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Finally have my first fic up. I'm going to need help with the title. And where to go after this chapter. I have a vague idea, but its not enough to carry me through even 10 chapters.

Dylan was an ordanary 16 year old cat, despite the fact that he was a foot shorter than other cats his age. And also a few younger than him. He was also purple, which was usually a girls color. Because of this, he was constantly being made fun of. Take today for instance.

Valor High School (Need a new name for the school.)

SLAM! Something purple and blue hit the lockers... Hard.
"So Dylan. How are you today ya little purple fuck?" asked a deep black cat with large muscles, shoving Dylan into the lockers again.
"Come on Thresh, lets just go." said the light purple girl with him. Dylan recognized her. Her name was Glimmer.
"Why?" he said. "Its fun beating this gay fuck up."
"Just come on. You said you were taking me to see a movie."
He grunts. "Fine, just lemme do this real quick."
She sighs, and Thresh punches Dylan in the face. When he falls, Thresh kicks him in the stomach.
"Okay, now we can go."

Ten minutes later, Dylan got up and promptly brushed the dirt off of his blue jacket.
"Damn it. Every single day." he sighed. "Ah well, better get home before Mom flips out."
He pulls out his phone and dials a number. "Hey Mom. Yeah, I'm fine, just got hung up at school. I'll be home in about an hour, okay. Love you too. Bye." He groans as he pops his back, then walks in the direction of his house. About a mile from his house, he sees two cats walking towards him, one gray, the other pink.
"Hi, I'm Aeris." said the pink feline. "This is my brother, Leo." Dylan told them his name, then asked: "Are you new here? I haven't seen you around."
Leo answered "Yeah, we just moved in yesterday, we're just trying to get used to the town now." "Seriously? Where do you live, if you don't mind me asking." "'Bout a mile that way", Aeris said as she pointed in the direction of my house. "Right next to a yellow and grey house.
"Hey!" Dylan said excitedly. "I have the only yellow and grey house on my street. You guys live next to me."
They all started walking down their street, talking about recent events. They parted an hour later to go into their houses.
"Mom, I'm ho-" Dylan's sentence was cut short as his mom hugged him tightly.
"You said you'd be home over half an hour ago. Where were you?" she asked worriedly.
"I was with the neighbors, Leo and Aeris." His mom noticed the cut near Dylan's eye.
"Oh, Dylan, have you been in another fight?" "Its nothing, Mom." Dylan said defensively. "It was only Thresh. I'm used to it now." "I can't stand you getting hurt." she said. "It hurts me to see you hurt." "Honestly, I didn't even feel the cut. I've kinda grown resistant to pain." "Okay, okay, I believe you, just don't worry me like that again. It reminded me of your father."
Dylan's father had up and left about nine years ago. Neither of them had seen him since. Dylan was very shy and vulnerable after he had left, so he was picked on since third grade. He never once resisted though. But right now, Dylan's father wasn't on his mind, but someone else. Aeris.

Authors Note
Gonna need help on where to go after this chapter, cause I'm already lost. I'm aiming to turn it in to a romance/fighting fic, but I'm not sure how. I know I epically fail, I just don't think things through. And if anyone could help me with the title, it'd be greatly appreciated.