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"So you're saying that you can't do P.E cause of your finger which you squashed by the door" the Coach said crossing his bulky across his chest glaring down at Chloe who nodded.

"Yeah right Saunders get into the changing room and change" He said pushing Cody into the boys changing room and blushed when he saw the half naked men in there.

Cody ran to the back of the changing room where nobody was there and grabbed his P.E clothes. Cody looked around to make sure nobody was there and ran in into the bathroom stall.

How the hell was he going to be in P.E if he was in girl what would they say about his hairless arms and legs or his weak strength? They surely will find out that he was a girl after this, just like that his prayers was answered. "Cody!" he knew that voice from anywhere.

"Aunt Lauren!" Cody yelled running out of the stall to hug his aunt tightly hoping that she would take him away from all the naked boys in the room.

"Aww I was so worried about you" Lauren said holding Cody closer to her chest. "Alright, alright you guys can leave" The Coach said. Cody pulled away from his aunt quickly and blushed when he saw the boys stare at him in amusement.

"Saunders I better have a report of the one sport of each week for your grade" Coach Hunt said giving Cody a glare who nodded. Lauren and Cody both walked out of the locker room.

"Cody you come with me and stay in the clinic all the time during gym okay" Lauren said dragging Cody off towards the clinic. He stayed there with his aunt for the whole period helping her with the patients.

"Okay Cody go back to your dorm, school ended and now it's time for you to study for your classes" Lauren said kissing Cody on the cheek "bye Aunt Lauren!" he yelled waving than ran up the stairs.

"Oh god I really need to work out" Cody panted as he was halfway up the stairs.

"Oh thank god!" Cody exclaimed once he reached his floor, Derek poked his head out of his dorm to see Cody on the floor in a floor-plant.

An amused smirk found his way to his lips "what are you doing?" he asked. "Mmm-mmm-mmm" Cody murmured. Derek scowled playfully "sorry I don't speak stupid"

Cody looked up and glared at Derek then did a face plant. Derek winced at the sound of his head meeting the floor. "Owe!" he whined rubbing his red forehead.

Derek shook his head smirking at Cody who pouted staring up at Derek with a glare while rubbing forehead. "Hurry up and study cause in a few hours we have to get ready for the game" he said.

Cody perked up suddenly and stood up "Well hurry up and go do your homework then Derek" he yelled happily running to his bedroom slamming the door shut.


"You ready!" Cody was all pumped up for the game, he had added sparkly charcoal glitter to his hair and painted with red bold letters OA for "Ouran Academy" he was wearing his off the class uniforms which consisted on black slacks, white dress shirt un-tucked, and a charcoal colored blazer with red tie.

"Whooo!" Cody screamed running down the stairs, Derek ran after him so just in case Cody fell, Derek could catch him. "Could you wait up" Derek yelled at him. Cody just beamed up at him then frowned "you need more spirit" he said then took out a marker.

Before Derek could do anything he put in large bold red letters 'OA' each of his cheeks. "There now come on" he said tugging on Derek's sleeve.

He sighed and reluctantly following Cody towards the basketball stadium. Mostly everyone was walking there, "I'm telling you dude it's going to be awesome" a guy in Cody's year told him.

"Really, I'm so excited. I had to beg Derek to come" Cody said eyeing Derek then smiled at him; Derek grunted and crossed his arms.

"Eh don't mind him, he never likes basketball games" the guy said. In a few moments Cody and Derek reached the stadium. "Derek you go find us empty seats while I go wish luck to Simon" Cody said and ran off before Derek say anything.

Derek however wanted to be far away from the noise and chose two empty seats on the tip top. Then it started to get crowed and the whole stadium filled up besides that one seat where Cody was going to sit.

Cody ran back towards the benches and saw Derek up on the top and huffed "really!" he exclaimed angrily and ran all the way up the stairs "you're horrible" he muttered to Derek who smirked at Cody.

"You said I could pick the seats"

Cody frowned sitting down next to Derek, "oh well there's nothing I can do" he muttered. A few minutes later the Ouran team-players were out. "GO SIMON!" Cody yelled jumping up and down waving his arms.

Derek covered his ears and stared at Cody in shock "go go, go!"

Suddenly a tall brute stood in Cody's way "hey buddy get out of the way" Cody yelled at him; but the guy was too busy cheering that he didn't notice Cody's yelling.

"Ugh I hate you" Cody said glaring at the guy. Derek watched all this in amusement, now Cody was jumping up and down trying to see over the tall muscular brute.

It was quite between them for a moment until; Cody went up behind Derek and climbed on his shoulders. "Cody!" Derek screaming in shock; Cody just smiled and screamed waving his arms around.

Simon looked up and waved to the crowd which went even wilder, he froze then busted out laughing when he saw the two boys on top of the stadium.

Cody was squirming around trying to get Simon's attention "SIMON! SIMON!"

Derek huffed, his hands tightening around Cody's thighs "this is utterly embarrassing" and thought how they went through the whole game.

After the Game :O

"Wow, that was awesome" Cody said walking down the steps with Derek behind him "yeah" Derek yawned out. "I'm going to bed" he said walking out of the auditorium and out of Cody's view.

He shrugged and went to go and find Simon to congratulating him for scoring the winner point. "Great game Simon" his teammates said clapping their hand on Simon's back who was grinning accepting all of his friend's admiration and praising.

Cody waiting outside until every-one of the team players left leaving Simon to change out of his uniform into his school uniforms.

Then when Cody heard him close his locker shut, Cody ran in to congratulate him. However Simon was running out of the locker room too, he wanted to get back to do his homework quickly and go to sleep.

Cody rounded the corner just as Simon did. "Ouch!" "Oof!" the both yelled, limps tangling and they both fell on the floor.

"Ow…." Cody murmured opening his eyes, there were a bit flurry but he blinked a few times and a blonde head came into view then he squinted noticing the blonde's face was a bit red.

"Simon?" he trailed off, then he gasped as he felt two hands on his chest. Looking down he saw Simon's hands accidentally landed on his chest.

Before the game, Cody had ran out of gauze so he put in all he had which wasn't much so he wore his loosest clothing; but it you pressed close enough you could have felt the breast underneath the tapes.

"B-b-b-boobs!" Simon muttered in disbelief giving her breast a squeeze making sure they were real. Cody blushed bright red and slapped Simon across the face which ended up him landing of the floor, his face bright red a hand on his left cheek.

Cody sat up crossing his arms over his chest; Simon pointed a finger at Cody "y-y-you're a girl!" he squeaked. Cody launched forward and slapped his hand over Simon's mouth "quite!" he hissed.

Simon eyes rolled at the back of his head and he fell to the floor with a loud thump. "Oooo that's going to leave a mark" Cody winced at the sound of Simon's head hitting the locker room floor.

"Great now what am I going to do" he thought scratching his head looking at the passed out boy.

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