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Tatsuki waited for Orihime to exit her classroom. She wanted to apologize for the incident that happened two weeks ago.

Inoue was very surprised to see her. As much as the gray eyed lady wanted to avoid Arisawa, she couldn't. They would have to speak to each other sooner or later. "Orihime, I'm so sorry." Tatsuki said as she walked closer to her friend.

"Tatsuki-Chan?" The red haired lady responded sadly.

"Can we go somewhere and talk?"

"Sure we can."

They sat on nearest bench.

"I had no right to call you a whore. I was very angry at the time. I'm so very sorry." Tatsuki couldn't look her in the eyes anymore. She hanged her head down with body hunched forward. Her wrists rested above her bended knees.

Orihime focused her eyes on her. "I know your sorry. It's just . . . really hard to believe. We've been friends for so long. I never suspected _"

The brunette cut her off, "That I'd be in love with you. I've must have hidden it very well." She finished her sentence.

"You should've told me sooner. I have no problem with you being gay. Please, look at me."

Tatsuki sat up straight. She gazed into her sad eyes. "It doesn't matter. Either way, you would've rejected me. I know you're in love with Ichigo."

"You don't get it. I still want to be your friend."

"Don't you know how hard it is to see you with him? It's just too painful for me to stand. How can you accept me being gay if I can't? What will everyone think of me?"

"Just give yourself some time to think things through. You have nothing to be ashamed about." It broke her heart to see Tatsuki like this.

"Very true. So, I guess we're still best friends?" Arisawa asked with hopefulness.

"Of course."

"Maybe I should avoid you for awhile. You're not making it easier for me. It's going to take some time to get over you."

"I understand. Why don't we hangout without Ichigo for awhile?"

"I'll think about it ."

Tatsuki and Orihime smiled at one another.


Tatsuki stood up from her seat. "I have to go. It's already 3 o'clock."

Orihime got up from her seat to give her a warm hug. "I'll call you tomorrow." The lady watched as she walked away.

"What were you two talking about?" Ichigo asked.

Inoue looked back to see her boyfriend. "Nothing much, just the usual." She lied.

"It doesn't look like nothing. What's going on? Is it something I should know about?" He responded suspiciously.

She cupped his face and gave him a tender kiss. "Just girl talk." Orihime doesn't like lying to him. But, some how felt like she had to.

"I'll let it slid this time. Did you tell her that you're pregnant?"

"Oh, I forgot to tell her."

Ichigo grabbed her hand. "Let's get the rest of your things out of your apartment."




"Can I stay with you for now?" Rukia asked Renji.

"Yeah, what kind of man will I be if I let the mother of my son/daughter live on the street?" Renji replied.

"I knew I could count on you." She said with a smile on her face.

He hugged her gently. "I'm glad we got through this. Are you on good terms with Inoue?"

"Yes. We are friends again."

"That's great. Did you tell her that you are pregnant?"

"Yep. You know that she's three months pregnant?"

"Really? What a coincidence."

"I know, right?"

"I'll help you move your things out tomorrow."




Tatsuki decided to go through with her first session with Lu, Teri in the school gym. She taught her the beginning levels of Karate. They're already an hour into the lesson.

"She seems to be doing pretty well. If I didn't know any better, I'd say she's a pro. Why is she trying to fool me? Maybe this is her way of making new friends." Tatsuki thought to herself.

"Are you alright? Did I do something wrong?" Teri asked curiously.

"Don't worry about it. Why are you pretending?"

"Pretending doing what?"

"You seem to be a pro at this. What's the real reason for this?"

Angel gave her a knowing smile. "I wanted to be your friend. I Didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable?" Yoko lied and told the truth at the same time. She wanted to find out as much as possible about the people Bara befriended.

"Uncomfortable about what?" Now Tatsuki was confused.

"About me being a lesbian. I'm not trying to hit on you or anything. I Just wanted a friend. I don't seem to have many these days.

"Why is that?"

They both sat on the floor across from one another.

"Where do I start. I left town a year ago without telling anyone."

"What was the reason behind that?"

"I wanted a different life. Everything was so routine. Go to school. Hangout with my friends and my girl and come back home." Angel didn't show much emotion on her face.

"That doesn't seem so bad. What was your girlfriend like?" Tatsuki asked her.

"She has long curly blond hair with emerald green eyes. Her body was average. You know we were friends for a year before I confessed. I was so afraid that she wouldn't accept me. I guess I was wrong. Although she was a bit uncomfortable at first."

Arisawa was surprised to hear about Teri's past. It was similar to hers except she's known Orihime for many years. She knew her bestie wasn't gay. Which only made this situation worse. "At least your feelings were mutual. Two my closest friends are together. No matter how hard I try. I can't stop thinking about her." The sadness was evident in her voice and face.

"Well, at least you all are buddies again from what you told me earlier."

"Let's continue this training lesson."

Both women got off the floor.

"I thought we going to stop since you know I'm a pro at this? Can we meet up like this to talk? I mean it'll be better that way."

"Fine. We should meet up somewhere else though."

Teri closed the distance between them. Her expression seemed a bit seductive. Tatsuki's heart rate increased from her closeness. One of Lu's hands was placed on her shoulder. "We can meet at my place from now on. I can use some company."

"I'm not too sure about that." She stated with a slight blush.

"Why? Do I scare you? You need to release all of this tension. I'd be more than happy to help."

Arisawa pushed her away. She was way too close to her. "No thanks."

"You don't have to be so rude about it. There's no need to be ashamed. Are you a virgin?" Angel smiled.

"No, I'm not."

"Have you ever been with a woman? Or do you only fantasize about it?"

"No and yes. I'll see you later" She answered the questions in order, ready to leave.

Yoko grabs her wrist. "You're not going to get away so easily." She repeated her recent action. "I'm going to take a shower. Wanna join me?"

The black haired lady headed to the girls' locker room.

"What the hell am I gonna do now?" The tomboy stated as she rubbed the back of her neck nervously.




Ichigo and Orihime cuddled on the couch. Both adults were content with the silence that filled the room.

"I'm glad you didn't have that much in your old place. You don't have to live alone anymore. Now I can sleep better at night with you by my side." He said with gentleness.

"You can be so romantic sometimes." She responded with a light smile."

"Just don't tell anyone else that. I do have reputation to protect."

She laughed at his comment. Orihime heard her cellphone ring. She picked it up to answer.


"Inoue-San, how are you doing?" Uryu asked with concern.

"I'm fine Ishida-Kun. What about you?"

"What the hell is he doing calling you at 9 p.m.?" Ichigo said interrupting his girlfriend's conversation.

"Tell that idiot to shut up." Uryu stated to Inoue over the phone.

She finally spoke. "Please don't start this tonight you two. Orihime looked at Ichigo.

"Ishida-Kun is everything okay?" She started to worry.

"Fine. Everything's fine. I may be lying about that . . . Have you talked to Tatsuki-Chan lately?"

"I spoke with her earlier today. What happened between you and her?"

"Inoue-San, can you go to another room so Kurosaki won't hear us?" He was slightly paranoid.

"Okay!" Orihime got up from the couch and walked in her room. Her boyfriend remained silent.

"Are you in another room?"


"Good. I overheard you and Tatsuki's conversation two weeks ago. I came over to check on you. I know she confessed her love for you."

"Ishida-Kun? Why didn't you say anything to me?" She was shocked by the news.

"I was too shocked to speak to anybody at the time."

"Are you two talking? Or are you avoiding her?"

"If I was talking to her I wouldn't be asking you. Did she try anything?" He desperately wanted to know. Uryu felt betrayed by his girlfriend.

Inoue looked around the room to make sure Ichigo wasn't near. "Do you mean kiss me? She didn't try to kiss me." She blushed at the thought.

"Hmm . . . So, she must have some kind of control." Ishida was a bit relieved.

"You need to speak with her."

"I know. I'll talk to you later. Bye!"


She was surprised that her boyfriend didn't hear anything. Orihime went back into the living room to see him on the couch.

"Now what was that about? And, don't say nothing." He said in a angry tone.

"Well . . . Ishida-Kun and Tatsuki-Chan aren't speaking to one another. Do you want something to drink?" The gray eyed lady became nervous. She went in the kitchen to get a glass of water. Why was he so angry?

"Is that so?" Ichigo kept his eyes on her.

"Um hm" Orihime took a sip of water.

"I see. So now I understand."

"Understand what?"

"You didn't think I'd find out." She remained silent. The poor girl couldn't even face him. He slammed his fist loudly on the coffee table. Ichigo rushed over to her.

"Is Ochita bothering you again. Why would Ishida ask if some girl kissed you?"

"Nobody tried to kiss me. I . . . I he wasn't talking about her." she stuttered.

"Good. I don't want anyone flirting with you. Who is she then?"

"Someone in my class. Please don't hurt anybody. Inoue lied to him yet again.

"I'm not going to hurt anyone. Just tell me if she bothers you again. She nodded in agreement.

"I can't keep lying to him like this. I need to tell him sooner or later." Orihime said to herself.

He wrapped his arms gently around her waist then pressed his lips against hers.

"I'm so glad I can trust you." Kurosaki responded after the kiss while he gazed into her eyes.

She felt more guilty all of a sudden. "I'm going to take a shower now." Ichigo let her out of his grasp to let her pass.

"You tell Tatsuki to stay the fuck away from you from now on. I know she's in love with you. I know you only tried to protect her. Because, I heard the whole conversation between you and Ishida. And, please don't lie to me again." It was really hard for him to remain calm in this moment.

Those brown eyes were filled with anger.




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