Hogwarts' Baby Malfoy

Chapter 2: Not Everything is About Beauty and Cuteness

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As the students of Hogwarts finished eating dinner and the first years were sorted to their new house, Dumbledore stood up to make his annual speech.

"First of all, I would like to welcome you all back! I'm very glad to see your faces again….." The students clapped as welcomed them and he continued to talk.

"I would also like to announce to you all who your Head Boy and Head Girl will be this year…. Please give a round of applause for your Head Girl Miss Hermione Granger and your Head Boy Mister Draco Malfoy! You all may go to your dorms now. And once again, welcome back! Mister Malfoy and Miss Granger please wait for Professor McGonagall"

Hermione looked over to the Slytherin table. Draco sat there with Parkinson and Zabini. He was holding a very sleepy Dramione in his hands. "I never thought that Malfoy could be such a nice person towards someone." Hermione thought as she waited for Professor McGonagall.

When Parkinson and Zabini left Hermione approached Draco and she asked him if she could hold Dramione.

"She looks so beautiful when she is sleeping." Draco said looking at his daughter.

"Yeah, but believe not everything is about beauty and cuteness." Hermione said.

"What do you mean?" Asked a confused Draco.

"You would see." Hermione said with a smirk similar to Malfoy's one.

Finally all of the students left the Great Hall and Professor McGonagall approached the silent couple and the sleepy baby.

"Hello Professor." Said Hermione politely while Malfoy only muttered a hi.

"Hello Miss Granger and Mister Malfoy ,congratulations for both becoming Head Boy and Head Girl , and for becoming parents to such a pretty baby girl." Said Professor McGonagall to the two seventh years.

20 minutes later, Hermione and Draco were admiring their new common room. It had a small modern kitchen , a big living room facing the fireplace decorated with the colors golden and silver. There were two rooms. This had really surprised Draco and Hermione because they were going to have to share a room since the other one was only for Dramione . Apparently, Dumbledore had prepared the room since he already knew that Hermione was bringing Dramione to Hogwarts. Dramione's room was decorated with snakes , green and silver. Actually , the living room was the only thing that had golden or red. Their room only had ONE bed that they were supposed to share. It's sheets were green and silver as well as the walls decorations.

"I can't believe I have to share a room with you." Hermione said as she unpacked her trunk.

"Oh shut up. It's not like if I want to." Draco said unpacking his trunk too.

"Look Malfoy , I think that if we want for Dramione to grow up and have a normal life , I think that we should at least be civil to one another." Hermione said trying to put Draco into sense.

"Well , I think that you are right about that , but that doesn't mean that I'm gonna become your best friend." Draco said as he finished packing everything and sat down on the bed.

"Believe me Malfoy , that is not gonna happen." Hermione said as she too finished unpacking.

She sat down beside Draco on the bed.

"Oh yeah and we might as well call each other by our first name. Since our daughter is also a Malfoy." Draco said.

"Excuse me , but she is NOT a Malfoy , she is my daughter so she is a GRANGER!" Hermione said defending her daughter's last name.

"She is Malfoy since I'm her father." Draco said and Hermione started laughing.

"What are you laughing about?" He asked confused.

"We said that we were going to be civil toward each other , and we already started fighting." She said.

"Well that's true." Draco said.

Suddenly Hermione stopped laughing and silence filled the room.

"Mal.. Draco I have been wondering , how did your father took it when he found out that you got me pregnant?" Hermione asked Draco , she had wanted to know all summer.

" He doesn't talk to me anymore , he disown me. But I still live at the Manor since half of it belongs to my mother , and she doesn't want for me to leave her. Plus , I already received my heritage , so I had nothing to lose. Plus, it's not as if it hurt me to lose my father. He never treated me as he son. He always.." Draco stopped talking there realizing that he was actually talking to Hermione , the person he had hated so many years. Not only was he talking to her , but he was also telling her about his life .

"I'm sorry for that. I mean it's not as if either of us wanted for this to happen." Hermione said , her big brown eyes meeting Draco's grey eyes.

"She has really changed our life ,hasn't she?" Hermione said.

"Yeah. I think that it would be better if I sleep in the couch." Draco said.

"Yeah. I'm still not used to the fact of sharing my bed with my "archenemy". And by the way would you mind taking care of Dramione for the night?" Hermione asked.

"Of course not." Draco said with a smile as he lived the room. Too bad for him that he didn't turn around to a smirking Hermione.

"Little does he know that not everything is about beauty and cuteness.." She thought as she got ready to sleep , a picture of Draco Malfoy having to deal with a little evil baby girl …

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