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"Thank god we found you!" Denmark cried.

"'Ny reas'n why?" Sweden asked.

"Ice is missing!" the Dane replied loudly.

Norway sighed. "This idiot dared him to go into the cellar."

Finland gasped. "Really? Why would Iceland actually go in there? He does know, doesn't he?"

"Well, he does now." Sindre said tiredly.

"Know what?" Denmark cluelessly asked.

"The cellar is like a portal to a different world." Norway explained. "I have no clue where it goes, but I know the place is unpleasant."

"How do you know that?"

"One of my friends went there. She was half-dead when she came back."

"Was she a faerie?" teased Mattias.

"Yes, she was a faerie."

The more Alice and I wandered, the more beautiful the place got. We reached a cliff, and before I could say anything, Alice grabbed me by the waist and jumped off. We didn't exactly fall, like I expected. But instead, we gently floated down on a sea of butterflies. She let go of me the second our feet touched the ground. "How did you do that?" I asked, amazed. I didn't get an answer. She slowly walked towards a giant purple pool, a huge bottle with a tag labeled "DRINK ME" endlessly poured the liquid onto the ground.

The cat appeared by the large pool of violet liquid, grinning as always.

"Hello, Chesh." Alice greeted the animal curtly.

"Hello, Alice. I see you found our little friend."

"I have a name-" I started, angry at the term "little friend", but I was cut off.

"I found him daydreaming while getting nearly killed by Ruins." then she muttered, just barely audible with a smirk on her pretty little face, "That fool..."

"I heard that!"

"Although you lack proper bathing garments, I suggest you take a dip in the liquid. Both of you."

I looked at the cat like he was crazy (though he most likely was), but followed Alice as she obeyed. The minute my foot touched the stuff, I started to shrink. Eventually I stopped growing smaller, and so did Alice. She looked me in the face, and I had to note how pretty her emerald eyes were. "The Drink Me Potion is the same color as your eyes." she commented, almost admiringly. She then turned and walked out of the potion, growing back to normal size as she reached the land. I quickly followed. She then shrunk at will and walked through a keyhole in the side of a tree. As I followed, I could feel the Cheshire Cat's bright yellow eyes on my back.

As I, too, shrank down to the tiny size Alice had, I discovered everything had a bit of purple hue, and there were odd purple drawings on the walls and floors of nearby cliffs or trees. Suddenly, I hiccuped, and tiny purple bubble burst from my mouth. "What..."

Inside the little keyhole-tunnel, it was made of dirt, with tree roots decorating the walls. Bugs about the size of my head at the time crawled over and under the roots, as if running away from something fearsome.

On the other side of of the tunnel, there was a large, pink, spongey-looking mushroom with an extremely short stem, and a very wide cap.

I walked over to examine it more closely, and suddenly, I felt a pair of strong hands shove me onto the bright pink platform. And then I was in midair. I saw the ledge of another cliff, and what it was attatched to; more mushrooms and flowers, and overall just more pretty landscape. Then, as I started to sink back to the ground, Alice shoved me again, and I landed inches from the edge of the cliff: nearly on my face; gaining a few scrapes in the process.

As I stood up, I noticed the roses tucked into the ribbon tied at her waist. Some were beautiful, healthy flowers. A few were whithered and dying, dripping with blood. Without a word, Alice walked towards an enormous, open flower in a shade of purple a little darker than lavender. The flower had two long filaments, with creepily hand-like anthers that writhed about in a sort of twisted dance. She stopped when she stood in the center of the flower and suddenly shrunk. The petals of the flower quickly and elegantly enclosed Alice in a sort of tear-shaped pod, that gently pulsed as if to an imaginary beat. With each soft throb, it seemed to glow from the inside out. I swore I could see the pretty sillouhette of Alice through the petals, but I wasn't one-hundred percent sure I could see her, if that makes any sense.

I took a hesitant step forward. "Alice?" I called. The girl didn't answer. I walked closer and tried to pry the petals apart to free my new... companion. I couldn't quite call her a friend. The petals then burst apart, from the center of the flower and disintegrated. A small cloud of blue butterflies lingered about the remains of the plant. If Alice was gone: Oh, I would be so screwed. I glanced around to make sure Alice wasn't totally gone. And sure enough, there she was, floating in the sky, above the flower's remains. I felt my face grow warmer as I realized I had a clear view of...up Alice's skirt. She landed gracefully in front of me, with a flat, sarcastic expression on her face. Ah, she reminded me of my brother sometimes... Certainly creepy enough.

"What." She didn't pose it as a question.

"N-Nothing!" I stammered, realizing I was still blushing a little from...erm... Yeah.

"Your face is practically glowing. I don't think- You know what. I don't even care. We have to go. Come on, dumbass."

With that, she turned around and left through another keyhole. As always, I was forced to follow.

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