky, Hermione blanched, "Oh Merlin, it's getting dark, I've got to go."

Reaching out, Reid grabbed her arm, "Wait-"

"You don't understand," Hermione shook her head; "You don't understand, I've got to get off the streets before he begins stalking me again."

Instantly the three other boys began to search the streets while Reid took a protective stance in front of the amused witch. Looking over at him to ask him what they were doing, Hermione gasped. So she wasn't imagining it – his eyes really were an onyx color earlier. Looking over at the other three, she saw their eyes were all the same. It explained how they were able to get rid of her concussion by touching her forehead without wands, but it didn't explain who they were.

"Who's stalking you?" Reid asked. His voice was a low growl; reminding her of Malfoy's when he cornered her two days after she slapped him. He told her that if she laid her filthy hands on him again, he would kill her without hesitation.

"This vampire," Hermione sighed, "It's rather quite embarrassing really, but I really do need to go. I have ten minutes left to make it to the office."

"The office?" Caleb questioned. His voice took a deeper tone now that his eyes were black.

"I was referred to a vampire who would be able to help me," Hermione nodded her head.

Turning around, Reid saw the fear in her eyes as she looked at him. It wasn't there with the others; only him. Then he shuddered. She mentioned how Lucius Malfoy tried killing some girl and how Draco called her the worst name you could call a muggle-born. Of course she feared him. He looked like the two people who made her school years hell. "We'll take you."

"It's alright," Hermione shook her head, moving away from him. "I'm sorry Reid. I know you said you aren't a Malfoy, but you look too much like him. I mean, you could be his bloody twin. Except for your eyes; his are silver and yours are blue. It's too creepy. I keep picturing a kind Malfoy, and it's making me want to face a Dementor again."

"A Dementor," Reid's jaw dropped, "You faced a Dementor?"

Hermione chuckled, but there was no laughter in her face, "It comes with the effects of being Harry Potter's best friend."

"Harry Potter's best…" Reid' jaw dropped again. No wonder why they hated this girl so much. She was a muggle-born and a best friend to Harry Potter. Reid was actually surprised that Lucius wasn't swallowing his pureblooded pride and forcing Draco to befriend the young witch. She must be extremely bright if she's beating Draco by only two points in every class. Lucius was the type of person who would force his son to befriend the best friend of Harry Potter just so they could bring him closer to the Dark Lord. Reid shuddered as he thought of it; so he wasn't hearing things earlier. She did call him by his name – Voldemort. "You're Harry Potter's best friend?"

Nodding her head with a smile, Hermione looked over at Caleb; "That's why I laughed at Caleb's hair. It reminded me of Harry. So you're familiar with the wizarding world then? I mean you know of the Malfoys, and you know of Dementors and about Harry?"

"Yeah," Hermione noticed the remorse in Reid's eyes as he answered her. It was odd to see remorse in Draco. Of course, she knew that he wasn't Draco, but it was uncanny how much they resembled each other.

Looking up at the sky, Tyler turned back to them, "Hermione, you only have five minutes left."

"Oh shoot."

Reaching out, Reid grabbed her hand once more and handed her a card that he conjured out of the air. "Here's my cell number. Call me if you need any help. We're going to be in LA for another two months."

Looking down at the card in her hand, Hermione nodded her head. "I'll text you my number once I get there," stopping a couple of feet away from the silent brothers, Hermione turned back with a wide smile. "Thank you for grabbing my purse back from the mugger," then she turned and ran off again.

A/N: The timeline is off, but it's the only way that my story will work… sorry if it's confusing you guys because honestly it confused me to write it. So a whole year has passed since the graduation of Sunnydale, but Remus didn't get to teach that part to his class yet, and Faith arrived to Sunnydale during junior year instead of senior. Doyle is already dead, Cordelia is a seer, and Spike is already good. He doesn't have a soul, but he's already working with Angel. Hermione is thirteen ('tis the month of June and her birthday is in September – I don't like the idea of her being older than her year-mates) the Sons are sixteen and Faith and Cordelia are eighteen. All HP events are based off the books and movies in order, but the Covenant and BTVS/Angel events are jumbled up and out of order and somewhat erased? You'll understand over the chapters. If not, just ask(:

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