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I laid low for the next couple of days. In hindsight, this wasn't actually a good idea. It just made the already paranoid mechs and soldiers even more so – they were slowly getting used to my specific type of chaos, and the absence of it signaled, to them at least, that I was planning something.

Of course, I had already planned and executed my big thing, but that was beside the point.

The tension grew until it came to a head, less than a week after the meeting about my dismantling of my body.

Epps plopped down in front of me in the mess hall, glancing curiously over the schematics I had drawn out for Lysia's body. "What the hell are you doing?"

I glanced up at him. "Drawing, Sergeant Epps. Why?"

He sighed. "You've been planning. That isn't good. When you plan, things like you getting killed in action happen."

I frowned. "No, I'm not planning anything currently. Well, other than that. But that's hardly important."

My gesture towards the schematics caught his attention and he payed more attention. I winced as he gasped in surprise, causing people to look over.

"That's an Autobot!"

I quickly snatched up all the papers and stuffed them in a portfolio. "That's my cue to leave. 'Bye, Epps!"

With that, I sprinted from the mess hall, ignoring the questions and yells from soldiers and Autobots alike.


I slid into my office, calling, "Lysia!"

She looked up from where she was sitting cross-legged. "Yes, Mom?"

I took a deep breath and let it out, calming down. "Head to the ranch. Stay there. I'll let you know when it's safe to come back."

She nodded and vanished instantaneously, just in time. My door slammed open, revealing an angry Epps, a bemused Optimus hologram, and an amused Lennox. I smiled brightly and waved.

"Hey, Boss Bot! Do you think you can get me clearance to head back to our ranch state-side? I miss roaming the land and my bed."

His eyes furrowed and he replied, "I shall do my best. Why did you run?"

I shifted slightly before responding, "I forgot I had a video call!"

Lysia, bless her heart, chose that moment to call me from the ranch. "Hello?"

I spun around and smiled. "Hey, Lysia! Long time no see! How goes your research?"

She stared for a fraction of a second, then smiled and said, "Oh, it's going well! We've found several similar stars to our sun and have set up cams in an effort to see if there are any planets! Did you ever finish designing those satellites? They'd be a fantastic help."

I held up the schematics for her body. "Just working out a few kinks. I'll send the designs to you for your approval and then we can get started on manufacturing. Anything else?"

She glanced past me at the men standing dumbfounded in the doorway. "There have been some strange sightings around the edge of the compound. No breaches yet, but I'm worried."

I sat up at that. "Strange sightings?"

She nodded, her eyes serious. "Cars without drivers, dark in color. All with some strange markings – here..."

There were some shuffling sounds and then she held up a sheet of paper with both the Autobot and the Decepticon symbol on it. "These are the only ones we've seen. Care to explain?"

I growled lowly. "Trouble. That's what they mean. I'll be there as soon as possible."

She nodded and cut the call. I spun around and stared at them.

"Well. Guess that secret won't last long. Now it's not just a want. It's a necessity – I have to go to the ranch."


I paced nervously in the aircraft, ignoring the worried look our contingent of followers kept shooting me. The SecDef had allowed our return, but insisted we have a guard. It ended up being two planes worth of soldiers and 'Bots. I was stuck with Maya, Jazz, Bumblebee, the twins, Lennox, and Alex. Eva and Rikina were in the other plane with Ratchet, Optimus, Ironhide, Prowl, Epps, and a small herd of jumpy soldiers.

"Stand by for descent."

I grabbed onto the netting and stood through our jarring landing, out of the door as soon as it was open. I transformed straight into car mode and popped both my doors, waiting impatiently. Maya, Nate, Alex, and a couple of soldiers squished in and I sped off, not waiting for everyone else to load up.

Ironhide, Ratchet and Optimus yelled at me over the Autobot frequency, letting everyone know I was misbehaving. I gave the Cybertronian form of "Fuck off!" as a response, killing all talk and stunning everyone.

"Uh, Mom?" Eva said hesitantly. "That was really inappropriate."

I growled. "Yeah, well, there's a lot you don't really understand, and there are unidentified Autobots and Decepticons roaming around our house."

"Then explain." Ratchet sounded like he was barely restraining himself from ripping into me.

My fault, of course. Shouldn't have disrespected Optimus like that. I felt bad, which swayed me into launching into an explanation.

"I met Primus when I died. He told me a lot and, er, is still teaching me. Recently, he charged me with a very important duty – create two Cybertronian-human hybrid lives from scratch. I already made one – her name is Lysia and she's currently alone and defenseless at the ranch."

There was a stunned silence, from soldiers and Autobots alike. Optimus broke it, saying, "This is remarkable. We shall have to talk after resolving this crisis. I am expecting a more detailed explanation from you."

I groaned. "I suddenly feel like I've been called into the principal's office. Can we focus on protecting my daughter first? I'd kind of like her to stay alive, please."

Agreement rose from the contingent and we all fell silent as I took the exit for the highway that led out of town and to the county road that held the turnoff for the ranch. At this point, the other 'Bots had sped up to match me, following closely as I broke more than a few speed regulations, including the ones of nature.

I slowed down once we hit the county road – as much as I wanted to get home, the miniscule dents I'd receive from speeding down the road would be very annoying and hard to deal with. Eva, who was the only other one to transform, also slowed down, and we both snickered as Ironhide didn't and yelped.


He snarled at me. "Slagger."




"Spawn of Ultron."

"Piss bucket."

"Easy frag."

"Oh, shut it, you rotten celery stick!"

Silence reigned.

"Mom, you are so weird."

"I know." I took the turn in for the ranch and sped up slightly, frowning internally as I pinged several different signatures, rapidly approaching the house.

"Oh, shit."


Lysia sat on the couch. No, she mentally corrected herself, she was projecting an image of herself sitting on a couch. At this point in time, she did not have a physical body. Mom had promised her one, but Mom was also very busy and had to get around several blockades, some by the government. From what she had read, if it weren't for the-one-called-Optimus, they would have seized all of her family and experimented on them, in the hopes of creating an army of mechs. She would not let that happen to them.

She checked the sensors she had set out. The signals she had seen earlier were coming closer, but she could feel Mom and Sisters and Aunt at the edge of her awareness, rapidly growing stronger. With them were the-one-named-for-a-bug, the-overly-aggressive-one, the-healer-like-Mom, the-one-of-statistical-excellence, the-bright-yellow-one, the-red-one, and the-one-called-Optimus. She supposed they were coming to rescue her, and then maybe remove her.

Mom had promised to protect her. She would trust Mom.

But that did not mean she could not help. With that in mind, Lysia activated the few defenses she had set up and settled in to wait.


I nearly crashed as I felt defenses I hadn't installed activate. "What the hell?!"

I heard similar cursing as I pinged Lysia. "Lysia, what was that?!"

My little girl replied calmly, "Defenses I set up, Mom. The ranch had none."

I groaned. "You aren't even a week old!"

Optimus cut in then. "Yokiri, I must inquire – this femme, Lysia, she is less than a week old?"

I sent an affirmative, spinning into a small clearing and opening doors. "Yeah, she's partially why I was almost late. I was setting up the holographic projectors for her and started programming after that meeting."

Lysia spoke. "Target 3 – 70%. Unidentified Ally 1, UA1 – 65%, taking enemy fire. Target 5 is currently engaged with UA3. Target 1 is out of commission, cause – lucky strike from defenses. Targets 2 and 4 are engaging UA2. However, none of the allies will last long, and my defenses are long-range only. Please hurry, Mom."

I sighed as I shifted up and the humans set up base. "On my way, Lysia."

With that, I turned to Optimus, who nodded, and sprinted towards the sounds of fire.

As I cleared the ridge and shot down it, Lysia steadily reporting the situation over the Autobot frequencies, I could see the battle. My optic ridges shot up.

"Lysia, corrections to identifications. UA1 is Mirage. UA2 is Boomer. UA3 is unidentifiable, notify Ratchet that they need medical attention. Target 1 is Barricade. The rest are still unidentified."

There was silence for a moment as I charged across the field, then Lysia responded, "Corrections accepted. Ratchet has been notified."

I launched across the field and swiped my sword down, taking Barricade's hand off. His optics widened as he recognized me. He swore and called retreat, fleeing with the other four Decepticons.

I tilted my head. "That was strange. Lysia, are you alright?"

I transformed down, smiling at the dutiful "Yes, Mom."

I flung open the patio doors, turning around to look at the rest of the Autobots. "Well, everyone, this is Lysia."

She stepped forward hesitantly, waving gently. "Hello."


I stood in my old room much, much later. Ratchet had wanted to check over her coding to make sure that I hadn't messed anything up. I scoffed at him, but let him look anyway. The rest of the Autobots all wanted to talk to her, amazed by the marvel that was my new daughter.

I sighed softly and flopped back onto the bed. "Well, now that we're here, it'd be a good time to bring it up, I suppose..."

With that final thought, I slid into dreamland and right into another dream lesson.


I stood on a vast metallic plane. "Where are we now?"

He chuckled. "I thought you'd like to see Cybertron."

I surveyed it with a frown. "It's still... and quiet."

He sighed. "This is how it is now. It was quite vibrant and beautiful before the war."

I tilted my head sideways. "Is there any way to restore it now, or is it doomed to such silence forever now?"

He smiled at my determination to fix its desolation. "There is always a way to restore what is lost. Come, let us explore."

I followed him down into an area full of broken and dull crystals. "This was Praxus, right? There's a lot of stories about the gardens, how they were breathtaking."

He nodded and hung back as I moved forward, careful not to touch anything. I looked into windows, frowning as I saw broken furniture and shattered glass.

"This is really sad. Can we go somewhere else?"

"Not just yet. There is something you need to see." He indicated a side street. "It's that way."

I stared at him, shrugged, and set off, hopscotching over the debris in the way. I couldn't exactly tell time, dreamland was funny like that, but I knew it took me quite a while to make it to the end of the street. At some point, I realized it wasn't a street, but a path, lined with beautiful murals that depicted the creation of Cybertron and its inhabitants. I came to a clear area and looked up from where I had been focussed on not stepping on anything and gasped.

There was a small Cybertronian protoform incased in crystal. The inscription over it read, 'The Body of the First Prime', and I slowly reached out, drawn to the small body. My hand contacted the crystal and flashed star-bright, blinding me.

I yelped and fell on my ass, scrubbing at my optics frantically. "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!"

When I could see again, I looked back up and froze.

The First Prime's optics were glowing.


Back on the ranch, Rikina had wandered into my room to check on me, as I had been quiet for some time. "Wake up sleepy head."

I didn't respond, as I was currently wandering through Praxus and thus was somewhere over a million miles away.

Rikina frowned and poked me, poking me harder when I didn't respond. "C'mon, Yoki. Get up, Optimus wants to talk to you."

I still didn't respond.

Now slightly worried, Rikina grabbed my shoulders and started shaking me. "Yokiri! Wake up!"

My head flopped around limply as she shook me, proving to her that something was Very Wrong Indeed.

Panicking fully now, Rikina darted to the door and screeched as loudly as she could. "RATCHET!"


I backed up slowly, making sure to keep my optics on the protoform as the First Prime's optics continued to glow. A cracking noise made me flinch, and I backed up further as cracks appeared in the crystal.

I yelped as the top part of the crystal exploded outward, pinging off my armor, making me close my optics and twist away.

"Ah," the First Prime sighed, "it's been a while."


Rikina paced in front of the couch as Maya and Eva sat there, staring numbly. Yokiri was outside, having been forced to transform so Ratchet could check over her. The soldiers were standing around awkwardly, unsure what to do in the face of this sudden occurrence. Epps was leaning against the counter, and Lennox had sat on the floor.

The other Cybertronians were conversing quietly in their own language, the clicks, whistles, and chirping strangely loud in the still and waiting silence.

Lysia's projected form flickered throughout the house, her own version of pacing. She was nervous, strange as that may be to her, and wanted her Mom to be okay.


I stared, frozen, at the First Prime. "What?"

He smiled at me, the faint Irish brogue in his voice just now registering. "It's been a while. Several hundred millennia, I believe. For highly advanced beings, Primus's children do tend to break their planet quite a bit."

I continued to stare. "What?"

He snickered and broke the crystal encasing his legs, stepping down gently and walking over to tap my cheek. He was about five feet shorter than me and covered in a dusty red armor. It wasn't rust covered, which made me interested in the material it was made of.

"You alright, there?"

I twitched, then shook my head. "Uh, yeah. This is incredibly strange? I don't know how to act."

If anything, the smile on his face grew wider. "How about with and introduction? I'm Aeon Prime. And you are?"

I blinked down at him and said, "I'm Filia Muliebris, the first Prime of the human/Cybertronian hybrids."

He dipped his head. "Hello, Filia, my sister."


Ratchet shook his head at Optimus. "There's nothing wrong with her. She's just… unresponsive."

"So she's in a coma?" Eva's voice spoke up, causing both 'Bots to jump.

She sounded remarkably young and scared, staring up at the pair.

Ratchet slumped his shoulders. "Yes, it would seem so."

Eva ducked her head, hiding her shining eyes.


I followed along after Aeon, watching him tsk over the damage done. "I'm confused."

He turned to look at me, surprise clear on his face, as I hadn't said a word the whole time we'd been doing this. "About what?"

I waved my hands around me. "All of this. What does Primus expect you to do? It's a big world, far bigger than the both of us. It'll take forever to fix on our own."

Aeon looked astonished. "You mean you don't know?"

I gave him a look. "If I knew whatever it was, I wouldn't be asking, would I?"

He tilted his head down and started walking again. "Each Prime, with their new body, is given a special ability. Mine is to heal this world. You do know what happened when I was chosen, right?"

I nodded. "The First Prime was chosen during a time when it seemed as if everything would die. Where he walked, new life sprang forth and all of Cybertron united behind him."

He grinned. "Exactly. I knew it would happen again, so I asked Primus to preserve my body and spark so that I could come back and heal the world when it broke. He agreed, and made it so only the pure of heart who want the best for our people could awaken me."

I made a soft noise of realization and looked at him. "That's so cool!"

Then it hit me. "Wait, every Prime? What's my power, then? What's Optimus's?"

He gave me a look. "Do you think I know? Ask Primus. Now scram, I have healing to do."

I stuck my tongue out at him and ran off to where I had left Primus.


Ratchet stared down at the still body of the young medic who had, in turn, intrigued him, confused him, terrified him, and annoyed him. He was annoyed now, come to think of it. It was like she was just asleep and would wake up at any moment!

Something sparked in his brain. "I met Primus when I died. He told me a lot and, er, is still teaching me."

"Oh," Ratchet said slowly, something very close to wonder racing through his frame.

With that, he turned and yelled for Optimus.


I skipped into the square and gasped. "Is that a cyber-kitten?!"

Primus smiled at me. "Yes. She found her way here rather quickly."

As if on cue, the small metal form wailed and staggered towards me, clumsy and uncoordinated. I scooped her up and shushed her softly, cooing all the while. She snuggled in, her silver protoform gleaming dully in Cybertron's red sun.

I looked up at Primus and did my best puppy dog look. "Can I keep her? Pleeeeeeaaase?"

He snorted. "I believe she is a gift for you from the First Prime, judging by the way she's clinging to your form. She will return to Terra Nova with you, though not in your immediate area. You'll have to find her, though she won't be far."

I nodded and made a note to look for her immediately when I woke up. "Oh, hey, what's my special power?"

Primus smiled again. "I knew he would mention that. You have the power to transform dying humans into hybrids like yourself. It's only you, of course, and you will know what to do instinctively."

I nodded slowly. "I can see where that would be helpful. Especially if one of the special humans of the 'Bots gets hurt. It won't happen automatically, will it? I don't want to do it if the person doesn't want to be changed."

Primus's optics widened slightly and he dipped his head. "Very well. I'll… make that adjustment."

I grinned cheerfully. "Yay! What's Optimus's power? I think he should know."

Primus stilled, something I had figured meant he was checking the time. "You need to return. Optimus's power is one you already know about. Good luck, my child.

"What?" I tried to say, but the world had already gone dark.


Optimus stood over his fellow Prime's body. "Are you sure, Ratchet?"

Ratchet nodded. "As sure as I can be. She's just asleep."

A sleepy voice asked, "Who's just asleep? And why am I on the ground?"

The two mechs looked down to see Yokiri blinking slowly up at them as she started to stretch. Optimus was the first to speak.

"Thank Primus! You're awake!"

She looked slightly annoyed. "Yeah, and that still doesn't answer my question."

Ratchet sighed. "Rikina couldn't wake you."

Yokiri blinked. "Oh."


The fact that Rikina couldn't wake me up was startling, though not as much as I had figured. After all, I had just been running around on Cybertron.

I couldn't continue on that line of thought as my voice had sent my family running outside, and I was promptly tackled by three human-sized bodies. Really, it was quite amusing how tiny they were compared to my Cybertronian form, something that hadn't ever really hit me as we all tended to stay in the same form.

"Mom! You're awake!" Eva shrieked happily, nearly crying from joy.

"Mmm hmmm," I said noncommittally. "I was just asleep, kiddo."

Rikina smacked me. "You scared the crap out of me! Don't do it again!"

"Okaaaay," I sighed, rolling my optics. "I didn't do it on purpose, you know."

I gently brushed them off my legs and stood up, already scanning the area for my kitten. She pinged in the nearby forest, almost five miles away. I transformed down, dodged the glomps from Maya and Eva, and took off towards her signal, ignoring the yells from pretty much everyone as I did.

I heard someone running behind me and risked a look to see who it was. Lennox was running as fast as he could, something his slowly reddening face would attest to, and it seemed like he was the only person currently insane enough to follow me. Feeling bad, I slowed down until he caught up to me, then settled into an easy jog.

"Sorry," I told him, leaping over an exposed root as we entered the forest.

He shook his head. "You have to remember that technically you're still under supervision, which means you need an authorized person with you at all times."

I winced. "Yeah, forgot about that. And, before you ask, we're going to get a new gift. I got her while I was asleep and she's about," I did a quick check of my radar, "four and a half miles this way. We need to hurry, though, she's pretty young and alone."

She had started to move slowly in our direction, but the most that would do is cut about a mile off our travel, unless she figured out how to run. I, of course, didn't tell Lennox that.

He nodded, and nearly tripped. I caught him and steadied him, starting again more slowly. This forest was actually quite hazardous to my tiny form. It was hatred and evil in tree form. There were exposed roots and sticks hiding everywhere, ready to send the unwary trespasser straight into hard rock, banging their heads and possibly knocking them unconscious. It made for a great defense.

We focused on getting through the forest without dying. An hour passed seemingly quickly, and a noise made me look up. Staring at me with clear love in her eyes was a waist-high metallic cat.

Lennox squeaked and she pounced on me, knocking me down. I laughed happily and rubbed her forehead, causing her to purr.

"Hey, girl," I cooed, hugging her. "That's Lennox. He's a friend."

She turned and looked at him before flopping down on top of me, making me groan.

Lennox snorted. "That's your gift? It's bigger than that psycho Decepticon cat!"

I wriggled to where I could see him. "Ravage is a cassette. He's not an actually cyber-cat, just modelled to look like one. This lovely beastie, on the other hand, is an actual cyber-kitten. Isn't she adorable?"

We gave him twin puppy dog looks, making him groan. "Let's just get back. Do you know a faster way?"

I tilted my head. "There's a path around here somewhere. Frankly, the thing is ridiculous because there's so many forks that lead to dead-ends, but we can give it a try."

We hit one of the dead-ends in about ten minutes and set back down it, my new kitty leading the way. Amused, Lennox and I followed her, surprised when she kept getting the right paths, leading us out in about half an hour.

"Good girl," I told her, eying the large congregation on the open land nervously. Lennox started towards it and we trailed behind, both the cat and myself nervous.


Optimus did not look happy when we finally arrived. "Yokiri, please refrain from running off, especially after such a strange occurrence."

I made a face at him and transformed up, not liking the feeling of being a bug. Rikina, Eva, and Maya had transformed up and were studiously ignoring me, I ignored them back.

My kitty peeped against my leg, catching the attention of everyone. I scooped her up and hummed.

"I guess I still need to name you, huh? Let's go with… Sutaraito."

She mewed at me, the sound definitely happy. I snickered and scritched her now tiny head.

Ironhide had moved closer to Suta, peering at her in surprise. "Is that a cyber-kitten?"

I nodded, smirking. "Indeed. Gift from a friend."

Ironhide shook his head. "I never thought I'd see one again. Cyber-cats all died early in the war, with most of the animals."

I shrugged. "Like I said, a gift from a friend."

"And this friend is…" Prowl, who had been silent for far too long, prompted, making me jump.

"Aeon Prime," I said with a sigh, letting Suta down as she started squirming.

She wobbled over to Lennox and gently sniffed him, licking him carefully, which sent him on his ass.

I laughed quietly. "I saw Cybertron, and started the healing process of the land. I don't know how long it will take, but it's healing. There should be all sorts of interesting things if we go back."

Quiet intakes of breath came from those around me, human and Bot alike. Catching Optimus's optic, I saw a new purpose to win the war bloom - hope.

Cybertron would live again, and we all gained hope.


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