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Chapter 1

(New Girl)

I arrived at my first class on time. My teacher announced that there would be a new student joining the class, her name is Ochita, Bara. She has curly, long sandy blond hair, emerald green eyes, olive skin, average height and weight. She sat on the right seat beside me after her introduction. After class I invited her to lunch since she was new and didn't have any friends. I introduced her to everyone in our group. Tatsuki Chan, Kuchiki San, Ishida-Kun, Kurosaki-Kun, Asano-Kun, Sado-Kun, Kojima-Kun, and Abari-Kun.

"Ochita-Chan, where are you from?" Orihime said Curiously.

"Tokyo" said Bara.

"Do you know anyone at this school?" said Tatsuki.

"No, not really" replied the blond haired girl.

"How old are you?" said Rukia.

"17 years old" she replied.

"So, you're a senior?" asked Keigo.

"Yep" she replied.

"What college will you be going to?" asked the red headed girl.

"Not sure yet"

"What are your hobbies?" said Mizuiro."I like to sew, play volleyball and draw" she said happily.

"I love to draw too" Rukia said.

"Maybe you can teach her how to draw" Ichigo said mockingly.

Rukia hits Ichigo over the head with her Chappy sketchbook.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?" Ichigo said yelling angrily at his raven haired friend.

"FOR BEING AN INSENSITIVE JERK" The short woman said angrily yelling at her idiot friend.

"WILL YOU TWO CUT IT OUT" said Renji. Obviously irritated about his girlfriend and his friend arguing over petty things.

"Are they always like this?" asked the new girl. She was obviously amused by them.

"Pretty much" he replied letting out a sigh in frustration.

"Ochita-San, you said you like to sew as well?" asked Uryu while pushing up his glasses.


"You can join The Home Handicrafts Club. Me and Ishida Kun are members" said Inoue.

"That's great" she replied while smiling at her new friend.

"You can come to the club meeting with us after school" Orihime said happily.

"Okay then! What do the rest of you do?" she asked the rest of the group.

"I take Karate" Tatsuki replied proudly.

"I play the guitar" answered the gentle giant.

"I read books" replied Mizuiro.

"Baseball" Keigo answered quickly.

"Soccer and other sports. I also like writing" replied the strawberry blond boy.

"Me too!"

The bell rings

Everybody heads to class. After school Bara joins Uryu and Orihime at The Handicrafts Club meeting. After the meeting Bara walks home with Orihime. Tatsuki asked Orihime if she was comfortable having Bara walk her home since she is new and nobody really knew her yet. After a minute Tatsuki decides to let her go since she had practice that day. Her raven haired friend realized that she can't always watch over her. Orihime is old enough to take care of herself.

"Do you like it here at Karakura High so far?" the cheery girl asked happily.

"Yeah, I do. Your friends are nice" answered her new friend.

"Thank you? So are you"

"Do you always walk home by yourself?" asked the blond.

"Sometimes Tatsuki-Chan walks me home when she doesn't have Karate practice"

"Oh, so she's the only one?"

"Pretty much!"




They arrive at Orihime's apartment. Bara sits at the table.

"You want some tea?"

"Sure, do you have black tea?" asked Bara.

"Yeah, I'll go make us some" Orihime said.

She goes in the kitchen to make tea. After she's done she puts both of their cups on the table.

"This tea is good"

"You're welcome!" Orihime beamed happily.

"So, do you have a boyfriend?" Bara was very curious about this. She couldn't help but ask.

"No, do you?" Orihime said.

"Nope! Then who do you like?" Ochita wanted to know why she didn't have a boyfriend. It seemed odd for someone like Inoue-Chan would be single.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you" The redhead seemed nervous answering her question.

"Oh, is it one of your male friends?" The blond haired girl wanted to know which guy she liked.

Orihime looks at her cup instead of making eye contact with her from the last question.

"Look at me Inoue-Chan?" Bara could tell that she was feeling a bit sad.

Orihime looks at Bara with slight sadness.

"It must be one of them. Is it Ishida-Kun?" she asked sadly.

"No, he's just a good friend"



"Asano-Kun?" She asked tiredly. Bara was getting tired of playing the guessing game.

"None of them. I love Kurosaki Kun" she said sadly.

Bara was a bit dumbfounded by what she just said.

"You like him?" She couldn't believe that Orihime liked someone like him.

"I have loved him for awhile now" Orihime wished she didn't say that out loud. It should be a good thing to fall in love. Except if you're not loved in return.

"How long?"

"For about 3 years"

"Does he know?"

Orihime: No, I think he likes Kuchiki-San. (Sadly)

"Really? Are you sure?" Bara tried to wrap her head around the fact that he might like someone like her. She guessed it could be possible since they're so much alike. But, who would want to be in a relationship with someone who is exactly like you?

"Yeah, I'm sure" The redheaded girl wish it wasn't true. She knows that it can be a strong possibility.

"If he does than his taste in women isn't that great, even if she is cute" Bara was starting to get irritated with her friend's answer. The blond meant every word of it.

"Ochita-Chan that isn't a nice thing to say" she said. It was very rude to say something like that to anyone. Rukia is a dear friend of hers.

"But, it's true. You are very pretty inside and out" She was surprised that Orihime didn't seem mad. Either she's too nice or holding in some pent up rage. This girl should not be jealous of anyone, even her friend.

"Thanks, Ochita Chan. You are pretty as well"

"No thanks needed. I was just stating the obvious. Call me Bara from now on" she replied happily.

"Really?" She usually only calls Tatsuki by her first name. It is really sad that Orihime is still on a last name basis with most of her other friends. Even though they all have known each other for years now. And, here she is already on a first name basis with her new classmate and friend.

The girls talk for a bit longer before eating dinner. After an hour Bara heads home. She's really glad she came to this school. She's already making new friends.




Ichigo is in his room doing his homework.

"Ichigo, dinner's ready" Yuzu yelled downstairs from the kitchen.

"Okay!" he replied quickly.

He goes downstairs for dinner. Ichigo sits at the dinner table with his family

"How was school, brother?" said his blond haired sister.

"Nothing special. What about you?" he asked.

"It was a normal day" Yuzu replied.

"Where's dad?"

"I have no clue. Have you decided on what college to go to?" Karin asked.

"Yeah, Tokyo University" He already made up his mind about what school he wants to go to unlike some of his friends.

"That's great!" Yuzu said.

Awkward silence fills the room for the remainder of dinner. Ichigo heads back to his room. Karin helps Yuzu with the dishes. He takes a shower before going to bed. But, for some reason he couldn't sleep.

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