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He was alone. Alone once more.

It felt so empty without Jack and Martha. . . He still couldn't especially believe that she left. He did understand, though. After their year, well, of course she would want to be with her family. Make sure they were alright after such a traumatic time. Not to mention finally getting her career in full swing. Oh yes, he understood fully. Even if he did though, it didn't mean that he had to enjoy it.

With a sigh, he presses a button or two, and pulls a lever, ready to take another ride. He had to go see a familiar face. One with green eyes and black framed glasses that fit her so well. One who was a tad round, not that the Doctor minded one bit. The one that wanted an adventure, that wanted to see everything, and that one day would. . . Carla Snow, who was one of the first to go when the Toclafane descended. He shakes his head with a sigh, lowering it to the point that his chin nearly touched his chest, a noticeable shiver running through him.

They ended up murdering the sick first, deeming them the most worthless among the human population. Well, what the Master deemed most worthless, he should say. . .

He never did find out how she was killed. Though, he didn't especially want to know. He couldn't bear thinking of how the Toclafane took her young life. He couldn't think of how she felt when she fell to death. . .

With another small shudder coming over his slim form; he pulls another lever, the TARDIS making a mighty jerk as it went off.

Now on his way, he's able to have the smallest of smiles. Everything was okay once again, everything was in order, and now; he was going to see his friend and play some cards.

He couldn't think of anything else he would rather do.

Instead of parking in his usual place just outside; he parked the TARDIS in a seldom used supplies cupboard, just outside Ward 17. He quickly made his way out of his ship, making a dash into the dialysis ward. He grins at spotting Carla in her usual place. Sitting quietly, calmly as if a whole year hadn't gone by, as if it was just a day after they were hanging about in the TARDIS. She was here, well and alive. He practically hops over in his excited relief.

"All right?" He greets her, positively beaming as he walks up to her chair, taking his usual seat next to her. It felt absolutely brilliant to be back visiting Carla after so long.

"Yeah," She says a tad softly, looking away for a moment as she bites her bottom lip, "How are you, Doctor?" That didn't seem like a very Woman of the Great North response. It in fact wasn't at all, prompting an ominous feeling in his stomach.

"What's wrong, Carla?"

"It's nothing, Doctor. I'm fine." She says in a soft tone, her hands idly playing with a loose thread on her jeans.

"It's not nothing if it's something that's obviously bothering you. I can see it written all over your face. You can tell me, really." She takes a moment, all the while biting her bottom lip, a suspicious shine coming over her eyes.

"It's silly, really," She begins in a soft voice, the Doctor having to lean in to hear her, "I know that I just saw you yesterday, but. . . It feels like it's been so much longer than that," This makes the Doctor's eyes widen, his breath catching at her next words, "The dream I had didn't especially help, either."

"What was the dream?" He asks in a kind way, trying his hardest at sounding calm as his hand clenches her chair arm a tad too tightly.

She takes a few seconds to think, her hand messing with her glasses slightly.

"I don't really remember much, but. . . I remember these balls, these, these sphere things falling down from the sky. I remember running, remember feeling such terror. And then. . . darkness. It felt dark for so long. . ." he spots a tear welling up in the corner of her eye, his hearts clenching at the sight,

"I-I'm sorry, I don't know why I'm tearing up." She starts to try and brush the whole thing off with a small laugh, going to wipe away the tear. Though before she could, the Doctor leans forward, enveloping her into a hug as best as he could from his position.

"Doctor. . .?" he hears her ask, sounding the tiniest bit muffled.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. . ." he whispers against her shoulder, not being able to do much else. He's about to pull away, but then feels her hugging back around his slim middle, hugging back as best as she could from her seat.

"Thank you." She responds gently, both their arms tightening, they staying like that until her machine started to beep from their position.

Pulling away from her, they both having amused smiles on their faces; Carla reaches up to wipe the couple tears away that seemed to have escaped.

"Cards, yeah?" The Doctor asks with a small sniff and smile, as he reaches into his pocket for the cards, not waiting for an answer as he already knew it.

"Yes, please. I'd like that very much." Carla says with a small, watery smile, that deep chuckle following right after.

He felt guilty as they were playing cards.

How could she remember even the smallest bit? How is that possible . . . Though, she did know of him. She was a friend, and becoming a close one at that. . . Just knowing him, having been aboard the TARDIS for even such a short amount of time. . . It may have enabled her to retain some of the memory.

It made sense, he rationalized. It made perfect sense.

Suffice it to say, he let her win all of the card games that day.

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