Chapter 8: Memories

Winter slowly approached to the land and soon the countryside was covered in pure white sheets with shiny diamonds. Little kids ran around with their sleds and found the biggest hills they could and slid down them. Rose walked passed the laughing kids and sighed. Her head was filled with little children voices calling for their mothers, bragging to their fathers, and playing with their friends. Rose blocked it out before she could get to emotional. It had been two months since she last saw her so called friend Dante. Rose shook her head as the pictures of her family flashed in front of her eyes. They were rotten and lifeless. Her eyes blurred and she shook her head again. No! Don't think about it.. just don't think about it... She walked on for miles lost in her thoughts. Before she knew it, she stumbled upon an old, abandoned house made of wood. She wanted to walk past it but for some reason she couldn't. She walked over to the house and stared at the door. She took a deep breath and she smelt flowers. She took another deep breath but the smell of sweet flowers vanished and was replaced with the coldness of the air. She walked towards the door and gently pushed it open.

The door creaked and swung open. Inside was filled with dust and cobwebs. There were several pieces of furniture were scattered around the house. It was cold and dull looking. She walked farther inside. It felt... a little warm. Around her she could see the dust fade and sun come through the windows. She saw a little cat girl sitting on the floor, playing with a stick. The little girl giggled and ran towards the door. There stood a tall, built male cat man. He smiled and picked up the little girl.

"How is my little girl?" the man said, smiling down at his daughter.

"Finneeee and how is my Kijaaa?" said the girl, nuzzling her father. He put her down and she ran over to a tall female cat lady. The lady turned around and smiled.

"Rosalyn, watch what you're doing sweetie... you might hurt yourself."

"Don't call me Rosalyn, Mija! Its Rose! I no like Rosalyn," pouted the little girl. That little girl... Rose watched the little girl sit down on the ground, and began to play again. That... that's me... when I was little... this.. is... my house... Rose reached out for the little girl but she faded away. The warmth of the house disappeared and the dullness appeared again. Rose let out a sigh, the sign of her breath slowly floated away from her. She looked around and noticed something on a ledge. She walked over to it, and wiped off the dust. There stood two people and a little girl... It was her family. Her eyes were beginning to fill with tears. She hugged the picture to her chest. She exited the house, looking back at it once more. She'll come back... she wanted to spend more time at her house.. but she was scared that Dante would try to get her back.. She started to walk back towards the city... going back to her new life... leaving the old one behind.

The room was dark and cold. The heat dared not to kick in... didn't want to disturb the figure sulking in it. The room didn't belong to the individual, it belonged to another... another who was not there anymore. Dante sat there, his body clothed lightly as he stared out the still opened window. He dare not to close that window.. since she left. Deep down inside of him, he felt she would return... return to him. He knew she wouldn't... she hated him. He knew about her parents... and... he never told her. His eyes were red.. bloodshot. Beer was on his breath and the smell was on his clothes. His body seemed half frozen.. sitting in the cold room with no heat. His father... damn his father!

"Damn you... father..." he said... "Damn you to hell!" he cried, throwing the beer bottle at the wall, it shattering and falling to the ground. The tears couldn't be held back any longer as they ran down his face. His friend... his only friend.. his best friend... his love was gone. She hated him. He was now alone.

"I'll find you Rosalyn... I'll find you... one day you'll love me again... I know you will. I can't live without you..." he said softly. He laid down on the bed, the tears still streaming down his face... He must find her again... he just had too.

Months later...

Rose opened her eyes, and stretched. How could she have slept so late? Today was Tuesday... Rose was suddenly out of bed, tripping over her sheets as she went to her dresser. It had been a rough year for her, stealing money from people on the street and getting several little jobs.. quitting them after she got bored. She tugged a shirt on and fell back onto her bed trying to tug her jeans on. How could she forgot that today was the day that the sequel to her favorite game came out? She ran to the bathroom and washed her face and brushed her teeth. She looked in the mirror to see the face of a human staring back at her. It had almost been a year since she left Dante, her memories... her old life. Her new life was tough.. but she didn't care. She couldn't and wouldn't go back to that man.. never in her life would do go back to him. She ran out the door, locking it on the way out and jumped over the railing. She fell through the air, a couple people staring at her as she did so. She didn't exactly live on the first floor.. more like the second. She landed on the ground and dashed off toward the video game store.. which held the key to another chapter of her life...