Chapter 2: Seth.

Gabriella's POV

The plane ride to Seattle was hectic; I was only glad that I was stuck with my parents compared to Josh who had managed to land himself a seat between a man who seemed to be having the best sleep of his life and another who was too engulfed in his book that he managed to overlook the snot dripping from his nose. Danny wasn't in a much better position himself, being stuck between a couple who were having a good old lover's quarrel.

Once we got off the plane, we had to grab our luggage which seemed to be a chore with our family of five. As we walked towards the exit, the bright light of a small airport cafe caught my eye as it advertised 'All you need to feel better is coffee!' I beg to differ.

My mom suggested that we grab something to eat as it was getting dark outside but we all turned down her offer. I didn't have much of an appetite and was not in the mood to shove something down my throat for the sake of it. All I wanted was to jump into my warm and cosy bed and sleep everything off to the point that I could pretend, even just for a while, that this whole day hadn't just happened and I still had my old life back.

As we walked out the exit doors, there was a man standing outside with a sign for 'Greg Russo'. I was just about to sigh as this probably meant that we were going to get a lift from a stranger and therefore idle chit chat would be necessary, yet to my surprise he handed over the keys to my dad and after a few instructions, left and began walking towards the airport entrance. I relished in the idea of getting at least a few hours of sleep with some music playing in my ears.

We all started helping my dad to load the back with our luggage and after, we were back on the road. This time to our new house; I wasn't ready to label it as home.

"Okay, my old friend Harry and his family are already waiting for us in our new house. Therefore I trust you all to be on your best behaviour." My dad said to us in the backseat, eyeing Josh especially knowing the mischief he managed to get himself into.

After that, silence fell upon the car and I drifted off to sleep. I kept thinking about how different my life would be here compared to LA. The worse part of it was the thought of a new school. Back in LA, everyone knew everyone after spending five years together and there were the occasional unavoidable cliques formed but other than that everyone was friendly enough and I never had a problem starting a conversation with anyone. But now? I had to meet new people and find a friendship circle all over again. What if nobody even wanted to talk to me? I had tried to use this as an excuse to hold off the move but my parents to hear none of it.

I regained consciousness just as we were passing the 'Welcome to La Push' sign. The area was not what I had expected from the images I had formed in my head, or even the ones I had researched online. I had thought it to be some old reservation, full of little houses, the occasional boat every now and then and small shops rundown shops but I was mistaken.

There was a huge forest that surrounded the entire reservation and there was a cliff, no doubt giving a spectacular view. There were the few houses along the road as I imagined and I could stop and wonder just how many people lived here. They were certainly nothing compared to the huge homes I used to see whenever I passed Beverly Hills.

"Hey Danny," I said turning to him. "We could go hiking in the woods one day. You up for it?"

"Sure, when do you want to go?" he answered, turning away from his phone to look at me.

"How about this Saturday?" I wondered aloud. "Sound good to you?"

"Sure, sounds like a plan." He responded,returning his gaze back to the screen that was currently lighting up his face.

"You kids should be careful out there. I heard from your father that there are some wolves that are loose around the area, I wouldn't want any of you getting hurt." My mom warned us. I rolled my eyes at how protective she was being. Knowing my luck and the unfortunately unadventurous life I led, there was a nought to five percent chance we would ever come across the wolves.

"Don't you worry mom, Danny's got a lot more meat on his bones than me so I'm sure he can keep them preoccupied and give me a head start ." I replied, a sly smile playing on my lips.

"Right here you know." Danny replied sarcastically. "Thanks for showing the love."

The car started to slow down as we neared a rather large house compared to the others we had already passed.

"We're here!" my dad said enthusiastically as he stopped the car in front.

The house was rather big. It was a two-storey rectangular structure with big windows that would no doubt let the sunlight pour in and a small lawn at the front which had freshly cut grass and a small picket fence. It wasn't much compared to our old house back in LA but it was still a beauty of its own. As I stepped outside of the car and continued to admire the house, an elderly man walked through the front door followed by two women and a teenage boy. There was also a big lorry parked outside the house and I guessed that they were our things.

"Greg, it's good to see you!" the man said, walking over to my dad and patting his back. "Wow! Are these your kids? They've grown up so much since the last time I saw them, but of course it has been fifteen years." He said chuckling to himself while his family stood by his side.

"Yeah, it's been a while, we've been so busy with our jobs we never did find the time to visit but I'm sure we'll get caught up pretty easily." my dad replied, patting his back in return. "Guys, this is my old friend Harry and his wife Sue along with his children Leah and Seth. Leah and Seth these are my kids Danny, Gabriella and Josh." he said gesturing to us. This was when all the awkward and forced smiles with awkward eye contact took place but I averted my gaze. I noticed the girl called Leah had a slight frown on her face and she looked less than happy to be there.

"Well why don't we all get inside?" Harry suggested. "It's freezing and Sue has already made dinner while we were all waiting. We can help you get unpacked later once our stomachs are all full but for now I think it can wait. Besides we took the courtesy of making the beds that had arrived last week." Harry said smiling at everyone. The word bed was much cherished after a long and draining day.

We all walked inside and I was immediately hit with the coldness. The living room was pretty spacious from what I could see so far as was the dining room which was a good thing I guess, since there were nine of us in total tonight for dinner. The table had already been laid out and the there was an abundance of food all laid out. Usually I would have probably devoured at least a quarter of it all but my appetite still hadn't returned.

We all sat down around the table and I found a seat right between Josh and Danny, with the hope that middle child syndrome would save me from questioning and small conversation that I was not willing to partake in tonight.

Saying that dinner was awkward would be an understatement. Whilst all the adults laughed and told stories of how their life had been since the last time they had seen each other, the rest of us ate in silence while stealing curious glances at one another. Leah despite being a beautiful girl from what I saw, wore a frown on her face the whole time as she stabbed the food on her plate with a fork while her brother Seth was the complete opposite. He had definitely also inherited the good genes and was probably the only one who wore a genuine smile as he seemed to be full of cheeriness.

"Danny," Harry Clearwater's voice boomed from across the table, "your dad here tells me that you're aiming for a career in Astrophysics."

Danny gave a small smile and I silently thanked whoever was up there that I wasn't the one under the spotlight right now.

"Yeah, I've been looking into it since Freshman year and it seems to be a really interesting career choice."

Harry chuckled.

"I'm sure there's plenty of jobs in that area, with everything to do about space changing nowadays and NASA making plenty of new discoveries."

Please don't let it be my turn, please please please.

"Gabriella what about you? You've grown up to be a fine young lady, what can we expect from you in a few years time? Perhaps a doctor that could help me and my wife?"

Of course, it was too good to be true; I didn't have to sit through an awkward conversation with a cab driver but surely this would be made up by the fact that I would now have to talk about my aspiring career choice.

I cleared my throat as I had just swallowed a lump of mashed potatoes and blushed as I caught Seth's eye.

"Um, I'm hoping to pursue a career in the legal field." I mumbled quietly, hoping that Harry would catch the hint that I was definitely not in the conversation mood.

After my response, I seemed to tune everyone and everything out, never lifting my eyes from my plate of half eaten food.

Following dinner, everyone made their way outside and my mom instructed me to help Leah with clearing the table and washing dishes while they all got the boxes from outside. It was fine by me; not a single fibre of my being would have looked forward to the cold wind that I seemed to feel even from inside the house.

"Hey." I said awkwardly.

"Hi, I'm Leah." She said in reply.

"My name's Gabriella. So... do you go to high school or are you in college?" I asked, hoping she was so I could at least know one person that went to the tribal school.

"Uh no, I just graduated but I'm not sure if I want to go to college or not yet. I had planned to go to college with my boyfriend of four years Sam Uley but he dumped me for my cousin Emily." She said bitterly.

Well, I was definitely not expecting that straightforward response.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know." I said apologetically, my fingers begin to fidget due to the uncomfortable vibe in the air.

"It's alright." She simple responded, not meeting my eyes.

There was no more conversation after that.

When we had finished, we went into the living room which was filled with numerous boxes of our things. I remembered that I had left my bag in the car so I walked outside quickly to get my bag to check my phone to see if anybody had called me. Sure enough there were five missed calls from Rachel and Alex. I decided that it would be a better idea to call them tomorrow; I don't think I had any energy to hold a full blown conversation with anyone. Instead, I decided to just try and get as many things unpacked as I could manage tonight. It would serve as a distraction as well as tiring me out, which would hopefully lead to a peaceful sleep tonight.

I picked up my bag and walked straight upstairs to check out the room my mom had told me to go into, not bothering to check what everyone else was doing.

I walked through the door and was taken aback by how pleasant the room actually was. It didn't compare to my room back in LA but it was certainly not as horrible as I had imagined.

The room was painted a light shade of camouflage green and the ceiling was a creamy white to match. The window was about three quarters of the wall, covered with some blinds, and beside it was a mirror which ran from the ceiling to the wooden floor. My parents had already visited two priors to us moving, so there was already a bed, a wardrobe and cupboards positioned inside.

There was a small gap between the bed and window and beside it was a small, white wooden table, from which another mirror was hanging just above. At the other side of the room, was another desk, which I assumed was to be studied on. Yeah right. There was also a built in wardrobe facing the bed and a beanbag that lay at the foot of one of the doors. A shoe rack was placed just beside the door and the rest of the empty floor space was filled by a fluffy rug.

"Hey, your dad told me this box up here. They're some of your clothes judging from the label." Seth said, grinning as he walked in handing me the box.

"Oh yeah, thanks." I said taking the box from him, silently grateful it wasn't too heavy.

I had never taken a good look at Seth but now that I had it was a sight that I could appreciate. He had shaggy black hair with bright brown eyes to match. He was taller than me by a few inches and was grinning at me so widely it must have hurt.

"Do you need any help unpacking?" he asked me.

"Uh, yeah sure." I answered.

"No problem, I'll just bring up some of the other boxes."

When he came back with the rest, we spent an hour unpacking my things and arranging them around the room. During the time we unpacked, there was a comfortable silence that loomed over us. Despite the occasional questions of where I wanted things to go, we worked in silence. I had placed all my make-up in small jars and organisers while my jewellery was placed in the cupboards along with my hair products. Seth had placed my books on the shelves next to the window, while I added some fairy lights along the top of the walls above the bed, reaching all the way to windows.

I was in the middle of arranging my polaroids above my bed when we heard a voice calling Seth's name. I finally turned to look at him and found he was already grinning at me. I finally grinned back.

"Thanks for the help. It would have taken me ages to do all that if I didn't have you to help me." I said, finally breaking the silence.

"Just some friendly La Push Hospitality." he replied cheerfully. "I guess I'll see you soon." And with that, he made his way downstairs.

I continued to smile at where he had just left, before shaking my head. I couldn't be caught up in this stuff right now. I opened the wardrobe and put the remaining boxes of my clothes inside, figuring I would deal with it tomorrow.

I grabbed my small hand carry where I had placed pyjamas in and basic toiletries. I quickly got changed before heading into the bathroom and getting ready for bed.

True to Harry's word, the bed was already made and I couldn't have been more thankful that I had one less thing to do. I turned on my fairy lights and opened the blinds slightly so that some of the moonlight would pour in, before turning off the light and climbing into bed.

I stared at the ceiling and tried to imagine what tomorrow would be like. Seth was friendly enough, and Leah... well I guess she was going through stuff so I couldn't exactly make a judgement so quickly. Despite everything though, the reservation seemed nice enough and the Clearwater family were friendly.

Maybe La Push wouldn't be so bad after all.

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