"Hey Jude, don't be afraid" Dean sang to Jeremy as he giggled happily "Don't be afraid." He echoed

"Hey Jude!" Mattie laughed

"Dean, you get them calling him Jude and I'll kill you" Rissy frowned

"Hey you picked the name sweetheart" He dismissed

"It's his middle name, if I wanted him to be called Jude I would've made his first name Jude"

"Tough cookies" He teased and poked her in the stomach "Where's John?"

"With Sammy and the rest of them downstairs"

"Well come on, we should get going" Bela grunted as scooped up Danny in her arms. He looked like a clone of his father now. A miniature version only with darker hair, if he looked like this at four, she could only imagine how he would look when he was a teenager.

"Piggy back ride Daddy" Mattie reached up to her father and he knelt down to oblige her. Daddy's little girl, she looked much more like Bela now, she had the shape of her eyes, nose and face. The only traits she seemed to inherit from her father were the bright green eyes and attitude. Danny was more quiet and calculating so Bela liked to think he inherited that from her.

"Okay guys I have the camera all set up! Let's get this show on the road!" Jody called up to them.

Bela had been right about Angelina, she was almost four years old now and although she still had baby features, the child like features made her look more intense. The tiny blue specks in her eyes seemed to have multiplied; now her eyes had almost a checkered look about them with brown and blue. Half angel and half unicorn, could they have underestimated the potential of that kind of hybrid? Oh well. Only time would tell.

"Where the hell is Adam? He was supposed to be here by now" Dean glanced impatiently at his watch just as the front door opened

"Hello?" Adam called out on cue

"In here" Bobby called back as he fiddled with the controls on the camera

Adam walked in the room with his arm around his pregnant wife's waist. She had blown up to the size of a balloon.

"Really packing it in there aren't we Chess?" Bela raised an eyebrow

"Bite me" Chessa snapped

"Yeah bite me" Lucy mimicked

"Hey Lucy watch it. Don't talk like that okay?" Adam said firmly

"Sorry daddy"

"That's my girl"

"I remember the last time we took a group picture like this" Cas mumbled grimly

"That was different" Sam put a hand on his friend's shoulder

"It was right before Ellen and Jo died" Cas continued

"We remember" Dean shot him an annoyed look "This is different. This is more of an insurance policy. Now if one of us dies, we can always come back"

"If you say so Dean" Bela scoffed

"They're not mad at us anymore" Dean defended

"Yeah but that don't mean we should push our luck either" Bobby shrugged

"When don't we push our luck" Dean smirked

"True" Sam agreed

"Alright everyone shut up and smile" Jody ordered as the timer ran out and the Winchester/Singer-Mills/Milligan/Whatever Castiel's last name could possibly be family took their first family portrait. For that short while they didn't think about the possible coming apocalypse, leviathans, armies lead by their small children. For that short while they were happy once more.

The end (for now) if you want I could write a sequel. Thank you all so much for your encouraging reviews! I really really appreciate your support for my first ever story. I hope you like this (temporary?) ending.