Chapter Ten

Wherein Hermione Sets a Prime Example of the Term Woman Scorned

Hermione Granger had put up with much in her lifetime. Including being in love with a clueless idiot. There were things she had learned to deal with. Ron's incredible lack of tact and his inability to think before he spoke were just routine by now.

But there was one thing that she was not prepared or willing to cope with. She would not be ignored.

Which was exactly what Ron was doing right now.

Hermione folded her arms across her chest and waited. Ron, who had a finely tuned sense of self preservation, did not take long to ascertain that his girlfriend/fiance (the term varied depending on who Hermione was talking to) was waiting for his attention. He paused the video game and looked at her.

"Hey, Mione. What's up?"

"What is Lucius Malfoy doing in our basement?"

Ron blinked.


She did not answer, just turned and walked out of the room. Ron scrambled to his feet and followed. She led the way to the basement door and pushed it open. They both looked down. Sitting at the card table down there, was Lucius Malfoy.

"This is unexpected," Ron said.

"What do you intend to do about it?"

Ron blinked again.

"What do you mean?" He leaned down. "Malfoy, what are you doing in my basement?"

"I'm hiding from your sister," Lucius replied instantly.

"Fair enough," Ron said. He moved to shut the door again.

"What the hell are you doing?"

ROn looked at Hermione. "What? Ginny scares me too."

"I don't believe it," Hermione muttered. She stormed off and into the kitchen. She began cleaning, which was what she did when she was annoyed. She pulled out her rubber gloves and attacked the stove, then the sink, then she pulled out a trash bag and went through the old take out containers in the fridge then she took a steel wool pad to the fixtures, including the pipes beneath the sink which didn't really need to be done but she found it relaxing.

Ron had not made an appearance and when Hermione was done, she went to find him. It was simply how they did things. She went and worked off her aggression. He let her. Then they made up. He did most of the making up but she was fine with that. He was usually more in the wrong anyway.

Ron was not in the living room. Hermione searched their little house and could not find him. Then she looked in the basement.

Ron was sitting at the card table. Across from Lucius Malfoy.

"I need a new boyfriend," Hermione muttered. She walked down the stairs. Ron and Lucius looked up. Ron looked a bit guilty.

"What are you doing?"

"Playing cards," Ron replied.

"Are you kidding me?" she demanded. "I try to get you to play games with me every week and Malfoy shows up and you're suddenly game for anything?"

"Uh..." Ron began, looking cagey.

"Malfoy, if you're going to steal my boyfriend, at least give me something in return," she sighed.

Lucius looked to the side, as if listening to someone. "Well now that's a thought," he said.

He rose to his feet and rounded the table. Before Hermione quite knew what was happening, he had her by the waist. He pulled her flush against him and she felt her face heat up. Then he was leaning down and his lips were almost on his.

"Malfoy, I think it's time for you to leave," Ron said. He sounded calm but he had Lucius in a head lock.

"Hermione, how do you feel about going bowling some time?"

Hermione decided to forgive her boyfriend.


"Well, we're on the run again," Snape observed. "Do you think we might have done something a bit more effective?"

"Don't be silly. That Granger chick was all ready to jump Lucy's bones," Voldemort said.

"Really?" Lucius asked, grinning a bit. Sure he loved his wife but any self respecting man in his early (late) forties wanted a nineteen year old chasing him.

"She's going to follow us, you know that right?"

"Let the games begin," Voldemort chortled.

"And may the odds be ever in your favor," Snape replied.

(A/N: ha! I love Lucy. And yes, Hermione will be back, as will Ron.

Works cited: May the odds be ever in your favor is of course from The Hunger Games.

To Bel- Glad you like them. I really enjoy writing Snape and Voldie in this context.