Sam and Dean were driving down the cold road. It was just like any other day, the asphalt seemed never ending as they travelled down the highway. The curves of the barren pathway were hypnotizing; Dean was becoming very tired as he continued in the black Ford Explorer. Sam had been sleeping for about an hour, because he had stayed up all last night finishing off the demon that was terrorizing a small town in Albany. Dean didn't have the heart to wake him, so he drove on.

Dean continued southbound for about 2 more hours before he decided it was time to check in to the nearest motel.

Dean walked inside of the motel lobby beside a very groggy Sam, he could tell he was feeling a little bit grumpy, so he hoped Sam wouldn't start complaining about them pulling over. His mood all changed when he saw a familiar figure leaning over the reception desk talking to a very annoyed man who was explaining to her that the only rooms left were a king suite and a double, and that she would have to pay full price, even if she was alone. It was Jo; she always dealt the short end of the stick in every occasion. Dean let out a low chuckle as he walked toward her, "Do you need help with anything miss?" Jo turned around, prepared to be annoyed, but found herself speechless. Her dreams hadn't done him justice, he looked more perfect than ever, and she looked like she hadn't slept in 2 days. He went in for the hug, and she was still in shock.