Hi everyone. I've been dreading this day for a long time, but I think you're all owed a proper goodbye.

My journey to becoming a writer really started with Strawhats Plus Vampire. Its popularity and everyone's kind words had given me the confidence to keep writing and do more. To get better and develop more stories. Sadly, as I kept going and getting better, SPV fell the wayside, and I eventually lost motivation to keep writing for it. I ended up stopping altogether. Unfortunately, I still couldn't find it in me to keep writing for the story hard as I tried. So, after years of putting it off, I'm making it official: Strawhats Plus Vampire will be discontinued.

I'm sorry to those who've been waiting for a long time, asking for it to come back. But the truth of the matter is, it's not happening. But, I feel I owed you all at least an idea of where I was headed with the story, so I hope that this will satisfy you. I doubt it, but it's something.

First, the fight between Luffy and Moka would take a chapter or two. At first, Luffy's refusing to fight and taking all her hits. This drives Moka mad until Mizore shows up. Moka threatens to attack Mizore instead, even preparing to actually lunge at her until Luffy finally snaps and hits her.

Meanwhile, Usopp, Chopper, Yukari and Ruby are trying to act as crowd control to the monsters going berserk in the courtyard but are having a tough time of it with so many students being unleashed. That's when Nami, Franky and Brook make their appearance and help to contain things.

When the fight starts to wind down, Luffy is still trying to talk Moka down before she finally knocks him down and mounts him. With her mess of feelings she starts to hesitate as Luffy finally starts to get through. Before anything else can happen, Pride attempts to kill Moka from behind but Luffy takes the hit instead to the side, causing severe damage. Seeing this happen, Pride's spell is broken and Moka goes into a rage. Pride leaves before a fight can escalate and continues with his plan:

He and the other Sins open up portals to their master's dimension and unleash waves of scum beasts. Their master feeds on chaos and is becoming stronger with the ensuing chaos at Yokai Academy. When everyone is finally able to get together and communicate, they learn that the only way to stop the flow of beasts and power was to defeat the sins and close up the relics being used to keep the portals open. Moka would tackle Pride while the others would divide up together to take on the sins while a few remain to try and keep the scum beasts in check and the students out of danger.

Basically would have been a set of chapters focusing on the fights, Luffy fighting Wrath despite being weakened, Zoro taking on Lust with the help of Kurumu and her cousin Morgan, Sanji taking on Gluttony (it only made sense lol), Tsukune working with Usopp, Yukari and Chopper to take on another Sin, Gin, Ryuuga and Haiji also helping to take out sins as well. Robin is busy on her own (or possibly with Nami) working to take down Ishigami who has been powered up a bit by the Sins.

As the fights draw to a close, it looks like they're about to shut the portals down until they begin to self sustain, signalling the fact that the Master had gotten enough power from the chaos and was powering a relic on her side. Luffy's about to jump in to try and break it, but Moka holds him back and argues that it should be her instead after what she did. As the two argue, the portals finally close. When they regroup, they find Kurumu crying in her cousins' arms, because Zoro had knocked her out and jumped into the portal himself and disabled the relic from the other side. Luffy goes into a rage and everyone's left saddened.

After that, flashing to Zoro's side, he's been captured and held prisoner, with the master (Malia I'll call her)taking an interest in him and is currently trying to enslave his mind and torturing him to break his will. Of course, knowing Zoro, he's holding out. Meanwhile, Luffy demands that Mikogami send them over to save Zoro and beat up Malia. Mikogami agrees, and only asks for another day to make the portal. It would mostly be a preparation and healing section from there, everyone sort of having a moment to themselves to look forward to the final battle.

Once they finally set off and get to Malia's castle, she decides to enslave Zoro's body for the fight even if his mind and soul hadn't given in yet, forcing him to fight the others with hordes of scum beasts while Luffy pursues Malia further into the castle. Malia finally meets him for battle in her lab, where she makes blank vessels for her Sins so that they can recover despite their bodies being destroyed. From there, it turns into a bloody fight that Luffy's struggling with even at Gear 2nd, but he doesn't give up.

Meanwhile, as the group attempts to fight Zoro and the scum beasts, they realize they can't get the relic off with force and are afraid of the worst. That is until Kurumu pulls a desperate move and plants a kiss on Zoro's lips, something that gives Succubus full control over their target's soul, and uses the chance to pull him back to the surface and seize control of his body. With that, they all just continue to hold their position and fight off the beasts until Luffy wins. That is save for Moka, who went after Luffy and joins him in the fight, the two working together to beat Malia. When that happens, the scum beasts suddenly begin to run in fear, sensing their master's defeat.

As things wind down and everyone prepares to leave, Luffy stays behind, staring at the vessels made for the sins. Forming an idea, he runs and takes Moka's Rosary and puts it on one of the vessels, and suddenly pink haired Moka takes shape from it, giving her her own body. Everyone gawks at that, with Luffy laughing, having done something smart for once. Inner Moka especially stares in utter bafflement, before looking at Luffy and feeling her feelings rise up. With a smile, she tells Luffy that she'll keep her promise and join his crew. She then turns to Mizore and smirks, saying that she's going to take her advice from before. She then proceeds to turn back around and plant a full on kiss on Luffy, who stands there shocked and confused while the others stare and gawk again. Mizore is of course quite stunned and outraged.

As they return, Kurumu and Zoro share a moment, with him thanking her for pulling him back out and her bashfully dismissing it. A cute little moment happens when Zoro tries to figure out what Kurumu did to bring him back out as he doesn't recall, with Kurumu vehemently trying to cover it up as nothing.

With that, the Strawhats have reassembled and a portal to their world open. Just as they're about to leave and bid goodbye, their friends finally come. Taking one more chance, Luffy asks for them to join his crew. Mizore and Inner Moka have already agreed, and so now he's trying to get the others to join. One by one, Yukari, (maybe Gin) Ruby, Kurumu, outer Moka and Tsukune come to agree to joining, earning a resounding cheer from the rest of the crew.

Once the crew finally gets back to the ship, Luffy starts a huge party to celebrate all of their new crew members, ending the story as they begin a new adventure together.

That's pretty much how I pictured the end of the story going. I had ideas for going into the second half of Rosario Vampire, but that was thinking too far ahead. But, I can give you guys a vague idea of what I had in mind:

The Rosario Vampire crew returned to their world upon arrival at Sabody, being called back by the Exorcist for some help. They then returned to the SPV world after being shown that Luffy is struggling to save his brother. They show up and try to help Luffy get him, but canon plays out and Ace dies.

The others feel their weakness, realizing just how insignificant they were in the face of the One Piece world's mightiest fighters. They then escape with Law and meet up with Hancock (hilarity ensues when Moka and Mizore feel INCREDIBLY threatened by Hancock's love for Luffy lol) before flashing forward to Luffy's crisis. Everyone helps him get through it and they decide to gett stronger as well. The RPV crew remains on Amazon Lily, where they train with the warriors to learn Haki and utilize their powers more practically.

From there on, it's less specific what I had in mind. All I knew that was the next time they traveled to the RPV world, Law and Jinbe would be going with them. Both have history with the world, Law having been an agent alongside Kahlua and Akua who he had grown to like and vice versa, while Jinbe had traveled there back when Akasha was around, having helped her and the other demons deal with Alucard.

It would have been a shorter story, because by this point, Luffy and the others could practically walk through most threats save for possibly Alucard, though Luffy would go full Gear 4th to put him out. Outer Moka would survive the arc and would still be with Tsukune while Inner Moka remains her usual self (I didn't like that she changed toward the end of RPV) and they return to their adventures on the sea.

Oh yeah, in regards to shipping, Tsukune fully confesses to Outer Moka while they're on the sea the first time with the crew. Kurumu overhears and cries but immediately goes to Zoro, who she realizes had taken her heart some time ago. Zoro is of course resistant but she eventually worms her way in. Zoro and Kurumu would eventually come to an understanding that they shared feelings with each other, though Zoro would have a ton of trouble getting used to it while Kurumu's fully embraced it.

Since I'm not really one for furry/human stuff, Yukari and Chopper remained besties and nothing more lol

Moka and Mizore still pine for Luffy but it's Luffy so they likely wouldn't have made to much progress by the end of the story. Though I had a funny idea that they eventually trapped him and had a three way lol (Hancock senses a disturbance in the force and practically chases after the ship to join in)

Sanji would gain Ruby's attention eventually but I'm not sure if I'd settle on them being together.

Kahlua and Akua would join Law's crew and would hint at interest in him, though he tries to play it off.

Oh right, and obviously, Kokoa would join the crew. She would likely bond with Yukari and Chopper and join them as the smol trio of the crew lol

Well, I think that's all I had in mind. I'm sure this wasn't that satisfying as reading it, but it's the best I can do. Again, I'm sorry that it had to go this way, but I wanted to give a proper send off to this story. I do hope you'll accept this and realize there wasn't much I could keep doing. Stay safe and be healthy out there, and hope you all have a good day.