Ok before I get in to my idea I think I should give you a little background on belly dancing in general. Belly dancing was originally a way for worriors to show case how much control and disaplin they had over their bodies, also a way to impress a potintal mate.

Now on to my idea it is a sesshomaru falls for kagome fiction.

Plot: for some reason or another sesshomaru dicides to train kagome. Whether because it was his idea or hers I don't care, but for some reason there is a big gathering or party or something or what ever but for whatever reason Kagome along with the rest of the castels female population has to perform something at some point during this event. So she decides to use her hobby belly dancing. It is at this performance that sesshomaru starts to fall for her.

Sorce/ inspiration: the best belly daning I have ever seen is sadie from Colorado. Please watch the video below.

Sadie BellyDance

On youtube.

Please let me know if you use this I would love to read it. I would write it myself but I can't figure out how I have bad writers block.