Kylie slowly woke up as the early morning rays of sun greeted her from her window. She sat up, arching her back and exhaling as a tiny crack came from the movement, yawning softly. Nearly a second later, a tiny black puffball jumped into her lap, greeting her with licks to her cheeks.

She giggled. "OH, Tank! Stop it! I'ma smell like dog!" she picked him up carefully and set him down on the ground, in which he began to run in circles, his curly tail wagging in the process. She slowly set her feet on the ground, feeling the carpet between her toes and sighing. She sniffed the air lightly.

"Is that bacon I smell?" She wondered to herself, standing up straight. "Weird. Mom-"

A shocking pain hit her heart as she murmured this.

"Mom...Dad...oh no..." She sat back down again, curling back up in her covers and trying to hold back the tears in her eyes. Her back contorted slightly with silent sobs as she buried her head in the bed. She just did NOT want to get up anymore, much less find out where the smell was coming from. She wanted her mother in here, waking her up gently and giving her dog a tiny kiss on his nose. She wanted to be able to get up and have her daddy pick her up, swinging her around in a circle, a gleam in his blue eyes. She wanted to stay there and think of these memories forever, but sadly, she wouldn't have time to do that as she heard the door creak open behind her.

"Kylie? Tank?"

The little dog yipped as the professor walked in, ready for the day in his lab coat and black boots. His brow creased as he saw Kylie curled up in her bed, shaking slightly.


The girl lifted her head, and I'm sorry to say that her attempts to hold her tears back failed, little wet paths covering her face. Her red eyes glanced at the Professor before she let her head fall back down, moaning in grief.

"I'm very sorry for your loss..." He gently rubbed her shoulder. "But you're going to have to get out of that bed someday, might as well be today."

Kylie sighed, lifting herself up and off the bed, her feet hitting the floor for the second time with a small thud. She covered her face with her hands, slowly dragging them down her face to rid the tearstains that stuck on her face. "I-I want them back...All the happy times that we used to have...And I wish I hadn't took them for granted." Her voice broke.

"I know it hurts now, but you're a strong girl, I could tell by how quickly you recovered from your loss. You can pull through and begin again." He smiled slightly as she lifted her head and looked at him.

"I'll try..." She yawned a little as she walked out of the room, her dog following her from behind. She made her way to the end of the hall and down the stairs to the kitchen, where the Powerpuff girls where eating their breakfast.

Bubbles looked up as Kylie walked past. She silently took notice of her saddened expression and red eyes and chose not to bug her currently, and the other two took a page out of her book and ate their food quietly as Kylie fixed herself a plate, walked to an empty seat, and started eating at a snail's pace. At this time, the Professor walked from upstairs to join them, a concentrated look on his face, not looking where he was going until they heard a small squeal.

"Oi! Watch the paws, watch the paws!"

Kylie's head snapped up. "What was that?"

"Down here, KyKy!"

Everyone looked down at the black fur-ball that was Tank, who was regarding Professor Utonium with a passive expression.

"Listen here, bub, I'm the only animal in this house, just because you're thinkin' hard don't mean you go steppin' on my paw." He sat on his haunches and lifted his left paw brokenly.

Kylie's mouth gaped. "T-T-Tank?!"

The dog turned his attention toward her. "Hey Kyky! How's it goin'?" He walked towards her, contrary to the seemingly 'broken' paw just moments ago.

"You're talking.'re a dog, and you're talking." She slid off the chair and bent down to examine her dog. "Are ya sick or something? Feeling okay?"

"It's most likely the Chemical X I gave you two last night." Stated the Professor.

"You gave them Chemical X?!" Bubbles squeaked excitedly. "See, I knew he was going to make her a Powerpuff Girl!"

"Then shouldn't I already have powers, then? And no Tank, no bacon."

The dog looked at her weirdly. "I didn't say that, or anything for that matter."

Kylie gaped. "I can read minds. Minds. Wow." She looked up at the Professor. "I-Is that normal?"

"Well, no. The girls don't have that power, so I guess there's a difference between people created with Chemical X and then people attaining it later in life. Fascinating."

Buttercup gawked. "Aw come ON. Mind reading? Seriously." she leaned back in her chair, pouting.

Blossom glared at Buttercup before switching her attention to Kylie. "Awesome! And I'm guessing you have all the rest of the powers that we have?"

"I honestly don't know..." Kylie mused, scratching her head. "Maybe we'll find out later?"

"Well, it took the girls a while to get all of their powers, so that's a definite maybe." Remarked the Professor. "But let's get going girls. all of you will be riding in the car with me to the school, since I need to get Kylie registered there."

"Seems good. Let's go."

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