"Betrayal may be a family thing".

By Sinattea.



Disclaimer: I so love Narnia, and if I had the chance I would stay in there forever without hesitate, but that doesn't mean I own it. I only dream of it.

Summary: After the voyage at the Dawntreader, none of the Pevensies can ever go back to Narnia. Or so Aslan said. Things simply change, and both stupid and terrible mistakes are at the order of the day. How far can a Pevensie go, just to see Narnia again?

Possible PP/OC, LP/OC, SP/CX (possible means definite), but no love is happening yet.


Note: All right, this fic is an idea that one day simply popped into my mind, and I felt it was worthy to be written. Narnia is actually one of my favorite books/movies ever, so it's time for me to write something about it.

This fic will show a different part of the Pevensies personalities, and I'll introduce some characters of mi own creation (if you give them a chance, I promise you'll like them).

Protagonists will change according to the chapters, and I'll try to give every character a fair starring moment. It's a fic intended to be enjoyed by every kind of public, so I'm not focusing on Peter as I would have normally done.

- Dialogue –

"Thoughts"… most of times.


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Chapter 1: At the train station.


How long had it been? How many months, how many years? How many rainy days and stormy nights? The world seemed to be just darker since Edmund and Lucy had come back from their last journey to Narnia. That was the final word, followed by the spooky final period: never more would they see again the green meadows, the endless forests, and the indomitable sea. No more talking animals, fauns, centaurs or dryads. No more magic.

That was it.

And yet they had to carry on. It was easy for Susan, whose romantic life seemed to be entertaining enough to keep her thoughts far away from the past. But it wasn't easy for Lucy, whose dreams told her stories of Aslan and the sons of the sons of Caspian. It wasn't easy for Edmund, who missed the adventure and the satisfaction of victory. It wasn't easy for Peter either, who yearned for the royal respect and the epic journeys.

Narnia had simply changed them, and the routines of regular world would be never enough to make them feel complete.

So depressing thoughts and so many dreamless nights.


After the war, which had successfully ended with the Nazi defeat, things in England were changing, moving quite faster than they did before. The proof of it? Now the four Pevensie siblings were about to attend a boarding school for both male and female, which was a weird thing, but was becoming pretty common all around the world.

Anyway, they could do nothing more than being happy: this time they wouldn't have to separate at the train station, and wait months to see each other again. Specially because, after the last journey, Lucy and Edmund were more united than ever, and with the new routine, Susan wanted her brothers' protection and help to keep the unwanted suitors away (after all, she was the pretty girl of the family).

So, there they were, sitting together at the train station one more time, all of them dressed in the same dark green uniforms, with hats and scarves, for it was a rainy day.

- Come on, Peter, what do you have? – asked Edmund, with a mischievous and triumphant smile drawing in his face.

Peter sighed, pretty bored, and a little bit frustrated. Since they started playing poker, Edmund hadn't lost one single game, and that made the younger boy feel superior, and the older boy feel like kicking his brother's butt.

- All right, I lost – he said, dropping his cards on the bench.

- Again – specified Edmund, and chuckled -. I'm becoming quite good at this, don't you think?

- I wouldn't think so. It's just luck.

- There is no such thing as luck – said Susan, sitting next to her older brother -. He is better than you, admit it.

- I will not. I will never – he smiled -. Let us fight properly and I'll demonstrate who is better.

Susan did a reproachful gesture, but she didn't say anything. Yet she couldn't understand why her brother didn't seem to let all that business go. Narnia was in the past, and their future, their lives in London, weren't bad at all. Edmund looked down, suddenly finding the floor extremely interesting; he felt as melancholic as his brother about their long lost kingdom.

Then Lucy walked towards them, smiling and humming one of the popular songs of the time.

- Who won the card game? – she asked. She was already taller and prettier than the humble girl who had visited Narnia, and she was proving herself as smart as Susan, sometimes even smarter.

- I did – Edmund answered, and moved aside to make room for her sister in the seat; anyway, Peter stood up.

- Then this is for you – and she placed a chocolate in her brother's hands.

- Where did you get that? – Peter asked, the uncomfortable defeating opened up his appetite.

- There is a new store, across the street. I invited you to come before, but you were busy playing and losing.

Everybody but Peter laughed, and the guy just rolled over his eyes and sighed again. He put his hands inside his pockets and announced his siblings that he was going to get something to eat. The train would arrive at any minute, and he was hungry. So he left, promising Susan to skim through the newspapers and tell her the remarkable events of the day.

Peter got across the street and walked directly toward the new store, whose sign said, written in purple ink, "Toffees and more". The place was crowded with people, most of them students waiting for their trains and regular people hiding from the rain.

He entered the store and took a fast look around the room, only to satisfy his curiosity. It was an uncommon place, decorated with pastel colors and furniture made of what seemed to be candies (Just like a candy-store from "Pushing daisies" or "Charlie and the chocolate factory" would look like). He didn't think to wait on beeline just to get a couple of chocolates in a place as weird as that one, so he went straight to the newspaper-stand and read the headlines of the most of them; nothing was interesting for him.

Then, the thing of the utmost weirdness happened… the song… That song.


Peter was rudely pulled out of his mind by the familiar melody that wasn't supposed to be known in this world. He looked around, searching for the source of the music, and found a dark-haired girl, sitting apart from everybody else, playing an old violin for herself, even when the people buying showed an obvious interest in her music.

The Pevensie guy approached to her, and remained there, watching her open-mouthed, finding hard to believe what his ears heard. That was the lullaby Tumnus used to play for them in the Throne Hall during the calmed nights; Lucy's favorite melody. How could it be that a human girl played "A Narnia Lullaby" in London?

The girl finished playing and rapidly put her violin away when she noticed all those looks upon her and her instrument. She had just closed the case when she realized Peter's eyes staring at her. Then she felt something strange, like an enormous, impossible to explain respect. And that made her uncomfortable.

- A beautiful melody, the one you played – said Peter, staring suspiciously.

- Oh, thanks.

- I could swear I've heard it before. What composer is it from?

- Anyone you'd know – she said, placing the case on her back, ready to leave at any second.

- Oh, I know a lot about music – he lied -. I will recognize the composer's name.

- No, you wouldn't – there was just something… defying in her gray eyes that intrigued Peter the most -. I composed that melody myself.

- Then you did an excellent job. May I know your name… as a composer?

Peter's aura was full of superiority and strength, yet the girl smiled sarcastically, letting him know that she was speaking no more. But that day the older of the Pevensies had a squall of luck.

- Arabelle! – called the store-tender, in a worried tone of voice (which sounded funny because the man had a strong foreign accent and actually pronounced the name as "Ahrrahbell") -. Your train is here. You better hurry, sweetie.

Peter realized immediately the man was talking to that girl. She just closed her eyes embarrassed and breathed upset, then dedicated a killing glare to the man who was allegedly her father.

- Yeah, danke.

The girl faced Peter again and harshly smiled to dissimulate the shame she felt. Then she took her sweater, raincoat and suitcase and left the store as fast as she could.

- See you later, Arabelle – Peter said to himself, sarcastically.

He would definitely come back to this store, to know more about this girl who had such an excellent knowledge about Narnian music.



When Peter joined his siblings, the train was about to leave.

- You are so late! – Susan claimed, and got on the train, following Lucy.

Edmund was carrying his brother's suitcase, and immediately gave it to him when saw him. The youngest noticed that something was troubling his brother, because Peter didn't reproach anything to him for dropping his luggage.

- Is everything all right? – Edmund asked.

- Yes, it's only… Something strange just happened. But I'll tell you later, let's get on the train, or it'll leave without us.

- I bet the girls wouldn't like that - he laughed.

So they started the journey, heading all together for the first time to their new school.

A mysterious future ahead, a magical past far behind.





Note (again):

This is only the beginning, simple and short one. But things will get very interesting, I promise, because I can foretell that the borders between Narnia and Earth will fade away.

First chapters will be short, but as the story develops and Narnia takes more importance, they will be a little longer.

I hope you enjoyed and give this fic a chance.

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