"The Rain Began to Pour"

by: Stargazer

A/N: I don't own DBGT or ANY characters in here... well, yeah I do, one though! Dante. That's it. Rosalyn Angel belongs to Courtney, the CRAZY Trunks fan... Ja! Oh one thing, Trunks wears khaki PANTS. Yes, PANTS not shorts. They all are GT age, but it is set a year after it... but it's an AU and RA is about.. twenty-two.

Chapter 1: Video Games and Noodles

"MOMMMMM!" shouted Pan, running into the living room. Videl looked up and smiled. There stood her daughter, Pan, fifteen years old. Her eyes were now a deep blue just like her mothers. Her hair was longer, straight and beautiful. The top of her head was covered with an orange bandanna and her body was covered with a red and yellow shirt with a pair of pants.

"What is it dear?" she asked.

"Can I have some money?! This game for our system just came out and I TOTALLY want it!" exclaimed Pan, jumping up and down. Videl grinned. Pan held out her hand for the money, jumping from foot to foot. Videl laughed and reached for her purse. She pulled out some bills and handed them over to Pan. Pan hugged her mother around the neck, and ran off, zooming into the sky above. Videl sighed softly and watched her daughter fly out of the front door. She returned her gaze to her book, turning the page gently.

Pan ran into the video game store at the mall. She jumped around, trying to find the new releases. She jumped over a kid and crawled through someone's spread legs. She tripped as she ran over to the shelf that had new releases. She saw a girl around her uncle's age grab a game from the shelf and walk off. Pan ran to the shelf and looked around. She whimpered. She couldn't find the game. She ran over to the cashier who handed a bag to the same girl she just saw who walked off. Pan looked at the cashier.

"Do you have any more copies of Heaven Above The Fire?!" questioned Pan, jumping around.

"Nope, sorry about that. That girl just got the last one," said the cashier, pointing to the girl walking out. Pan fumed and ran after the girl.

The girl walked out of the mall, walking towards the park area. Pan rose into the air and flew after the her. The girl sat on a gray bench and began to think. Pan landed in front of her with her hands on her hips. The girl had dark hair pulled back in a braid. She had two strands of hair escaped her braid and fell to the sides of her eyes. She had pure green eyes that seemed to be gentle and friendly, but also seemed to be hiding something. Pan stared at the girl, then blink her eyes. A tail? Can't be! Pan looked closer, and all that was gone. Pan was very confused but pushed it aside.

"Okay lady!" exclaimed Pan. The girl looked up.

"Do I know you?" she questioned, tilting her head to the side and giving an innocent look.

"You have something I want! Now give it!" demanded Pan. The girl's pure green eyes stared at Pan.

"What?" asked the girl, confusion clouding her eyes.

"Don't act dumb! You have Heaven Above the Fire, the sequel to Angel Fire and I want it now! I'll pay you," responded Pan. The girl's eyes went wide.

"You played Angel Fire?" questioned the girl.

"Yeah... so?" questioned Pan, looking at the girl.

"THAT IS THE BEST GAME EVER! It has the greatest plot, the cutest characters, the best graphics... EVERYTHING!" squealed the girl.

"You think that?" asked Pan.

"Oh yeah!"

"SO DO I! Oh my gosh! I so love that game. Killing all the monsters, gosh! It is the BOMB!" exclaimed the excited Pan.

"What's your name, kid?" questioned the girl.

"Son Pan," said Pan.

"I'm Rosalyn Angel. You can call me Rose," she greeted. "Just don't ever call me Rosalyn," she added. Pan nodded.

The two talked while they walked to Rose's apartment building, talking about Angel Fire. Pan was impressed on how long it took Rose to beat the game, when it took her over two months. Rose finished it in three weeks. Pan would have to ask Rose how she had beaten it so fast. They walked up the stairs of the building and up to Rose's apartment. She unlocked the door and the pair went inside. It was somewhat neat in the room and was an all right size. A little living room next to a little kitchen; then there was a hallway which led to a bedroom at the end, a bathroom to the right, and a closet to the left.

It was a little room, but it was cozy. Pan looked around.

"This is a very cool place. It's nice and small," said Pan, sitting on the couch. Rose nodded and grabbed a soda from the ice box.

"You want one?" she asked, opening it and took a drink.

"Sure, why..." she began until she saw the clock. "Crap! I need to get home! My mom will wonder where I went."

"Really? Damn..." said Rose, looking at the ground. "I was thinking we could play this game for a while."

Pan thought for a second. "Why don't you just come over? We have plenty of room!"she exclaimed. Rose looked up.

"Cool!" she exclaimed. She chugged her soda, ran into her room and packed a bag full of clothes for a couple days. She ran into the living room, the bag swung over her shoulder.

"Ready! Let's go," she said and walked out the door, Pan following. Rose locked the door and looked at Pan who was floating in mid air. Rose just gaped at her. "You can fly?!" she exclaimed. Pan nodded. Rose pouted. She wanted to fly. Pan landed and laughed and apologized. Rose swung the bag over her shoulder and began to walk down the sidewalk. Pan skipped after her, trying to keep up. As they walked, a car came back, splashing water up on Rose.

"What the hell! Hey you ass hole!" she shouted, waving her fist. Pan laughed as the head of her grandfather peeked out.

"Why don't you watch who you're calling an Asshole! I used to be world champion you know! Don't mess with me!"cried Mr. Satan, glaring at Rose.

"Grandpaaa," cried Pan, running up to the car. Rose followed, a grim look on her face. Mr Satan looked down and noticed Pan.

"Pa-Pan! Oh I'm sorry, did I splash your friend here?" he asked, stammering a little.

"Grandpa, can you give us a ride to my house? She... can't fly," said Pan, whispering the last part.

"Well, of course I can! I can't say no to my granddaughter can I?" he asked as Pan and Rose entered the vehicle.

Pan waved to her grandpa and Rose bowed. Mr. Satan grinned brightly and gave a peace sign and sped off. Rose looked around, never seeing so many trees before. Actually... she had... but she wanted to forget about it... not wanting to remember the past. Rose followed Pan and they stepped into the small little house. The noise of the television flooded the two people's ears along with the soft snoring of a half saiya-jin. The smell of noodles and rice filled Rose's nose and she sniffed, then made a sound. Pan swore she heard a 'meow' and looked at Rose. Pan blinked and sighed. She thought she saw Rose as a cat and not a human. Pan shrugged.

"Mom, I'm home!" shouted Pan.

After the two put Rose's things in Pan's room, they made their way to the kitchen. Videl was humming softly as she was stirring two bowls of noodles, while checking the rice at times. Videl looked over at Pan and Rose and smiled.

"Welcome back, Pan. I see you brought a friend," said Videl, smiling brightly.

Rose nodded her head at Videl. "Hello, Mrs. Son. I am Rosalyn Angel. You may call me Rose, Rose Angel, or RA. Which ever you prefer," said Rose smiling shyly.

Videl smiled. "Rose is fine. You may call me Videl," she responded, turning back to the pots of food.

"Mom, Rose is going to stay the night, is that okay?" asked Pan. Videl looked at Pan.

"But you know your Uncle Goten and Trunks are staying the night," said Videl.

Pan made a pouty face. "Puh-leaze mom! She'll stay in my room! I'll feed her, brush her, and take care of her!" said Pan.

Rose looked at Pan. "I'm not a dog," she spat, giving Pan a glare. Pan just laughed and Videl grinned.

"Sure she can. I have enough here for one more."

Pan looked at the food. "Sure it ain't big enough for just two?" said Pan.


"I'm talking about Goten and Trunks. They act like pigs!" exclaimed Pan.

"Oink, oink," came a voice.

Pan sneered and turned around. "Here are the big pigs now."

Trunks made a pouty face. "Come on, Pan. I'm not a pig," he said. Trunks looked at the taller girl next to Pan who was helping Videl prepared the table. "Who's your friend?"

"Her name is Rosalyn Angel, Rose for short."

"Hi, Rosalyn Angel," greeted Trunks. Rose scrunched up her nose. Only certain people called her Rosalyn, and she didn't remember giving that person permission. Rose swirled around, a glare on her face, and looked at the group. "What did you..." she began before she saw Trunks. His blue eyes looked into her green ones.

'Damn... he's hot!' she thought, a blush coming to her face.

Trunks and Goten had strange looks on their faces.

"Don't call me Rosalyn,"she stated and helped Videl more. Pan looked at Goten and shrugged.

"Go get your father up,"said Videl. Pan smiled and ran into the living room.

She hopped onto Gohan's lap, waking him up with a jolt. His glasses were crooked as he looked at Pan.

"Huh? What? Anything wrong?" he blabbed out. Pan laughed at her father playfully.

"Dinner is ready," chirped Pan. Gohan patted her on the head and she hopped off his lap. Gohan got up and stretched.

They all sat at the table while they passed out the food. Gohan had asked about Rose and she told him about herself, yet she left stuff out she didn't want them to know... yet. Goten began to stuff his face with noodles and rice, gulping down glasses of water one by one. Rose held her spoon of rice to her mouth, staring. Trunks just laughed and Pan scrunched her nose up.

"Goten!" shouted Gohan. Goten gave and innocent look.

"Wot?" he asked, rice falling from his mouth. Rose just stared.

Does his stomach ever get full? I think he is part pig... thought Rose.

Trunks slapped Goten in the back and Goten spit his rice across the table. Rose looked at her shirt and touched her face. Rice and noodles were all over her.

"You little..." she hissed and Goten looked at her.

"Sorry?" he squeaked. Rose grabbed her bowl of rice and dumped it onto Goten's head.

"Take that, you little brat!" exclaimed Rose. "Don't piss me off."

Trunks began to crack up. Rose, being in the mood she was in, turned to Trunks. "You think that's funny, purple-haired boy!?" she exclaimed.

Trunks looked at Rose. "It's LAVENDER, thank you! And yes, it is funny," he stated. Rose's eye twitched. She looked down at her food. She grabbed her bowl of rice and her bowl of noodles and crawled onto the table. She took the rice and pour it over his head, the bowl resting gently on top of it. She grabbed the collar of his shirt, and poured the noodles down. She slammed the bowls down to the table and retook her seat.

"Take that! Trunks? HA! What a stupid name," she spat and looked at Gohan and Videl. Gohan just stared at Rose while Videl cracked a smile. "Gomen. I lose my temper easily," said Rose softly. Videl nodded.

"That's okay," said Videl. Rose sat down and finished her noodles that were still in her almost empty bowl. Pan patted Rose on the back. Trunks leaned against the table to get more food, but then he pulled back. He looked down his shirt and looked at everyone else.

"It's... SQUISHY!" he exclaimed, surprised by the touch of the noodles.

"Aren't you an Einstein..." mumbled Gohan.

Goten looked at Trunks. "Really?" he asked. Trunks nodded. Goten dumped his bowl of rice down his shirt and leaned against the table. "It is! It is squishy!" he laughed. Gohan groaned.


In Pan's room, Rose looked around. She had a pair of shorts and a tank that Videl had given her to borrow. Rose was still covered in food and was still kinda mad.

"Can I use your bathroom so I can clean up?" asked Rose. Pan nodded and Rose left the room. She walked over to the bathroom and grabbed the handle. She opened the door and looked in...

"AH!" she shouted.

"AH!" shouted somebody else. "Close the door! Close the door!" shouted Trunks from inside. Rose slammed the door, her face beet red.

God damn... He's so... built, she thought, and some other naughty things as well.

Trunks stepped out fully dressed and muttered "Gomen," and walked to the guest room.

'Nice ass...' she thought and walked into the bathroom then closed the door.

Rose sat in Pan's room on the floor. She was clean and happy. Pan was sitting on her bed, thinking on what to do next. Rose was bored out of her mind and wanted to have a little fun. She began to think and came up with a plan. Pan was setting up Rose's bed until she heard an oh... Pan looked at Rose who had a devilish look on her face. Pan tilted her head.

"What?" she asked.

"Let's have some fun," said Rose.

Pan began to think. "What kind of fun?"

Rose went over to Pan and began to whisper her plan. Pan nodded and said an Uh-huh... yeah, at times then smirked.

"Great idea! Let's get ready for it!" she said, and the two began to get their plan into action.

Goten laid his card down and smiled.

"SPEED!" he shouted. Trunks groaned and threw his cards down.

"Damnit! You always win!" cried Trunks, looking at the cards. "I think you should stop shuffling and let me try," explained Trunks, watching the happy Goten do his usual victory dance.

"Who's da saiya-jin?! I'm the saiya-jin!" boasted Goten, moving his head back and forth like a cocky rooster. Trunks sighed and threw his shoe at him. It hit Goten square in the head and a loud THUD was heard. Trunks looked at Goten, a questioning look on his face.

"Ow..." croaked Goten, then was up on his feet again. Trunks was going to say something until there was a knock on the door. Goten looked at the door.

"Who is it?" he called.

"It's Pan and Rose, can we come in?" called a muffled Pan. Trunks's face turned into a frown.

"No way, not after what she did earlier," protested Trunks, crossing his arms over his bare chest. Goten was about to open the door, but Trunks grabbed him by the shirt. Goten gave a whimper and looked at Trunks.

"I'll be a good Rose! Lemme in!" called Rose. Goten whimpered more and Trunks knew he was defeated. He let go of Goten and sat on one of the beds. Goten laughed and yanked open the door, almost ripping it off the hinges. Pan giggled and whacked Goten over the head with her pillow. Rose ran in and pushed Goten down and whacked him with the pillow.

"Take that!" said Rose. Pan giggled again and pinched Goten. He yelped and whimpered more. Rose laughed and saw Trunks. She grinned and smacked him over the head with her pillow. Trunks fell backwards on the bed and Rose pounced on him. She hit him again and he put his arms up to block. He grunted and Rose laughed. Pan was now tickling Goten, who was laughing very loudly.

Trunks glared at the laughing Rose and grinned. He reversed the pin and grinned more. Rose let out a yelp and looked up. She glared at him.

"No fair! I'm on top, not you!" she spat.

"Doesn't look like it, now does it?" asked Trunks coolly. Rose glared and reversed the pin again. She put all her weight in her arms as she held down Trunks's shoulders. Trunks didn't say a thing and looked at her.

"You think that's going to stop me?" he asked softly.

"Yes," she barked. Much to her surprise, Trunks pushed her off to the side then pinned her again. His hands were on her shoulders and he straddled her stomach. She gave a pout and looked at him. He leaned his head close to hers. His nose was about a centimeter away from hers.

"That didn't stop me," he said quietly. Rose held her breath and just looked at him. He began to slowly move his head closer until–

"What in the world?!" shouted Gohan. Trunks's head shot up and Rose's face redden. "I heard a loud crash and I find this," he explained. Rose noticed that Goten banged his head on the dresser. "Go on and get to bed."

Pan skipped out of the room while Trunks slowly got off Rose. She got off the bed and walked to Pan's room, thinking about what could have happened.