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~*Chapter 2: 6:00 am*~

Derek blinked as his alarm went off, slowly he sat up. He rubbed his eyes and opened his curtains and looked outside. The sun wasn't even out yet but it was early morning so the sun should be rising in another 30min.

Derek got up and took a nice warm shower. He quickly put on his school clothes which was black slacks and his black dress shoes, a white shirt with a black vest. The Ouran Academy crest patch on the right side of his shirt, a tie perfectly straitened and tucked beneath his vest. Derek grabbed a combed and yanked it through his thick jet black hair.

When he looked back at his clock it read 6:15. Right on time, he grabbed his tote back and put it on and walked out of his room.

He was about to head down the stairs when he glanced back at Cody's door. It was shut and he knew that he was still asleep. Derek shook his head and took a few steps down the stairs when Headmaster Gallo's voice came into his head "Derek how could you let him sleep in that's horrible of you"

Derek groaned and covered his face then walked back up the steps. He defiantly didn't want to upset the headmaster. He brought his fist up to knock on Cody's door and muffle response came

"What!" but it sounded liked "vuth"

"Hurry up and get dressed, it's almost 6:30"

"Oh shiznits for real" Cody squeal came and he heard thump signaling that Cody fell off the bed.

A few minuets of hearing, loud thumps and substitutes for curse words; Cody appeared at the door, wearing his black shorts, black knee high combat boots, his white shirt with baggy black vest, a loose blue tie around his neck

His hair was wet saying that he took a really quick shower. "Come on we're late" Cody said grabbing Derek's bulky arm and tried to drag Derek towards the stairs.

That's the word tried. Cody let of his arm and chuckled weakly. Then ran behind Derek and tried to push him from there. "Come on big guy give me a break!" Cody gasped.

Derek moved a bit to the side and Cody fell forward with a gasp, Derek held out an arm and caught Cody by the waist.

He frowned he noticed how soft and squishy Cody's waist was. "Oh hehe thanks!" he said giggling and flushed a bright pink. Cody got up and brushed off his shoulder "come on let's go," Cody said going towards the stairs.

Derek followed him down the stairs "hey this is way easier than going up the stairs" Cody commented smiling up at Derek. Derek glared at Cody who looked taken back from the glare then gave him a wary smile "ehehe" he gulped "let's get going"

They both walked down the stairs quietly until they reached dinning hall, they opened the door and long rows of tables lined up the area. Butlers were out serving the breakfast in trays.

Derek left Cody who was staring at the place in awe. A few boys walked up to Cody asking if he wanted to sit with them. He nodded and followed the boys towards a very crowded table.


Derek turned around at the source of his name and saw Cody standing up and waving at him "come here and sit down with me!" Everyone was now looking and a few people chuckled at the irritated face Derek was making.

He ignored Cody and kept on walking towards his place in the dinning hall, near the door. A Butler came by and Derek took an apple and a bottle of orange juice. Derek sat down and chomped on his apple, it was quite too quite. He looked up to see everyone staring at him…well mostly behind him.

He turned around and jumped when he saw Cody staring at him with a sweet smile on his lips. "Hi Der bear" he said and sat down next to Derek. Some boys around them laughed at the nickname but covered it with a cough when they saw Derek glare at them.

"Go away" he snarled angrily at Cody who looked confused as he bit into his pear. "Why?" he asked.

"Cause I said so" Derek replied taking another bite of his apple. Cody frowned and hurt filed his blue eyes. "b-b-but I th-thought we were f-friends" he stuttered.

"Well you thought wrong" Derek snapped harshly. Cody sat there as Derek stood up and grabbed another apple, walking towards the door.

Derek however made the mistake of looking back at Cody. He sighed as he stared at the little boy curled up in the sit. He looked like a scolded kitten, Derek could almost imagine the white kitten ears flatten on the boy's head, the tail curved around his small body.

Derek watched as a sigh escaped Cody, he looked up Headmaster Gallo who gave Derek a pointed look. Grumbling under his breath, Derek adjusted the tote bag on his shoulder and walked back to Cody.

He rubbed the back of his neck not sure what to do. Finally he placed his large hand on Cody's head and mussed up his hair softly and slowly. "Stop acting like a girl and come on" Derek grumbled looking the other direction.

Headmaster Gallo smiled as Cody's porcelain cheeks flushed as the older boy's hand mussed up his blonde hair. To his surprise when Cody smile, Derek blushed a tiny bit.

"Well come on Der bear let's eat together!" Cody said grabbing Derek's hand that was on his head earlier and pushed Derek to sit next to him. Everyone watched in amazement as the two boys ate together, Cody trying to grab Derek's attention by telling him a story.

The dong rang signaling that it was 7:00 and everyone had to get to class, the boys got up and threw away their trash. "Bye Derek!" Cody yelling following the 7th years down, the hall.

Derek waved back and led the 8th years away -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-

It was almost 12 and Derek had gone to all his core classes, now it was cooking time. They said a gentleman will always know how to cook and it's not right for the ladies to always cook.

There Teacher Ms Clementine she had lovely red hair and blue eyes.

Today she was wearing a red dress with that reached her knees, her red hair was curled and she actually wore perfume and make-up today.

Everyone greeted her and told her she was nice…Ms. Clementine was nervous, she wanted to impress someone and it was someone special.

She smiled widely when Derek Souza walked with a scowl on his face, she had always thought he was beautiful and had a crush on him since the day she met him.

Derek was walking down the hallway, he was in his 6th year. He heard that there was a new teacher in the school and everyone was talking about how beautiful she was.

He turned the corner and bumped into someone. "Ow!" the person yelled. It wasn't a mans voice, it was a higher pitch.

Derek looked down to the see a young women who was the ground clutching her head from where it hit the floor.

She was wearing shorts that reached her knees AN/Derek has been in school since he could remember so he has no idea that their called Capri's /AN and a large baggy t-shirt. Her red hair was in a messy bun.

The young woman looked up and gasped…she thought she was seeing a dark angel in front of her.

A mop of black hair that contracted with his tan skin, and green eyes, a scowl on his chapped lips; the boy was muscular she would tell by the stretch on the dress shirt near the chest area.

"Um you okay?" The woman asked. Derek grunted and shrugged "yeah" he grumbled. Oh god his voice was so beautiful…

The woman gasped and stood up she felt like a pedophile. "How old are you?" she asked "16" he grumbled "oh that's nice" she murmured feeling a bit sad. She was 19 and was looking to be a cooking teacher.

Her mother taught her how to cook since she was little "you know this is an all boy's school" he muttered walking off.

The woman following him "Oh I know, I'm here to be the new cooking teacher. I heard the other died of old age…I'm sorry" she said politely.
Derek stared at her and grumbled "it was her time to die, we're all going to die anyways." He said bluntly that the woman was shocked of how blunt he was.

"Oh" she murmured and looked down at the 16 year old boy…the woman was 2 inches taller than him. "So um where's the headmaster's office?" she asked.

Derek stopped and so did she. "Down the hall" he pointed "the large down with the dragon faced knocker" he muttered and turned around on his heel and left.

Penelope Clementine fanned herself and walked off towards the headmaster's office.

Ms. Clementine grinned at the memory, she was about to say 'hi' to Derek when someone interrupted her.

"Der bear!" a little blonde boy yelled who looked to be in his 4th year probably even 3rd year.

She narrowed her eyes as the boy walked up to Derek with a smile. Ms. Clementine's froze when she saw the corner of Derek's lips twitch.

Derek never smiled at anyone not even at Headmaster Gallo, so what was different this time.

"Everyone get to there seats please!" Ms. Clementine said sharply giving the young blonde boy a good glare that blushed and scurried to his seat besides her Derek.

"Good morning boys" she said sternly hoping that his time Derek would say good morning to her.

"Good morning Ms. Clementine" everyone but as always Derek didn't say anything. "So um" she cleared her throat "today we are going to make – yes?" she asked when she saw the young blonde boy raise his hand.

"Ms. Clementine why are you so dressed up?" he asked in a innocent boy voice his head tilted to the side.

She blushed slightly as she took a quick glance at Derek hopping he would notice her outfit. "Um nothing just for fun" she said fiddling a strand of her hair.

The blonde boy smirked "oh really or is just for you secrete lover" he cooed. Everyone laughed as she blushed harder her face matching her hair.

"Oh wouldn't you like to know…jealous" she taunted back. Everyone laughed harder when blonde boy's face blushed.
"n-no!" he denied. "Uh-huh sure" she cooed "what's your name?" she asked.
"Cody Saunders" he murmured.

"Cody would you come up here and help me peel some apples" she said. Cody grumbled and walked up to the front of the room.

Ms. Clementine smirked at Cody who was having trouble peeling the apples. That's what he get's for getting close to her man.

"We are going to make apple pie today" she said picking up a poorly peeled apple from Cody's pile "pathetic" she said and the class laughed at the mauled apple.

Cody looked down and blushed slightly feeling humiliated "this is an example how not to cut apples so please everyone get three apples and start peeling remember the cut away from you" she said giving Cody a pointed stare.

He flushed harder and turned the knife the other way and cut downwards. Ms. Clementine walked around the classroom and commented on everyone's apples.

"Hey Derek" she said smiling happily, Derek gave her a nod "so let's how your apples came along" she said.

Derek moved out the way, Ms. Clementine was amazed how tall he had grown and how much more muscles he gotten, he was already 18 with body that was pack with muscles and he was already 6'7 while she was at the 5'8 height.

"Nice very nice" she said crossing her arms hoping that he would notice her breast…she heard men loved hers.

They were nice big and round perfect, it completed her curvy body perfectly. She smiled in approval as a few guys turned to stare at her then turn back quickly blushing furiously.

She looked up at Derek who looked emotionless. She frowned and stopped crossing her arms and sighed.

"Let's see how you cut them" Ms. Clementine said sweetly, her mouth watered as she saw the muscle in Derek's arm move through his shirt as he cut the apple slowly and beautifully.

"Ouch!" everyone stopped to stare at Cody who was holding his finger. His was twisted in pain and you could see his watery blue eyes.

"What happened?" Ms. Clementine shrieked running up to Cody, she was angry that he ruined her moment with Derek.
"I-I-I cut m-m-my h-hand" he stuttered. "Let me see" Ms. Clementine said angrily and yanked the younger boy's hand into her and gasped at the large cut in his palm.

She turned the cold water on from the sink that was attached to every table and placed Cody's hand in the running water.

"Ow!" Cody whined as Ms. Clementine's sharpened red painted nails dug into Cody's soft wrist.

"Your hurting him" Derek mumbled and pushed his teacher away and held Cody's hand gently running his thumb over the cut.

"Someone get me a band-aide" Derek said. Ms. Clementine ran and got one. "Here" she whispered.

Derek took Cody's hand out of the water and dried it off with a towel. He grabbed the band-aide and ripped it open and put it on Cody's cut.

"There" he said mussing up Cody's hair again. "Thank you" he murmured flushing a bright pink.

Ms. Clementine hands balled into fist. "Mr. Saunders if you ever disturb my class like that again I would have you failed" she said sternly.

Everyone glanced at her in shock…usually she was a laid back teacher and was worried if someone got hurt or even the tiniest scratch.

"B-b-but" he stuttered "no buts and for your interruption you serve detention with me" she said handing him a light yellow slip.

"First day of school and first day of detention…hehehe that must be a record" Cody muttered.

Derek pitied Cody and grabbed him by the ear "that's why you get for cutting the wrong way" as Cody wailed for Derek to let go of his ear.

Ms. Clementine glared at the show of affection between the two boys. Derek let go and Cody rubbed his red ear as he glared at Derek with a pout on his cute face as the older boy who smirked at him.

A shrill rang through the school signaling for everyone to get to there next class. "Let's go" Derek muttered.

Grabbing his tote back as Cody grabbed his. Everyone walked out of the classroom leaving Ms. Clementine to pick up the mess and her jealous attitude.

"Aunt Lauren!" Cody cried running up to hug her tightly, Dr. Fellows smiled and hugged her niece in disguise. "Hey Cody" she cooed ruffling up his hair. "Here you go I made you lunch" she said smiling when Cody's eyes widened in excitement "really thank you!" he cried hugging her again, "bye have a nice lunch time" he called walking out of the nurses office.

"Wait!" Dr. Fellows called, Cody turned around "yeah?" he asked "aren't you going to have lunch with me?" she asked taking her own lunch out of the freezer and eating up the container in the microwave.

Cody huffed and shuffled his feet "I promised that I'd eat with Derek" he murmured. In shock Dr. Fellows almost dropped her container of rice "oh okay!" she squeaked in a abnormally high pitch voice.

"You okay Aunt Lauren?" Cody asked, Dr. Fellows just waved him off "go have fun during lunch time" she said not meeting Cody's eyes. He shrugged and walked out meeting Derek halfway who already had a packed lunch with him.

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