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- Chapter 3 Lunch Time

"Mmm it smells good" Cody cooed holding his packed lunch to his chest. "No it doesn't" Derek said bluntly.

"Don't lie to me it doesn't smell good does it" Derek said looking at Cody who was looking at the stinky container with his lunch.

"Your right it stinks" Cody said sighing, "b-b-but Aunt Lauren packed this for me" he stuttered out. "Yes she did and obviously it looks like she wants to get you sick" he said chuckling at the boy's shocked face.

"NO! She loves me!" Cody yelled at Derek who smirked "okay but so you know I'm not sharing my lunch with you" he said holding up his packed lunch. Cody frowned "where did you get that lunch from I thought you eat from the school" he said.

Derek frowned as well "yeah but Ms. Clementine gave it to me" he said. "Oh" Cody murmured moving a bit closer to Derek "do you think she has a crush on you" he whispered.

Derek looked down at Cody and to his own surprise he chuckled "no why you would think that" he asked. Cody mumbling "nothing…maybe just the way she was looking at you" he said. Derek ran a hand through his hair "I'm sure your just imagining" he said.

"Do you like her?" he asked.

Derek stared at Cody for a while then shook his head "where'd you get that idea from" he said knocking his knuckles lightly on Cody's forehead.

"No where just asking" he murmured blushing slightly.

They both walked towards the dinning hall when they were stopped by a tiny boy. "E-excuse m-me" he murmured blushing softly.

The boy was wearing a similar outfit than the boy Derek had saw yesterday "yes" Cody said politely bending down to face the boy.

"I-I can't f-find my b-brother" he stuttered.

"Aww! Poor baby" Cody cooed and picked up the black haired boy who clung to Cody like a koala bear. "What are you doing" Derek said staring at the 17 year old boy cooing and kissing the little boy's cheeks "Isn't he cute" Cody said ruffling the boy's black hair.

"Yeah whatever" he muttered feeling a bit ignored at the moment. "Where was the last time you saw your brother?" Cody asked.

"Um…I can't remember I was playing with a boy in my year than I remembered I had to meet brother at the lunch room and he hasn't come yet" he sniffled.

"Aww poor you…what's your name?" he asked.

The boy blushed staring up at Cody "My name is Tristan" he said fiddling with the stringed bow on his collar.

"Cute name" Cody commented "my name is Cody and this is my friend Derek" he said pointing to himself than at Derek.

"Oh I know who you guys are" Tristan whispered poking Cody in the cheek.

"Really, Derek we're famous!" Cody cried staring at the older boy who grimaced "yeah I know that" he muttered.

"Come on let's go to your room and see if you brother's there" Cody cooed walking towards the stairs.

"Cody!" Derek yelled jogging up to him. Cody froze and stared at Derek in shock then a smile spread across his lips.

"What! Why are you staring at me like that, you creeper" Derek snapped.

"Nothing…you just finally said my name, it sounds nice when you say it" Cody said smiling sweetly up at his friend who sputtered then a firm blush came on his cheeks.

"It merely slipped…come on stupid" Derek said grabbing Cody by the back of his sweater vest and dragging him upstairs.

"Hey you're going to stretch it!" Cody yelled shoving Derek's hands away who smirked and ruffled the blond's hair.

Cody puffed out his cheeks and glared at Derek who ignored him and whistled a lovely tune while walking up the stairs faster.

"Hurry up stupid!" Derek yelled.

"I'm not stupid!" Cody yelled back adjusting Tristan in his arms as they both climbed up the stairs towards the 400th floor.

"What number was it again?" Cody asked Tristan, "ummm it 412" he murmured burrowing his little hands in the blondes hair.

"Wow your hair is so soft" he said in awe.

"We're here now leave the brat and come on" Derek said leaving against the wall.

"Derek! We can't leave the boy here alone…he could get hurt" Cody scolded Derek who look un-affected.

"Does it look like I care" he said.

"Aww don't listen to the bad man he's just grumpy cause he didn't get to eat yet" Cody cooed at Tristan who looked sad what Derek said.

"Do you have an extra key?" Cody asked. "Yeah I do" Tristan said taking out his key form his little shota shorts. "Here you go" he said calmly.

"You're so polite" Cody said ruffling Tristan's hair and opened the door of the room. Cody and Tristan walked in.

"Cody you can't just walk into someone else's dorm!" Derek scolded him from the outside.

"Oh stop being a lemon and come inside" Cody yelled from the inside.

Derek's eyes widened and he stormed in "did you just call me a lemon" he said to Cody who gave Derek a cheesy smile.

"Yes I did lemons are sour and so are you" Cody

"Big brother!" Cody and Derek turned around to see a boy around there age come out of the shower in a towel, he was using another towel to rub his wet dark hair.

"Hey kiddo" the older boy said ruffling Tristan's hair.

"Oh I remember your name is Mark right?" Cody exclaimed, the boy looked up in surprise.

"Uh yes and why are you in my room" he said a bit startled.

"Well…we found your brother crying downstairs and we came up here to find you" Cody said still smiling then blushed when he noticed the guy was only wearing a towel around his waist which was slowly slipping down past his hips.

"Oh I'm sorry I just fell in mud when I came in so I decided to take a shower instead but I lost track of time" Mark said sheepishly. "It's alright" Cody and Tristan said together. "We'll be leaving now" Derek said grabbing the back Cody's sweater vest and dragged him out of the room.

"Bye Tristan and Mark!" Cody yelled.

"Bye Cody and Derek!" he heard them yell back.

Both boys walked down the stairs until they reached the bottom floor, instead of walking towards the dinning hall. Derek walked outside with Cody trialing behind him a bit confused. Once they reached outside…it was dark and really cloudy.

Clouds rolled over each other getting darker, it was pretty window and the dead leaves swirled everywhere across the fresh green grass. "Let's go" Derek said going down towards his favorite tree, an oak tree he sat up against it opening his boxed lunch.

Cody followed suit and opened his stinky one and gagged at the stench…everything was burned from the inside out.

Derek chuckled weakly and covered the box and threw it aside "here you can share…I think Ms. Clementine packed too much" he said grabbing Cody's elbow and making him scoot closer.

Derek handed Cody two egg rolls wrapped in a napkin and he hate the other two quickly.

They both ate in silence and enjoyed the wind in there hair. Cody noticed that Derek would always look out towards the gate.

"Hey" Cody called by pulling on Derek's ear.

"Hmm" Derek said pulling his eyes away from the gate to look into a pair of mischievous blue eyes.

"Come to my room around 12 at night okay?" Cody said softly to a Confused Derek who nodded anyways.

"What is it about…do you need tutoring" Derek asked. Cody sighed in frustration and blew out a breath.

"No…" he trailed off and flicked Derek's nose.

Derek scrunched up his nose and flicked back at Cody

Cody flicked back and then they were in a mini flick fight.

"Hey!" they both stopped their fight when they heard the noise.

"Can I eat here with you guys?" Simon said sitting down in front of two of them. "Sure!" Cody exclaimed smiling at Simon.

He smiled back at Cody then smiled at Derek who gave him a nod.

"So you guys are getting along great. I was kind of worried that Derek would have scared you off" Simon said laughing when Cody giggled.

Derek grunted and sipped his juice box "and the weird thing is that Derek hadn't had one cigarette since you came along" Simon said ruffling Cody's hair who blushed.

"Simon" Derek growled.

"Oh lighten up bro" Simon said punching Derek's arm.

"Bro? You mean brother you guys are brothers?" Cody said looking between them two.

"Yeah identical twins" Derek rumbled and putting a four or five crackers in his mouth.

"We're foster brothers" Simon explained

"Oh" Cody murmured nodding in understandment, "but why don't you guys hang out all the time?" he asked sipping his own juice box.

There was an awkward silence when Cody blurted out "poor human" in a sympathetic tone.

Simon and Derek stared at him a bit weird then Cody looked up and smiled "my friend said when there's an awkward silence a dolphin rapes a human" she said bluntly.

Simon busted out laughing while Derek chuckled both of them ruffling Cody's hair, who blushed.

Derek sighed "the reason I don't let Simon hang out with me is that I don't want everyone to treat Simon like they treat me, so that's why I put a huge gap between us" he murmured.

"Oh...why do they treat you badly?" Cody asked Derek who looked uncomfortable all of a sudden. Cody sensed the mood change and smiled "its okay you don't have to tell me" he said putting his empty juice box in a plastic bag.

"Thanks" Derek mumbled looking emotionless but Cody could see the gratefulness in his eyes.

"Come on the bells going to ring and we better get inside before the Headmaster finds outs" Simon said standing up then holding a hand out to Cody. He smiled and gratefully took hold of Simon's hand. Derek eyed them two as he got up with his empty lunch box.

"Well come on time to go" Derek said stiffly. Cody let go of Simon's hands quickly grabbed his stinky box of food and all three of them walked back towards the castle.

"Hey do you guys want to watch the game today…the boys from Wright Academy are coming over here" Simon asked them.



Cody and Derek said at the same time "Aww come on Derek I want to be there at my first basketball game" Cody said puling on his blazer.

Derek sighed and ran a hand through his hair "fine" he muttered "Awesome!" Simon and Cody cheered "Kay, be there at 8 okay bye!" Simon yelled and ran off.

"I got a bad feeling about this game" Derek muttered pulling Cody away "why?" he said "I think it's going to be awesome" Cody exclaimed throwing his hands in the hair twirling around.

"Okay come on its time for P.E" Derek said.

Cody froze "P.E?" He squeaked

oh no P.E!

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