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I stared at the ceiling in my room. I would have gone to sleep, but I could feel Ratchet scanning me every five minutes, and the itchy feeling was causing any urge to sleep to vanish.

As I felt him scan me again, I growled and opened up a comm link. ::Yokiri to Ratchet.::

::Ratchet here.::


I could hear hastily muffled snickers from the other 'Bots as Ratchet huffily responded. ::I just want to make sure you won't offline in the middle of your recharge cycle.::

I groaned and screamed into my pillow. ::I haven't offlined yet, and that was far from my first trip to see Primus. PLEASE STOP SO I CAN SLEEP, for the love of GOD.::

He grumbled at me, which I ignored, before saying, ::Fine, I will desist.::


With the knowledge that I was safe from nosy 'Bots, I rolled over and went to sleep.


I raised my eyebrow at the Cybertronian in front of me. "Didn't I just see you?"

He smiled gently. "Yes, but I must warn you, you must create that second life soon. Events are converging quickly."

I frowned. "Megatron's still gone, and hopefully I'll be on hand to punch Galloway or stop Soundwave."

He sighed. "That's not all you have to face, young one."

I flopped back onto the ground with a groan. "Thanks. Thanks a lot. Besides, you never told me what Optimus's power was."

He sighed again and sat next to me. "I cannot. Each Prime can only learn of their own power. I can only hint at his, but you must find out for yourself, and help him discover it."

I rolled over. "Alright. What are we covering tonight?"

He smiled at me. "Comportation and etiquette."

I whimpered, then sat up with a sigh. Might as well get it over with.


I woke up early and rolled out of bed. Staggering down the stairs, I yawned as I did a quick check of our supplies.

Most of it was good, as we had learned long ago that dried and dehydrated was the best way to go, even if that meant non-optimal taste.

Salsa took care of that.

I pulled out the egg powder and the frozen meat and got to work.

Before I got too far, I stopped and quickly started two pots of coffee. There were sleepy soldiers with guns. I wouldn't put it past them to try to shoot each other (or me) for the liquid.

I hummed softly to myself as I worked, almost dancing around the kitchen. Cooking was something that was my job, and it wasn't because I was the only one who could.

No, I made sure my family would be able to feed themselves.

Cooking was relaxing, though.

I hesitated after cooking what I thought would be enough, shrugged, and started cooking up a second batch, with the stuff for a third nearby.

Soldiers, especially men, always eat more than expected. Much more so if it tastes good.

I crouched down while I was waiting for the hash browns to fry and dug out a couple more coffee pots. Normally these two stayed in storage, along with the donut maker, and were only dragged out when we needed to pull an all-nighter for research or security.

I set one to making cocoa bean juice and the other to coffee, then stood back and grinned.

The kitchen was full of food, ready for hungry soldiers and family. I could hear the troops beginning to stir as the smell of coffee and recognizable food filtered through the air.

I retreated to the breakfast nook after setting out plastic plates and silverware, intent on not being in the way.

I was mildly certain someone might try to kill me for the food.

Lennox was the first down, doing a very good impression of a zombie.

"Coffee's in the black handled pots," I told him. "Grab a plate and fill it."

He did so, sitting next to me in the nook while I drank my chocolate.

I sighed and pulled out a data pad, starting to list ideas for making and/or getting the materials I needed. Lennox leaned closer to me, peering over my shoulder.

"Why do you need construction grade aluminum?" he asked me.

I slumped. "I'm not sure I will, but I've been told I need to make that second life soon. Shit will be going down, and apparently they're necessary."

He nodded, and looked at me. "Why don't you talk to Ratchet?"

I stopped and looked at him, deadpan look on my face. "Ah, yes. That thought never occurred to me. It's not like I'm a medic too. Or that this assignment was heavily implied to be done without help. But sure, let me ask Ratchet."

I flinched as text scrolled at the bottom of my HUD overlay. It was a simple message in Cybertronian, from Primus. I never said you had to do it alone. Ask the medic.

I growled to myself and stood to go talk to a grumpy medic.

"What did I say?" Lennox asked, confused.

Outside, I strode up to the red 'bot. "I need to talk to you."

He froze and glanced down at me, along with everyone else in the area. "Why?"

I simply looked up at him. He sighed and held out his hand for me to sit on, before standing and moving away from the rest of the group.

"What is so important?" he snapped at me.

I made a face at him. "I need your help creating that second life. I thought I had to do it by myself, but apparently not."

He sat down and put me on his knee. "What did you have in mind?"

"I was thinking a Pretender. It'd be easier to hide her from the government."

He nodded slowly. "We can use the parts from your old body. Luckily for you, I just so happened to grab as much as I could."

I cheered and hopped off, transforming as I did. "Let's get started, then!"


It wasn't anywhere near as hard as I thought it'd be. Between the two of us, it only took the better part of the day to get her assembled. It was made easier by the fact that, once completed, she'd only be 5'1.

Prowl wandered over about halfway through, and watched us, occasionally offering suggestions.

The coding would still take forever, even with Ratchet double-checking as we went, but her body was done.

Lysia stood and watched. "Mom, is that my sister?"

I sat back and wiped my brow, grinning at the completed protoform. "Yep! She's gonna be a Pretender, which means she'll be smaller than you when we get your body built."

She nodded and settled on the grass. "Could I help with the coding?"

I looked at Ratchet and shrugged. "Three minds are better than two. It might not take an eighteen hour coding session that way."

Lysia quietly sent me a file before flashing away. I felt my eyes widen as I opened it.

"Okay, it'll take an hour or two. Lysia sent me the bare bones for the coding. All we need to do is include personality vectors and we're done."

I twisted around and looked towards the house. "Did I accidentally create a super genius?!"

I could practically hear Ratchet sweat-dropping.


A couple hours later, and my second created daughter was on her feet. "Hello…?"

I grinned at her. "Hi! I'm Yokiri Ichika and/or Filia Muliebris. I'm your mom."

She blinked and smiled back at me. "Hello, Mom. Who am I?"

I blanked and turned to Ratchet, panicking mildly. "Uh."

Prowl spoke up then. "If I may, how about the name Theta?"

I turned even further, then turned back to my unnamed daughter. "What do you think?"

Her optics dimmed and then brightened. "I like it."

Ratchet sighed at me and left, and I smiled. "Then Theta it is. You're technically a Pretender - that is, a smaller Cybertronian capable of pretending to be an organic."

She nodded, and then her protoform flickered, becoming scaled before hardening into a dark-haired woman with brilliant blue eyes. "May I explore, Mom?"

I nodded, and looked up at Prowl, smirking inwardly at his almost blank face. "Mind watching her?"

He tensed slightly, and nodded. "Of course."

I wandered over towards Optimus and waited until they were well out of earshot before falling on my ass and laughing hysterically.

"What's so funny?" Ironhide grumbled.

I managed to speak between giggles. "Prowl… has a … crush on… my newly sparked daughter."

I fell into a fresh wave of laughter as the Optimus, Ratchet, and Ironhide's eyes widened. Optimus chuckled, nudging me gently. Ratchet grumbled something under his breath I was certain I didn't want to hear, while Ironhide harrumphed.

My laughter faded to snickers, and then stopped completely over time. I lay on my back, watching the clouds pass through the blue sky, and smiled at how pretty my planet truly was.

Unfortunately, the peace didn't last.

A shriek rang through air, followed by a loud and strident, "I HATE YOU!"

I sat up quickly and took off for the house. It was hard to realize at times that, even though they were physically mature, Eva and Maya's maturation had been accelerated due to our rather sudden transformations into Cybertronians. There were occasionally issues, like them acting like bratty thirteen year olds.

I burst into the house to see Lysia in a corner, the soldiers staring, and my two daughters squaring off in the living room, glaring at each other venomously.

I froze, about ten seconds away from panicking, and caught Rikina's eye. She was on the opposite side of the room. We came to an agreement, and moved towards the duo.

But we weren't fast enough.

"You think everything will be fine and dandy," Maya spat at Eva, who glared back, "but it doesn't change the fact that we're mutant freaks! We pop up out of nowhere, bring a whole host of problems, and it's pathetically obvious we're crushing on them!"

"Oh, right," Eva hissed back, "because it's easier to give up than hope Jazz would ever like you back!"

Maya paled, but shot right back, "That's right! Just like Bumblebee will never like you back, Ratchet will never like Auntie, and Sunstreaker and Sideswipe will never like Mom!"

Rikina and I paled, grabbing a sister each before hauling ass upstairs and slamming the door, leaving behind the horrified and heavy silence below.

"Dammit!" I swore, kicking the box at the foot of my bed and sending it crashing into the wall.

My cyber kitty jolted upright and looked at me, mewling questioningly. I patted her head gently, trying my hardest not to cry.

Eva and Maya collapsed onto the floor, going grey as they realized what, exactly, they had revealed.

"Shit," Maya whispered, and Rikina and I joined them on the floor, burning with embarrassment.

"All in favor of never talking to anyone but each other again?" I asked, raising my hand and sighing as every other hand went up.

Ratchet spoke over the open comm. ::Yokiri, Rikina? Is everything alright?::

We all hid in the corner of my room that was blocked from view and Rikina cloaked us. I could feel the irritation and worry from the 'bots, before it turned into sudden and reeling shock.

I stiffened and wrapped my arms around my family, turning to look at Lysia, who had appeared in my room.

She walked over and joined us on the floor, whispering, "I apologize, Mom. I will leave if you want me to."

I shook my head. "Stay, if you want. The four of us definitely will."

She nodded and sat, leaning against the wall and staring at my ceiling. We sat there quietly, listening to the murmur of the public channel and ignoring the pings to open private channels.

The pitch of the public channel changed, and Optimus spoke to me over our still open private channel. ::Arcee, Chromia, and Elita One have been spotted. They've changed trajectory so they'll land here instead of elsewhere.::

I sent a silent acknowledgment, causing him to sigh, before adding, ::The government has approved the request to turn your ranch into a base. Cliffjumper and Hot Rod are on their way. Please talk to someone, Yokiri. There are no hard feelings.::

After a quick check that, yes, Optimus was on the 'we can talk' list, I responded, ::It's not you or the other 'bots we're worried about. We're all a bit mortified, and probably won't be appearing for a few days. If I send you the recipe for our energon, would you give it to Ratchet?::

He chuckled in amusement, though he was still confused. ::Of course. Ratchet has been wanting that since the first time he saw you make it.::

I sent it on, and then huddled more into our cuddle puddle.

"This is so mortifying," I whispered, doing my best to keep my voice low. "Let's sneak out."

Rikina nodded, grinning excitedly. "We can go to the backup house I have set up!"

We all kind of looked at her. "Backup house?"

She flushed. "Well, it was in case we got found out and needed to hide. It's pretty isolated, and hard to get to."

I grinned. "Unless you're a giant alien robot?"

She nodded, and I pinged Theta. ::Don't say anything, but we're going to go away for a bit. Wanna come, or do you wanna stay?::

Her answer was hesitant. ::Can… can I stay? Prowl is fascinating, and a good teacher.::

I let warmth infuse my answer. ::Of course. I'll leave our comm line open, so you can talk to me whenever you want.::

I turned to Lysia. "Knowing Riki, there are projectors all over the other house. We'll set it up so you can travel between the two."

She beamed at me. "Thank you, Mom. I'll wake you when everyone has gone to sleep."

I smiled at her enthusiasm, and we all let ourselves slide into recharge.


"Running away will solve nothing."

I groaned and turned to face him. "It'll make us feel better, and it's just for a few days anyway. You know, until we can think about looking them in the face without feeling like dying."

He sighed. "Filia, I cannot let you leave."

I scowled at him. "Can you really stop me?"

He nodded, looking at me gravely. "If I must, yes."

I groaned. "Why is it so important we stick around? To be embarrassed? To have our hopes crushed?"

He didn't answer. "We will be discussing the life on Cybertron tonight."

I sighed exasperatedly and followed him.

During a break in his teaching, I slipped into a reconstructed library and picked a data pad at random. It was a history of the Primes. It mostly covered how they came about, how important they were to Cybertron, and general useful but useless facts like that. One section caught my eye, however.

"Generally, a Prime's name gives some hint as to their Prime power. Certain artefacts, such as the Matrix of Leadership, have different abilities based on the Prime's power."

I sat back, my mouth open slightly, before running out to the square. "Send me back!"

He raised an eyebrow but did as I asked.

I shot up in my real body, dislodging my family with startled yelps before vaulting out the window and rolling. "Optimus!"

He startled, looking at me with wide eyes. "What is it?"

I flushed, seeing the twins, but kept my eyes on Optimus. "I need to go to Egypt."

He frowned. "Why?"

I paused. "Well, for starters, there's something there I need to destroy and I can't blow it up, sad. Secondly, there is something I really really need from a cave."

"Mom?" Eva poked her head out of the window. "What are you doing?"

"Changing the future," I told her absently, staring up at him.

He sighed, and nodded. "I will arrange it."

Rikina stuck her head out and yawned. "Can we have an explanation, please?"

I spun around, excitement brimming from my voice. "The Matrix does different things depending on a Prime's power!"

"What?" Optimus asked.

I spun back around. "Oops. Every Prime has a specific power. Aeon Prime's power is healing Cybertron. Mine's being able to change dying humans into hybrids. Only if they consent, though. I'm still working on figuring out yours, though."

"Dying humans?" Will asked, panicking slightly. "What does that mean?"

I rolled my eyes. "I'm assuming something along the lines of 'dying in the next thirty minutes with no hope of recovery', or something to that effect."

Rikina, Maya, and Eva gave up and came outside. "So Optimus can resurrect people?"

I sat down on the grass and shook my head. "I don't think that's it. He was the last Prime chosen before the war, so it can't be just that. It has to be more."

Maya leaned against me. "He knows a lot of lore."

I sighed. "So do I, at this point."

"He can telekinesis it," Rikina suggested.

I nodded slowly. "True. Though that might be magnetic fields."

"Soooo… other than reviving people, we have no clue what his power might be," Eva deadpanned.

I shook my head and looked at the 'bots surrounding us. "Any ideas?"

Optimus had a funny look on his face. "I think I might, yes."

"Oh, good." I stood and brushed my jeans off. "That's all we need, then."

"What?" several people exclaimed, making me jump.

I shrugged. "As long as he knows, we're good."

People groaned, but headed back to sleep.


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