I skipped through the long hall cheerfully. I often hated how big he had to make this place, only for demons and such, too. It's such a waste in my opinion. I was in a good mood today, and that wasn't going to be ruined. My boss needed me for a new mission, and as usual, I obeyed and made my way down the hall to his office. You could call us unique. He wasn't your typical boss. He was actually a toddler, and he ruled the Reikai, A.K.A. the Spirit World. He dressed in blue and red robes with a matching, tall hat, a blue binky in his mouth, and Jr. stamped on his forehead. I pushed through the doors and greeted the ogres, who in turn greeted me.

"Hey Koenma!" I shouted and grinned. I wasn't one to get depressed too often, and I liked being that kind of person.

"Ah, hello Usagi! I'm so glad you're here." I smiled and nodded as if to say "likewise." I sensed I wasn't alone in this room and turned to see four boys: one with black spiked hair and a white starburst in all black sitting in the windowsill. I couldn't see his eyes because he looked away. Another one, the owner of shoulder-length red hair and gorgeous emerald eyes in a white jumpsuit kind of thing with a red undershirt, stood at about 5'6, a pretty boy of course. The next boy, the second tallest of them all, bore a green jumpsuit, hands lazily in his pockets as he slouched over, with way too much gel in his nasty, black hair and chocolate eyes. I looked at the last one and screamed. "What's wrong?" Koenma asked.

"Nothing, I thought I was looking at the face of death for a minute." I rubbed the back of my head as the others laughed at me, even the ugly one I stared at. Obviously he didn't know I talked about him.

"Did you hear what she said about you, midget?" The tall one with the ugly face shouted. He laughed, jabbing his finger in the boy wearing all black's direction. The boy that caused a scream owned orange Elvis-style hair and had his black beady eyes closed in laughter; he wore what looked like a blue school uniform.

Koenma cleared his throat, gathering our attention once more. "Usagi, meet Hiei," Koenma pointed at the short one in the window sill, who in turn glared at me, "Kurama, Yusuke, and Kuwabara." his finger moved from shorty, to pretty boy, to gelly, and lastly to ugly. I smiled in a greeting. "They are your new teammates."

"A team? I've always worked alone though." I frowned. It's true. I worked as a spy for dear Koenma and relayed information to him for him to send his lousy Spirit Detectives out to save the day.

"Well, you've been talking about how you would love to fight more. Being on a team with them gives you that opportunity. Here, I'll even give you a gift. It's made specifically you." He held his short arms up, and in his tiny hands were a set of kodachis. They were super amazing. I grinned and held them in my hands. The handles were black, and silver lines small as thread twirled around the hilt, with a wonderful leather grip. Besides the original shiny blade, there was a blade connected on the knuckle handle and the very edge of the handle. My eyes sparkled. "They won't break, and they can help you during your quest to-."

"NO! SHUT UP! Koenma, no one needs to know but you and me. The kodachis are wonderful. Do they really work?" He nodded in understanding, and I turned to face the group of boys, my new team. "Hello boys. My name is Tsukino Usagi. I originally worked as a spy for the baby, but it looks like I'm stuck with you guys now."

The ones called Yusuke and Kuwabara cheered and death hugged me. The ones called Yusuke and Kuwabara cheered and death hugged me. Yusuke welcomed me, shouting gleefully, I swore he busted an ear drum. Kurama was kind as he welcomed me to their team, and Kuwabara flirted with me, moving his hand along my shoulder. I rolled my eyes and punched him in the chest, knocking him through the wall. "I don't date. So don't bother." I warned with a sweet smile. "Sorry about the wall Koenma, can we go to that mansion now? I guess I have to move in with them." Koenma nodded.

"Your stuff is already in the living room of their mansion. Botan moved it there for you." I nodded in thanks and ran to the other side of his room, waiting for the portal.

When it appeared I yelled, "WATCH OUT!" and ran, jumping a foot or two away and flying through in mid-cartwheel followed by a perfect landing. The others stepped out and clapped, all except Hiei who just "hn'd" and went to the windowsill. "He's either retarded, has a very small vocabulary, or he's just anti-social. Which is it? I'm voting for number 1." Yusuke and Kuwabara laughed, and Kurama chuckled politely. "And you Kurama, you're so polite to everyone, it's so adorable!" I cheered and pinched his cheeks, talking and treating him like a little baby, he laughed some more as I turned to the two laughing goons. "Hmmm... ugly, you could use a face implant, and gelly, you need to lose the gel." I grabbed his shoulder and lowered him, messing up his hair and stepped back to admire my work. "You know what, never mind. Use the gel." They looked at each other and stared at me. I ignored them, however, and grabbed my newly packed suitcases and dragged them upstairs with me to pick out my room at the end of the hall. I had a few to pick from, but this was my favorite as it was plain and boring for me to fix up. I grinned and got to work.

"Wow Usagi. You really got to work on your room. No wonder you chose the blandest one of all." Yusuke complimented, and I grinned.
"Why thank you, Yusuke Dear." I had fixed my room up oddly. The main color was black, and the decorations revolved around what you'd usually see in the night sky. I had painted my door the color of the light yellow stars, symbolizing my room. Inside, the small, twin bed rest on the left side of the room: the bed being black and my cute, black comforter had sparkly, yellow-studded stars and a glowing half-moon on it. My pillows were black and white, shaped like stars and full-moons to match the comforter. Three of my walls were dark blue, and I shattered pale yellow specks of paint all over it. The fourth wall, I left blank. If I ever found Michiru-Chan, I would want her to paint a mural for me. I hoped she would enjoy doing it, too. I put new black and fluffy carpet on the floor. I wriggled my toes. Oh yes, very fluffy. There was another door directly to the right as I walked in. I painted it the color of the gorgeous full moon and made everything inside black and tiled. Oh, by the way, that's my bathroom! The rest of the stuff in my room was just the usual: dresser, closet door, etc. They were all made of light wood, and I had painted the stars and planets on them. Pictures of my friends and Mamo-Chan and other memories sat on top of my dresser. Thankfully, Yusuke and Kurama did not see them, so they asked no questions. Fresh roses of different colors made my room smell like spring, and my weapons hung on walls and dressers around my room.

I went with the boys downstairs and sighed. Being a spy was more fun than this. At least then I didn't sit around being bored all day. "So what do you do for fun?"

"Watch T.V., play cards, read, or be boring like Hiei and stare out a window." I nodded in reply to Yusuke and turned to study Hiei. I was about the same height as him, maybe slightly taller. My hair, for now and for my own reasons, was as dark as his, but it tinted blue. I had cut it a few months ago in hopes of hiding my identity. It was still long enough though to allow me a pony tail on one side; while his eyes were crimson, mine were the color of the blue, night sky. I had reasons for being unique, and I didn't plan on telling them anything. Hiei glanced at me, a mix of anger and curiosity in his eyes, but I ignored it.

"If you ask me, I'd say you're all boring. Ugh, I'm going to school. Koenma, portal to the Ningenkai!" I shouted the command and smiled as it appeared. "See you later." I winked and made the peace sign before disappearing. Only Kurama followed me. "Nerd." I teased, grinned, and glanced nervously around the dark alley before peering out and making sure no one was around.

I grabbed Kurama and jumped out quickly, walking away and acting normal. Kurama followed, "I go by Shuichi in the human world, just so you know." I shrugged in acknowledgement.

"Well, you probably go to a different school anyways." I said. I knew he was incredibly smart.

"Actually, we're in the same class..." He sighed, sounding sad. Why? Oh whatever.

"No way. I never noticed I guess. I don't pay attention in class. Besides, you're too smart for a-." I got cut off by my face hitting the ground...hard. "Ow." I groaned and sat up, holding my sore nose.

"Are you okay?" Kurama knelt down and gripped my elbow, helping me up. I heard a high-pitched giggling. Looking up, I noticed a girl with long, black hair in a red and white priestess' robe staring down at me.


Kurama stared, taken aback, "I'm sorry...?"

I blinked, and she disappeared. "Nothing, Kurama. Thank you for helping me." I should be used to this, but I wasn't. Koenma only knew about my quest. He didn't know about my weird "visions." I intended on keeping it that way. "You know what, let's go shopping. I can get to know you Kurama." He nodded. I looked away from where the familiar girl once stood and walked away.

The day flew by as Kurama and I talked, getting to know each other very well. "Usagi, who is 'Rei-Chan'?" He asked. I expected that question eventually.

"Rei-Chan? Huh?" I acted like I didn't know what he was talking about. He glanced at me with his emerald eyes before shrugging. He dropped it, probably figuring out I did not want to talk about it. I felt a small ping of guilt and pushed it back. No time for that.

"Will you tell me more about you and the boys?" My voice had gone soft and quiet. It usually did when I'm calm.

"Well, Yusuke is half demon. He is one of the few humans with spirit energy. Kuwabara is the only full human on the team, but he also has spirit energy. They both fight in a form of martial arts, but Kuwabara is careless. Hiei is a fire youkai; he wields a dragon, but he can't control it. He's also a master swordsman. I'm a fox demon; I have a fox spirit inside me whom I'm trying to get rid of. His name is Yoko. I can also manipulate plants."

"Oh my! I remember you and Hiei! There was another thief with you, um..." I paused, "Oh yes! Goki. I was the spy hired on that case for Koenma, who in turn sent Yusuke out to get you. You and Hiei interested me a lot then, so I tried to look at your profiles. Hiei's had nothing, and yours had very little." I smiled and looked up. We had gone through the entire mall slowly, window shopping and spending money a little here and there. I wasn't too big on shopping, and obviously, Kurama wasn't either. He just bought some books, and I got some for my entertainment as well.

"What about you, Usagi? I want to know more." Kurama smiled. My heart skipped a beat, but I ignored it. Whatever that was, it was not going to happen again. I shrugged and stared down at my feet.

"I think... we should get home soon. It's getting dark." I said, avoiding the subject. Something flashed in his eyes. Disappointment? But it disappeared quickly, being replaced by his warmth once again.

We hid deep in an alley, not the one we came from, and we hollered at Koenma for a portal. Once back at the house, Yusuke and Kuwabara were playing cards, arguing occasionally, and Hiei still sat at his windowsill. Does he ever move? I doubt it. Lazy bum. I noticed his eyes switch to me a moment after thinking that and then back outside. I sat with Kurama on the loveseat and began reading one of the books I got. My favorite genres: supernatural and paranormal romance. I got to about chapter three before yawning. I do not remember when I passed out, but I did.