StarRose: Song: Make Me Wanna You Love Me By: Andy Gibson. I DON'T own characters except for the Twist of Conner McKnight's personality

I was at my locker to get my books then go to Hayley's CyberSpace and meet the rest of the team except for Dr. O was doing something teacher things then I noticed a note was on the bottom of my locker folded so neatly. I unfolded it and read it.



You make me want be the man that I'm not for you and only you to make you happy.

You make me wanna a man who will do anything for you, Kira.

You make me wanna to buy a rose.

You make me wanna you love me.

- T

P. S. The "T" refers to the type of Dino I have.

I met up with the team and finished my paper for Dr. O's class. I took out the note to look at and reread it and figure out who could it be. Conner get to look at the note he totally smiled when he saw it was note that put into my locker that day.

"Kira, you need a ride home?" Conner asked the yellow clad girl.

"Yeah give a minute" I told him.

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AN: I tell you who it is BTW It's CONNER McKNIGHT!